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Interview with Deryl Zeleny and SWISSINDO Trust


Welcome to another episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING on Global F.A.C.T. Radio.

On this episode, our guest Lieutenant General Deryl Zeleny, Military Forces Chief of Staff, UNO-GSE, will be updating us on what’s been happening since the OPPT filings and answereing questions on his current assignment and the SWISSINDO Trust.



Call to stop unlawful auction in Bredasdorp – Thursday 19th September

Property Auction V2- Notice & Order – buyers-sellers

SA guide to sovereignty & commerce v.1(1)

Here are some peace loving human beings trying to make a living by producing organic cheese in accordance with nature,  people wanting to make and leave a positive impact in this world, people who have taken the lead away from mass production bureaucratic whirlwinds; a bold step, since the ever competitive market doesn’t make it easy to establish a niche.

Will we allow them to be squashed by fraudulent banks and brainwashed public servants ?

The story behind events :

This afternoon at approx 4:45pm while we were busy feeding our animals, a car arrived and came through the gate with the two sheriffs from Bredasdorp and two very large guys in the back of the car. I was in the process of putting the coat on my horse so asked them to please wait, Jacqui spoke to Liezel the one, who proceeded to ask her if we where ready for the auction on Thursday? Jacqui said do you mean, there is not going to be an auction, as we had requested from the attorneys a full settlement invoice as we had secured the funds to make full and complete settlement with them. She said Oh yes they had received our letter, and said when pay what is owing they will give us an invoice. They have been instructed to go ahead with the auction as stated in the documents  giving to us.

By this time I had finished coating the horse and I asked her to please wait for a minute while I went to fetch something I had for them upstairs. When I came down again, I asked them if they had read the One People Property Notice on the Gate. She said she had not, I said pleased do so on your way out. I also asked if they had received all the letters I had sent to them? She said Yes, they had but that they mean nothing and they will be going ahead as instructed on Thursday.
I handed her the Urgent Press Release and another copy of the Oppt Press Release and said they should all please read it as if they do not comply it is my duty to inform them that they will be added to the warrant list.
She just laughed at me, got in her car and said, see you Thursday.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Love,Light,Peace and blessings.
Brenda,Jacqui and all at Dragonfly Farm.

I have kept copies of all the letters I have sent to everyone if you need them just let me know.

This is even more disturbing :

Yes, the  sheriffs are brother and sister, we have had the pleasure of their company before! When he showed up for an outstanding bill ,we had for money owing on our milking machine, even though I had paid off 80% of the bill, he proceeded to come into our house and write up all our furniture,fridge,,washing machine,cameras,laptop all for the value of R10,000.00. When I asked him how could he write up all our things for that amount, when it was worth 10 times that amount, he said the court authorized it and he was only doing his job.
He showed up a week later with the auctioneer and said he had come to pick up everything and put it in storage and if I did not pay it within 10days it would be all sold off for what ever they could get for it. They arrived at 8:30 am, stopped our milking and cheese making and proceeded to unpack all our cupboards,took washing out our machine ect. I had to borrow money from a friend to make arrangements with the attorneys to get it released. Cost three times more than the original bill. He came again about the municipality bill and I would not let him onto the farm and I asked him if he had heard of OPPT, gave him the press release and wanted to hand him a courtesy notice, he refused to accept it and said I would be hearing from his lawyer!

Sheriff is Liezel and Francois Gertze
Tel 028 424 2548  Long street
Bredasdorp.    ( Don’t have email address )

Lawyers are: Smith,Tabata,Buchanan Boyes
Neil Grundlingh
Tel 021 943 3800    Email address: gloudinal@stbb.co.za

It would seem that since I have not allowed them to intimate us ,stood my ground and showed no fear and informed them about OPPT,  they are really out to get us now! Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Give thanks daily for the blessings of having all of you and the Ascended Ones with us. I feel that this is not just about what is happening to us but for everyone out there who has been affected by this injustice.
Here’s what we can do :

Fancy a day trip to Bredasdorp on Thursday ?

Please let me know by tomorrow evening !!!

Remember, you could be next, due to some unforeseen circumstances, circumstances no judge, attorney or advocate is interested in !!!

We are needing a 60 seater bus for the day – please can you do your best to give us a greatly reduced rate as this is purely done on donations basis.

We need to set an example for the rest of SA and the world as the Irish did – no longer are we going to tolerate the banks, politicians and the judiciary stealing the homes from the people – it has to stop and only we can do it – one at a time!


Now is re-education time. The powers that were have been actively railroading all activities of all legal processes any anyone involved with OPPT or ITCCS. It is a very good sign J. First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then they oppose us, then we win. We are in the last stretch of the race. Not long now, have Faith.

As many of these Notice and Orders need to be printed and served on all people present, the key players if your cash flow is limited.


1. Print the attached Notice and Order (on 1 page, front and back).

2. Colour is vibration, rather print 1 in colour than many in black (bad vibration) and make everyone aware of it posted on Notice Board, pass it around or such. Be creative.

3. Read it out to the interested Public, outside or wherever. Serve the Sheriff, they need to be turned.

4. Hand 1 to each interested and present man or woman. Educate as many as possible.

5. Get the key players names who are present at the place on that day. Video if you can or may. Use integrity at all times.

REMEMBER, you are serving them and you ALREADY have the COMMON LAW RIGHT to file a Claim of Statement with and Officer of ITCCS.