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Brother Thomas needs our help

Brother Thomas is doing excellent work, fighting the corrupt foreclosed system. He is passionately trying to help all those ones who can’t help themselves, he doesn’t get paid for what he does, and only rely on donations. Today Brother Thomas needs our help, he needs R1800 in the next 48 hours, otherwise his daughter is gonna be kicked out of boarding school. They stay on a farm, 50km’s out of time, and traveling 200km per day to take her to school and back is even more expensive than boarding school. His daughter loves boarding school and school, and she would effectively can’t attend school anymore would they not pay the fees. They are really struggling to make ends , as do most of us. Any donations would really be appreciated by his family.
Inbox me for details  –       ‘vanderwalt.tina@gmail.com’

Brother Thomas speaks to Freedom Central

Having recently appointed Brother Thomas as South Africa’s first official Common Law Advocate of the International Common Law Courts, Brother Thomas has become one of the most prolific activists South Africa has ever seen.

On the 25 July 2013, Brother Thomas formally established the Common Law Courts in South Africa.

Please take some time to listen to how South Africa is securing common law practices on the ground.