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Apartheid is alive and well in the 21st Century

Economic apartheid (segregation) is alive and well in the 21st Century, people. It is time to wake up to the facts.

Our South African grandparents rejected a system of apartheid with the 1952 Defiance Campaign and expressed their will in the 1955 Freedom Charter. They paved a highway of freedom for us with the blood of our martyrs.

The United Democratic Front was a non-political movement representing hundreds of assemblies, committees and unions. The people began governing themselves with their own peace-keepers, people’s courts and local economy. It was the people united as the UDF that staged a revolution and brought the system of apartheid to its knees; Black, Indian, Khoi, San, White and others alike.

Unfortunately, most of our grandparents were not aware that they were in fact fighting against the economic apartheid institutions and system of the New World Order. The apartheid government was merely a puppet of the NWO, no different to the puppet government of today. And, both the ANC and NP and others were involved in the 1994 sell out.

Our greatest mistake was not to continue with the UDF and not continuing to develop self-governance and not overseeing the post 1994 reconstruction and development.

Our second greatest mistake was to hand the reins over to a political entity whose leaders were groomed in Cambridge, Oxford, Tuskegee – Atlanta and in other secret societies to sell us down the river AGAIN in 1994.

In 1994, we the Southern African people were supposed to have had our “independence” meaning free from outside influence but, no declaration of independence was made. Instead, we were saddled with the same old system of apartheid: the same old Rothschild banks, the same old Crown Courts, the same old Roman, Dutch and English imperialist sea laws for ships at sea, the same old structures of “representative” government, the same old colonialist Anglo-American corporations all still interfering from outside.

And, we expected change? Einstein said that insanity is using the same methods that created the problem in the first place and expecting change. We are insane. The very structures must change and radical change is required as set out in the 1994 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework AND MUST BE REVIEWED by we the people, not government.

Today, the real apartheid is still the papal bulls, bills of laden, birth certificates and modern day slavery of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Today, the real apartheid is the 500 years of ongoing pillage, plunder, piracy and slavery by the western empires to build their empires that represent the major nations of today.

Today, the real apartheid is the UN major nations pillaging, plundering, raping and stealing Africa blind; and, using some of the loot to provide just enough social security for their citizens so that they are comfortable enough not to protest against the ongoing 500 years of African piracy.

Today, the real apartheid is the 1% that own 80% of the world’s wealth while 3.5 billion people barely live on a dollar a day.

Today, the real apartheid is the BAR legal system engaging in piracy (barratry) by selling justice for money.

Today, the real apartheid is the Criminal Federal Banking Cartel running the biggest global Ponzi debt scheme history will ever record. Declaring “austerity” to the masses and “plenty” to the few while, conjuring fiat paper and digital entries out of thin air.

Today, the real apartheid is the foreign corporations in Africa stealing our gold, diamonds and valuable resources and giving us debt in return with interest by a formula which we can never pay back in a million years.

Today, the real apartheid is the 75% of corporate taxes that is illicitly siphoned off into offshore tax havens instead of into our own African treasury coffers.

And, then the world points fingers at us because we Africans are lazy and “cannot get it together” when the truth is that we have been traumatized to a degree that none of you from the developed nations can ever imagine because you are in a very privileged position. What your war veterans have experienced for a year or two, half the Africans have experienced for most of their lives…

Today, the real apartheid is half of Africa waking up hungry every morning with not enough energy to even look for a job and the hopelessness of most likely not finding one even if they tried.

When the real truth is that when Africa soon claims back all the wealth stolen by the Western Empires and Developed Nations from Africa then we Africans will be the billionaires of the earth and the shoe will be on the other foot: the western nations will then be poor and won’t be able to pay us back and will have to borrow from us.

Don’t worry, tula tula batho, Africa is the mother of the earth and as children of the mother we will forgive you for your sins after you have repented, apologized, shown remorse, given back what was unfairly taken and stop interfering; we will not punish you as your punitive system punishes slaves, we will apply African restorative justice principles as long as the harm and loss stops and you give back what you stole and stop interfering and allow us to do it our way; we will share our wealth with you after we have helped all our poor, first; we will give you the law of peace and not the law of war that you used to hold us for ransom the last 500 years by trespass with force and fraud.

But, most importantly, if any foreigners wish to trade with Africa or live on Africa they will do so by our customs, rules, terms & conditions and not theirs. In peace; God bless Afrika.

South African Republic Explained

The corporate services providers namely, the 1994 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA & SOUTH AFRICA INC. are both derived from the organic un-incorporated 1961 South Africa(n) Republic Trust and all its assets collectively belong to we the south african people. As elders we are donors, as adults we are trustees and as children we are beneficiaries.

The 1961 RSA Trust is in turn derived from the 1910 South African Union Trust to which the secondary claimant, the British Crown, laid claim because our ancestors, the actual priority claimants, were asleep.

The fact that the Admiralty ships (COURTS OF SA) are still on our land is clear proof that we are still under Crown administration. The fact that the Chief Justice of the “CON”-court has letters patent from her majesty and is the highest ranking officer of the high seas RSA ship tells you what kind of sea creature the “CON”-stitution is…    

Luckily for us there is no statute of limitations on fraud. And, it is a principle of law that: Capture by pirates and robbers does not change title.

In fact, there is no lawful Crown Title Deed over Southern Africa… So, we have to reclaim the assets purloined from the un-incorporated 1910 South African Union Trust and all the colonies, kingdoms and republics thereof; and, we must reclaim the 1961 South African Republic Trust and all its assets captured by pirates; and, we must reclaim the assets of the 1994 RSA Inc. corporate services provider. And, we must discharge all fake debts levied under the debt-based Ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve System, take control of SARB, end the Fed and begin a new basket of lawful asset backed money. And, also place commercial liens on the pirates.

So, the un-incorporated South African Republic is waiting for us to reclaim it and to populate the land jurisdiction. Many have already done the emancipation process. The SA Jural Assembly is busy doing the necessary paperwork for the people. In the same manner that a thing is bound it is unbound.

All South Africa flags are corporate so, we the people need to embark on a campaign for a flag for the South African Republic. Any volunteers?

In a republican form of government every community, kingdom, province or state is a foreign and independent state in regards to each other. And, each one has their own peculiar common or customary law. So, when you are in their state you abide by their rules. However, we will all share equally in the nation’s wealth.

And, each state will nominate a statesman to represent them in a national assembly. The first free and independent kingdoms republics are underway. The hardest part is for the caged people, once released, to realize they are free. We have been slaves shackled to the law merchant ships at sea for so long that we have forgotten the customs of our ancestors on the land.

So, remove yourself from the IEC voter’s roll, emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds…    

Educate and inform yourself at:





Follow these sites to get the latest common law updates.

Sleeping with the Enemy. Part four. The Question

Maybe you have potential. Your school exam results prove you are accepting the programming. You are constantly monitored. You will be assisted by a hidden hand, helping you along, you may win competitions; the enemy will be taken care of. Opportunities will present themselves, and you will be approached. You will have to decide if you want more, a nice mansion, unlimited funds, private jet, and intro into society. Should you decline things will become difficult; you will be coerced until you accept. A brave man will say no, but it takes true courage.

Should you accept you will take blood oaths to the group and the king, on pain of death you must never divulge the secrets. You will give the group control over you by demeaning yourself in their presence, giving up your deepest secrets; these will be used to blackmail you later on. It makes no difference who you are, race, faith and country; you will denounce them all for the group. You will follow orders without question, subjugate your people, and control them in exchange for riches.

You will be expected to separate yourself and your own people from the creator and sleep with the enemy.

They are easy to recognise, these traitors of humanity, we listen to them in school and in the media, we visit them when we are sick, we vote for them at election time, we bank with them and repeat their lies, we cheer for them and wave their flags. We bow our heads in subjugation in their courts and churches. We fight each other in their wars. We request their permission to travel, drive our car, or keep a pet. We hope they will approve of our chosen partners and businesses, we even give them our children. All the while they plunder our resources; our land our property and our wealth, whilst pointing their finger at our neighbour.

The agenda is obvious now for all to see. The same tools are used and the same scenario unfolds in every land, subversion, war and settlers or refugees, all the same thing. Humanity is a resource. The chaos that they have created, intentionally, is almost complete, now they will offer the solution, a New World Order, an international dictatorship. A wolf will be running the henhouse.

The so called elite fear only one thing, us, humanity, free, courageous, enlightened, sentient beings, working as a team to free the slaves. If we search for the things that unite us we can have a free world by this afternoon. Let’s find the others….. and stop being puppets. There is a spot of irony here; the greediest people on earth are using greed to control us. We can see the outcome of the manipulation, a hell on earth with them in perpetual control. As Freemason George Orwell said in his book 1984, published in 1947. “If you want to have a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever”.

We need to decide who the enemy is, and remember it is not each other.

We can now say, without doubt, that our species has been deceived for thousands of years. This story did not begin with Southern Africa 150 years ago. We can put faces to the visible culprits today, because we know their names, they have admitted their agenda, either in so many words, or by their deeds. Others are guilty of these crimes against humanity by association, either knowingly or unknowingly.

The ‘elite’ are not white supremacists, they are genetic supremacists; a bloodline. All interconnected and interbred. They have infiltrated all secret societies, including the ‘intelligence’ services, all governments, all corporations and all religions, the military and criminal mafia. They affect every aspect of our lives. They are the enemy within, hiding from view and killing by proxy. They don’t want wealth, they have it, they seek total control. They have convinced us that there is value in a worthless; valueless currency. They have forced us into believing lies are facts and facts are lies.

Hiding behind them is another frightened coward, moving pieces around a chess board. This dangerous and cowardly predator is the subject of another article.

We end with a quote from the James Stone website “The problems we face are secondary to what is a primary biological problem. When the primary biological problem is addressed the problems will disappear. The primary problem is a parasitic infestation, kill the parasites and problems caused by the parasites disappear. You cannot extinguish a fire by collecting the smoke in bags.”



All source material can be checked and verified, we have used editorial licence where we deemed it was required.

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Nelson Mandela, member British Intelligence. (13)





This can all be traced back to Albert Pike https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morals_and_Dogma_of_the_Ancient_and_Accepted_Scottish_Rite_of_Freemasonry

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“You will notice the sphinx with his right paw covering a vase. Inside the vase we see a circle within a circle with a dot in the middle. This has two meanings, first…it is the symbol of the Rhodes/Rothschilds Foundation…second…it is the symbol of Ra, our ancient Sun God, or Heru of the original trinity…the outer circle within a circle is closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history!” — M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Boule Logo

“Anyone who would like to repudiate our dialogue about the Boule’ must suffer from the fact that our primary source is the Boule’. We’re not speculating upon what we think they are, we are laying the premise with their information; for they have said enough to hang themselves. No rope from me is necessary.” — Steve Cokely

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pyramid control



NWO org largeThe End of Sleeping with the Enemy.

Sleeping with the Enemy. Part three

Elitism, Black leaders and the Empire.

The age of segregation and apartheid. In 1904 The ‘Boule’ was formed in Philadelphia, this was designed by the empire to elevate certain people of colour with potential, to the lofty realms of control.(7) Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Bill Cosby are all reported to be members of Boule.

It would be a difficult task for the black queen Victoria and her cohorts to control some unruly farmers. Therefore a control mechanism was required whereby the people control themselves and their particular group, it has always been done this way, since the beginning. Schoolteachers, priests, governors, mayors, presidents, and all the police and courts. Clever system really, anyway I digress.

The Boule is the black version of the Skull and Bones (1), both secret societies sworn by blood in service to the king….. The king? The king is Rockefeller. Basically this elitist, racist, internationalist, multi-trillionaire is the puppet master; although also a puppet, and our brothers are his black sambo puppets, dancing to his tune to control their people; still slaves to the white massa.

geronimoSkull and Bones (The skull is that of Geronimo)





DavidThe current ‘king’ David Rockefeller.







b members

The Boule is run by Sire Archons. Archon noun (in ancient Athens) one of the nine chief magistrates

The Boule has taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy, and to never let you know the whites that rule the world. M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi

It isn’t ruling whites it is ruling bloodline.

This is where the Greek connection comes into play Sigma pi phi etc the Greek fraternities and sororities, part of the channelling mechanism through the universities, into a land of fortune. fortune

The bible and Gnostic texts tell us that archons are demons, or interdimensional parasites.


People of potential are channelled through universities (Rhodes Scholars) and assisted to greatness, through Masonic Lodges and streamed directly to positions of power, this is an ongoing process and names are available with minimal digging (6) These elitists don’t want useless students, hence the problems with free education; only the chosen ones have access to the truth. This is why it is all a secret; accompanied by threats, blackmail and murders etc.

Blood Oaths

We have been hearing about re-oathing the civil servants, well this will be a problem as most have sworn in blood to serve the king; that oath supersedes all others; on pain of death. All secret society members swear allegiance to each other. So it’s all about networking and service to self, not others.

Prince Hall, Booker T Washington and Tuskegee, Alabama.

booker t

Our research leads us to this influential puppet/puppet master.

Booker T was a Freemason. A member of the Prince Hall Lodge. (5)(6)

I would like to point out that the Masonic blue degrees are philanthropic and fairly harmless; but higher up…. deadly, as they only have allegiance to each other; this encourages, no demands, treason. Freemasonry began in South Africa in 1772. (8)

John Dube in 1899 travelled to the US and was greatly influenced by Booker T; both men were considered to be civil rights activists. Booker T was the head of the University at Tuskegee at that time. Dube would prove to be very useful. He was the key to racial tension; most useful tools begin as freedom fighters, yet support the elitist agenda. It should be remembered that Dube was ousted from the presidency of the ANC in 1917 for his apparent acceptance of the principle – if not the contemporary practice – of segregation. Dube had no desire to end British rule and the spread of Christianity, both tools of control.

The agenda of the New World Order (14) is divide and conquer through the perceived threats, such as hardship and resentment, war and conflict, engineered shortages, food; water; land, stress and ill health. All these situations provide wealth and control for the ‘king’ and his cronies.

When people are fed lies from birth, they accept it as fact. Poor nutrition encourages ill health, poverty assists. Toxins are introduced into the food supply, so called medication is prescribed; the water and the air are polluted. This speeds up the process of subjugation.

AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and polio are all simple to cure, but that will not get the people coming back in droves for treatment. Rockefeller is an oil man and oil represents really big money and even bigger control. Oil is the basis for all chemicals from medicines to underwear, plastics to motor cars. Guaranteed you are wearing plastic, sitting on it, eating it and driving around in it, it shelters you at night and eventually you will be buried in it.

The Tuskegee experiment.

1895 Booker T involved Julius Rosenwald, (15) head of Sears Roebuck in an experiment involving 600 black men infected with syphilis. These men were told that they were being treated for bad blood (2) they were not treated at all. This was a rights violation perpetrated by black men against their own people. 


After the 1906 financial reorganization of Sears, Rosenwald became friends with Goldman Sachs’s other senior partner, Paul J. Sachs. Sachs often stayed with Rosenwald during his many trips to Chicago and the two would discuss America’s social situation, agreeing that the plight of African Americans was the most serious in the US. Sachs introduced Rosenwald to two prominent educators and proponents of African-American education, William H. Baldwin and Booker T. Washington. Rosenwald made common cause with Washington and was asked to serve on the Board of Directors of the Tuskegee Institute in 1912, a position he held for the remainder of his life.

So Ties to Boule? Yes. Ties to Zionists? Yes. Ties to South Africa? Yes.

Part four of Sleeping with the Enemy will follow shortly.


Sleeping with the Enemy. Part two.

The Milner Group, the inner circle or society of the elect. (3)

Some of the members of that unelected inner circle were.

Cecil John Rhodes, Nathan Rothschild, Baron Rothschild,

Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner, Arthur James Balfour, Jan C. Smuts, Waldorf Astor, Viscount Astor, this man drowned with the Titanic, which was an insurance scam. Nancy Astor, Lady Astor, as well as other landed gentry.

The South African contingent comprised Jan C. Smuts, Sir Patrick Duncan, Sir Abe Bailey,

Basil K. Long, Richard Feetham, [Sir James Rose-Innes]

The way that Rhodes and his team accomplished their task was by stealth, subversion, manipulation and subjugation. The same group was responsible for the crisis in Palestine, Lord Balfour; of declaration fame. This should have been called the Milner declaration. Balfour was head of the Foreign Office, so the letter to Rothschild had to come from him.

Stolen Palestine was presented to Lord Rothschild and became Israel, the owners of Israel are not Jews, they are Khazars also known as Zionists. The close bond with the Zionists has continued until the present.


South Africa is currently very involved with Israel. (4)

Paul Kruger was not a white elitist; in fact there was no racism back in those days, it had to be manufactured to cause problems between the people. It is a plan that is still used.

Now we can see where the race card comes into play.

The Institute of International Affairs. (10)

This secret society was formed in 1919. The American arm of this group became known as the Council on Foreign Relations, (11) and the one in South Africa the SA Institute of International Affairs. There are less than sixty thousand members worldwide, yet they control most of the financial and industrial assets used to manipulate humanity today. It is also known as Chatham House, where Chatham House rules apply, the content may be used, but the speaker not divulged.

The SAIIA has currently as its deputy chair Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of Thabo Mbeki.


Moeletsi is quoted by the BBC as saying that South Africa was better off in colonial times. (12)

Head of Communications | Congress of South African Trade Unions 1990 – present

Media Advisor | African National Congress 1990 – present

Executive Chair | Endemol South Africa

Executive Chair | KMM Investments

Chief Executive Officer | Arelco

Political Analyst | NEDBANK GROUP LTD

Chair | African Resources and Logistics Corp.

Deputy Chair | South African Institute of International Affairs

Previous Position(s)

Information Officer | Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Lusaka | 1986 – 1987

The ANC is a Zionist/ communist invention and was guided by Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo, 1926-1995) and Albie Sachs.

Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC’s terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. (“Joe Slovo,” Jewish Chronicle, January 13, 1995.


‘Revolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,’ Slovo said.” (“Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid,” L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela’s ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing.”




Part three will follow shortly.

NB The numbered brackets refer to the research, which follows at the end of the article.



The tide is turning against the banks – Part 1

South Africa’s courts have traditionally weighed in on the side of the banks when it comes to home repossession, even though the loans have been securitised and are now under new ownership. When asked to produce the original mortgage documents signed by the borrower, the banks often claim they have been “lost in a fire.” But the tide is turning against the banks, says consumer lawyer, Robyn Zimmerman. In this two-part interview, she explains how the courts have applied different standards of evidence when it comes to banks, while consumers get the short end of the stick. The good news is that courts are gaining a better understanding of consumer law, all of which is leading up to a titanic class action suit against the banks. Pull up a chair and grab the soda, folks, this is getting interesting. 

Robyn Zimmerman is a Cape Town-based consumer lawyer who recently came to national prominence after appearing on two SABC documentaries on “Securitisation” (the process whereby bank loans are bundled together and on-sold to third parties, and then traded on the stock exchange for profit). She represents several clients whose homes and properties have been repossessed by the banks in highly controversial circumstances.  One of her clients is Zulfa Samsodien, who successfully defended her property from bank repossession in a Cape High Court case against First National Bank (FNB) in 2008, on the grounds that FNB had securitised the home loan and had therefore had no legal standing to bring action in this case. The Samsodiens were subsequently sequestrated – again under highly controversial circumstances – and Robyn is advising in an appeal against the sequestration order. The legal ramifications of securitisation and other questionable bank practices hold huge import for all South Africans. We asked Robyn to share some of her insights in this two-part interview.

Acts: Robyn, thanks for talking to us. Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into consumer law. 

My background is in litigation and conveyancing, previously for the banks, as a director at two medium-sized legal practices. I subsequently left the “dark side” and established a practice which fights for the financial well being of any family unit, with my partner and husband.  We are both certified to practice in both the lower and higher courts. We litigate extensively and our areas of expertise naturally became focussed and specialised in consumer law and consumer credit law as a result of our extensive litigation against the banks encompassing over 1,800 cases in the last four years.

Acts: The SABC documentaries on the subject of “securitisation” have elevated the national debate on this issue to unprecedented levels. There seems to be a growing awareness around the world on the subject of securitisation, with banks being forced by courts in the US to pay out huge sums of money to borrowers whose homes had been fraudulently or illegally repossessed. Can you explain briefly what securitisation is, and how does it affect a home owner?

There are two types of securitisation:

  1. Traditional securitisation – which is fairly easy to prove – in which the bank sells its debt to a company that trades with that debt on (stock) exchanges.  The bank loses its ownership in the debt in this instance and depending upon whether the purchaser of this debt complies with consumer (and other) law, the debt may be reduced to the capital amount, or be written off in particular circumstances. It’s extremely easy for us to determine and prove whether a mortgage loan has been securitised in this way. But it is difficult for us to prove securitisation of other loans as these cessions are not registered at the Deeds Registry.
  2. Synthetic securitisation was developed, in my opinion, due to the problems encountered with traditional securitisation, and is extremely hard to prove. Although we know the banks still securitises their debt, they now do so synthetically in which they trade in the derivatives of the loan (interest and cost of credit) and not the loan itself. Depending upon which vehicles the banks employ and whether these vehicles comply with the consumer legislation in conjunction with the bank, the consequences are similar.

It is, however extremely difficult for us to determine and prove synthetic securitisation. We recommend that the Consumer Commission investigate both issues and deliver an outcome therein.

Since the above trade is concealed and hidden from the consumer for what we assume is the financial gain of the banks, and since it is my belief that consumers are harmed by this conduct, the Commission has jurisdiction to investigate and decide upon this issues.

The problem that exists with the Commission, aside from suffering under huge administrative issues, is that where the bank employs attorneys and counsel (that are) educated, experienced and equipped to deal with these matters, the consumers are not allowed legal representation, nor is any representative or attorney allowed to receive remuneration for the endeavours with the Commission.  The scales of justice are against the consumer the moment they file a complaint. I find the Commission’s conduct in their adjudication unconstitutional and lacking in just administrative action.

Acts: Can we pick up on the subject of fires. Several banks have sought and obtained judgment against defaulting home owners, yet when asked to produce evidence of the original mortgage note signed by the borrower, they have claimed they were destroyed in a fire, or otherwise lost.  What advice do you have for someone facing repossession by one of the banks, when the bank is unable to show the original mortgage note?

In theory, I love the laws of our country, its jurisprudence and the systems we employ to render justice. My problem with the judiciary – although I see a trend in judgments that this is slowly changing – is their passion to assert the rule of law when it comes to the banks, and their dispassion to assert it when it comes to consumers. I have often sat in the High Court to hear a judge bark at an unrepresented consumer: “Do you owe the money?”, with the advocate for the bank confirming and asserting its debt. At the same time the consumers do not know what defences are available to them and surely do not know the information to which they are entitled.  With banks’ counsel and attorneys convincing the courts that the only issue is whether the consumer owes the money, we have very bad consumer common law currently in existence. There is little or no account for the rule of law in our country.

I have not seen one original document in my time litigating against the banks.  But should the consumer file a copy of their opposing affidavits or pleas at court, they would need to explain why the original is not before the court. This is correct and so should it be required for the bank to adequately explain the loss of the original. Truthfully, transparently and openly.  The problem with the fire is that all the evidence related thereto is once again concealed by the bank.  Security documents are generally barcoded so they can be tracked. Upon conducting inventory of the lost facilities (due to fire) in 2009 and now again 2013, the banks were obliged to contact their registering attorneys, to supply them with a full copy of their security documents containing the signatures. To my knowledge the bank has not done so. Security documents are also stored in fire-proof cabinets, therefore an explanation of how they then become destroyed must also be tendered.

However at the end of the day, should the judge feel that the defences that you raise, or that your disputes are without merit, they will decide – departing from the rule of law – against you. Where I would agree to such a departure upon exception, the higher courts have employed this departure to such an extent that there is little or no rule of law in consumer credit litigation. This opens the entire system open to abuse, by credit providers who constantly push parameters to make litigation easier for themselves.

On this issue we have been deeply disappointed by the judicial system.

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that you will be heard if you do not have an experienced attorney to guide you.  Sometimes consumers need to accept when they do not have a case.  Sometimes they need to be encouraged to persevere where they do.  Some consumers are equipped enough to make the correct decision.  Most are not.

Litigation in the high court can be accessible, if your attorneys are experienced and certified to deal with the matter without the need for counsel.  It is the additional expense of counsel that consumers can often not afford. So I would ask consumers to request from the law societies a list of the attorneys so equipped to deal with matters to ensure that legal costs are kept to a minimum.

Acts: If the bank is unable to produce the original “wet ink” mortgage note signed by the borrower when the mortgage loan was taken out, does this constitute grounds to ask the court to throw out the case? 

The Bank would then need to authenticate the documents it seeks to use in its case. Where there is a good faith and/or factual dispute, the matter will continue to trial for evidence related thereto.

Acts: It seems judges are all too willing to believe the banks when they say the original documents have gone missing. You have made the point that a bank cannot calculate the final balance owed by the defaulting borrower without this original mortgage note. Why is this? Surely an electronic copy will do?

The agreement entered into between the parties is of importance. The mortgage bond merely embodies the security for the indebtedness derived from the loan agreement. The original of both is required in terms of the rule of law. Copies of both may be accepted, dependent upon whether there is a dispute of fact pertaining to the contents of the copy or the signatures, the matter may be referred for oral evidence or trial.

This would critically depend upon how your defence is constructed and what your defence is, and what avenues of consumer law you are seeking to employ, etc.  In the construction of your defence you must be careful not to inadvertently admit to something which will prove the case against you. The Plaintiff or bank bears the onus of proving their case, so be careful not to acknowledge or admit anything which relieves them of this onus.

To be continued in Part 2.

Lodge a complaint with the Consumer Commission

You can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Commission at:  complaints@thencc.org.za or NNetshitomboni@thencc.co.za.


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Three years ago I was paid a visit by a polite, unsuspecting Building Inspector from the City of Cape Town, telling me that I was acting criminally, as I was erecting a Sanctuary without the permission of the City of Cape Town. The truth of it was, that I had become aware that the City of Cape Town, The Republic of South Africa, and ALL the municipal and government activities, (courts, police, etc.) are infact listed international companies, and there to make money, a fact that is verifiable if you choose to do your research (here is the link for The Republic of South Africa: SOUTHAFRICA


I have been hounded, harassed, ridiculed and even jailed for my refusal to contribute to the corporatized monetary system that has enslaved us all for eons of time and I am not the only one, millions of people over the world are waking up, and it is time for us all to stand in solidarity for our inherent and inalienable Right to Freedom.
The words of a retired Judge Dale in the USA: “In order for a governing body to create and enforce any law, they must be sovereign [the Law of Kings] or they must have a contractual relationship with you based upon [the Law of Contracts]. Corporations cannot be sovereign because they are legal fictions! Legal fictions have no authority over a living man because all living men/women are creations of GOD and thus sovereign by their creation. So the corporations fraudulently convert the living man into a corporation (via registration at birth and the subsequent ID Number) so that they can compel him/her by contract. So make them produce the CONTRACT.” These same principles apply worldwide.

We have ALL been held in bondage, by the Central Banking system; the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF etc. which in turn controls ALL Reserve Banking operations throughout the monetized corporate government world, which is 99% of all countries, that force us to obey their statutory laws, which are NOT Common Laws, to fill up the coffers, (via rates, taxes, fines, registrations, repossessions etc.) of the Central Banks, that are ‘owned’ by a few families! Do your own research, IT IS ALL ABOUT FICTITIOUS, FIAT (issued by decree, on demand of a loan) MONEY, with nothing back of it, and is nothing more than a computer entry and some notes and coins. WE ARE THE VALUE and yet we are enslaved by this system by our continued acquiescence to it! Lets Stop it! In the Name of God and all that is Good, lets all stop acting in this slavery system right now! Only we can do it! Millions loose their dignity, hope, homes, possessions and businesses, as they don’t know the truth!
There is enough inherent wealth in the land of this southern African region (and all countries of the world) to provide a means of exchange for ALL people. We do not need to pay to live on earth! By the way, on the 25th of December 2012, the people of the world were told, via independent (not controlled) media outlets, that paper work was done over the last few years, via a set of UCC Filings (Uniform Commercial Code – a ‘notice to the world,’ by those registering, that they wish to act in commerce and trade, and abide by the UCC universal code of conduct.) foreclosing all monetized corporate governments and banks for operating illegal slavery systems without the consent of the people! (www.i-uv.com)
I am appearing in two corporate courts next week, the High Court of Cape Town, on Tuesday 15th and the Simon’s Town Magistrate Court on the 16th to state my case that: “I AM A LIVING WOMAN AND I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER TO CONTRACT and I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE PROCEEDINGS.” SO BE IT. You can do the same with all offers to contract with your ID number!
UZA comment: And, the fraud continues, but not for much longer; we have collated an entire page exposing the fraud known as RSA INC.

Call to stop unlawful auction in Bredasdorp – Thursday 19th September

Property Auction V2- Notice & Order – buyers-sellers

SA guide to sovereignty & commerce v.1(1)

Here are some peace loving human beings trying to make a living by producing organic cheese in accordance with nature,  people wanting to make and leave a positive impact in this world, people who have taken the lead away from mass production bureaucratic whirlwinds; a bold step, since the ever competitive market doesn’t make it easy to establish a niche.

Will we allow them to be squashed by fraudulent banks and brainwashed public servants ?

The story behind events :

This afternoon at approx 4:45pm while we were busy feeding our animals, a car arrived and came through the gate with the two sheriffs from Bredasdorp and two very large guys in the back of the car. I was in the process of putting the coat on my horse so asked them to please wait, Jacqui spoke to Liezel the one, who proceeded to ask her if we where ready for the auction on Thursday? Jacqui said do you mean, there is not going to be an auction, as we had requested from the attorneys a full settlement invoice as we had secured the funds to make full and complete settlement with them. She said Oh yes they had received our letter, and said when pay what is owing they will give us an invoice. They have been instructed to go ahead with the auction as stated in the documents  giving to us.

By this time I had finished coating the horse and I asked her to please wait for a minute while I went to fetch something I had for them upstairs. When I came down again, I asked them if they had read the One People Property Notice on the Gate. She said she had not, I said pleased do so on your way out. I also asked if they had received all the letters I had sent to them? She said Yes, they had but that they mean nothing and they will be going ahead as instructed on Thursday.
I handed her the Urgent Press Release and another copy of the Oppt Press Release and said they should all please read it as if they do not comply it is my duty to inform them that they will be added to the warrant list.
She just laughed at me, got in her car and said, see you Thursday.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Love,Light,Peace and blessings.
Brenda,Jacqui and all at Dragonfly Farm.

I have kept copies of all the letters I have sent to everyone if you need them just let me know.

This is even more disturbing :

Yes, the  sheriffs are brother and sister, we have had the pleasure of their company before! When he showed up for an outstanding bill ,we had for money owing on our milking machine, even though I had paid off 80% of the bill, he proceeded to come into our house and write up all our furniture,fridge,,washing machine,cameras,laptop all for the value of R10,000.00. When I asked him how could he write up all our things for that amount, when it was worth 10 times that amount, he said the court authorized it and he was only doing his job.
He showed up a week later with the auctioneer and said he had come to pick up everything and put it in storage and if I did not pay it within 10days it would be all sold off for what ever they could get for it. They arrived at 8:30 am, stopped our milking and cheese making and proceeded to unpack all our cupboards,took washing out our machine ect. I had to borrow money from a friend to make arrangements with the attorneys to get it released. Cost three times more than the original bill. He came again about the municipality bill and I would not let him onto the farm and I asked him if he had heard of OPPT, gave him the press release and wanted to hand him a courtesy notice, he refused to accept it and said I would be hearing from his lawyer!

Sheriff is Liezel and Francois Gertze
Tel 028 424 2548  Long street
Bredasdorp.    ( Don’t have email address )

Lawyers are: Smith,Tabata,Buchanan Boyes
Neil Grundlingh
Tel 021 943 3800    Email address: gloudinal@stbb.co.za

It would seem that since I have not allowed them to intimate us ,stood my ground and showed no fear and informed them about OPPT,  they are really out to get us now! Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Give thanks daily for the blessings of having all of you and the Ascended Ones with us. I feel that this is not just about what is happening to us but for everyone out there who has been affected by this injustice.
Here’s what we can do :

Fancy a day trip to Bredasdorp on Thursday ?

Please let me know by tomorrow evening !!!

Remember, you could be next, due to some unforeseen circumstances, circumstances no judge, attorney or advocate is interested in !!!

We are needing a 60 seater bus for the day – please can you do your best to give us a greatly reduced rate as this is purely done on donations basis.

We need to set an example for the rest of SA and the world as the Irish did – no longer are we going to tolerate the banks, politicians and the judiciary stealing the homes from the people – it has to stop and only we can do it – one at a time!


Now is re-education time. The powers that were have been actively railroading all activities of all legal processes any anyone involved with OPPT or ITCCS. It is a very good sign J. First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then they oppose us, then we win. We are in the last stretch of the race. Not long now, have Faith.

As many of these Notice and Orders need to be printed and served on all people present, the key players if your cash flow is limited.


1. Print the attached Notice and Order (on 1 page, front and back).

2. Colour is vibration, rather print 1 in colour than many in black (bad vibration) and make everyone aware of it posted on Notice Board, pass it around or such. Be creative.

3. Read it out to the interested Public, outside or wherever. Serve the Sheriff, they need to be turned.

4. Hand 1 to each interested and present man or woman. Educate as many as possible.

5. Get the key players names who are present at the place on that day. Video if you can or may. Use integrity at all times.

REMEMBER, you are serving them and you ALREADY have the COMMON LAW RIGHT to file a Claim of Statement with and Officer of ITCCS.


On 9/5/2013 at 2:33 PM, “Michiel” <michiel@quadex.co.za> wrote:

Dear Mr. Urry

I hope that this e-mail finds you well?

I have not heard from you again and I hope that you know that in Law silence is seen as admission of guilt. There is a tremendous awakening happening at the moment as to how the banks generate money for themselves off the back of peoples signatures.

There are a few more programmes coming on Special Assignment and lots and lots of radio talk shows on the issue of securitisation.

There is also an awareness campaign being launched to every police station in the country as to the possible fraud and racketeering happening at the moment. Do thus not be surprised one day when the cops come knocking at your door to ask you a few simple questions regarding your involvement in this possible scam against humanity.

I am sure you have a guilt free conscience and sleep well at night thinking that you are climbing the rung of success in the banking industry. I want you to know that when the paw paw hits the fan one of these days that you are going to be the fall guy.

If I have my facts correctly the Banks and Corporate governments were foreclosed on last December and each and every employee is acting on their own.

I think you really need to start doing your own research and wake yourself up. The 7 pm news at night is NOT the reality that is playing itself out on this planet at the moment. (Big Smile)

You can keep supporting the dark (Because you are ONLY doing your job) or you can join the light and stop this insanity and suffering on the planet.

I wish you well with your beautiful career in an industry that operates in honesty, openness, integrity, trust, good governance, harmony, win-win, peace, love and truth. I am sure that you are doing the best you can for your children and when they look into your eyes at night before they go to bed they see a dad that they know will always be open and honest them. I hope they do not one day ask you………….. How could you let this happen??

Remember, there is a saying that goes………………. IT IS A GREATER COMPLIMENT TO BE TRUSTED THAN TO BE LOVED.

As always in pure truth.


Michiel of the family van Niekerk (Unlimited)

Without prejudice – Non Assumpsit – All rights reserved

P O Box 50150 Randjesfontein Midrand 1683 South Africa

Cell: 083 264 7944

Fax: 086 656 3233

E-mail: michiel@quadex.co.za

“By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe”

From: Michiel [mailto:michiel@quadex.co.za]
Sent: 06 August 2013 08:25
To: ‘Urry, S. (Steven)’


Thank you for the reply. Please can you let me know the amount of shares that NEDBANK LTD. Has in each of these companies individually.

Thank you and in pure truth


Michiel of the family van Niekerk (Unlimited)

Without prejudice – Non Assumpsit – All rights reserved

P O Box 50150 Randjesfontein Midrand 1683 South Africa

Cell: 083 264 7944

Fax: 086 656 3233

E-mail: michiel@quadex.co.za  

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

From: Urry, S. (Steven) [mailto:StevenU@Nedbank.co.za]
Sent: 02 August 2013 15:16
To: michiel@quadex.co.za



Nedbank Securitisation programmes per your NCR schedule as provided are

  • the Greenhouse Funding programme, a premium mortgage securitisation programme, rated by Fitch Ratings, and
  • the Octane ABS  Vehicle-and-Asset backed programme.

For more information on Nedbank and its securitisation programmes, kindly refer to the Nedbank Ltd annual report, available via web download at http://www.nedbankgroup.co.za/financial/Nedbank_ar2012/

For any account specific information regarding Nedbank’s securitisation programmes, kindly provide the respective account details including your SA-ID number, Account name and type description, and the respective account numbers.

Yours sincerely

Steven UrrySenior Securitisation Manager | Retail Finance – Home Loans | Nedbank Limited

Second Floor  Block 1, Nedbank Park, 6 Press Avenue, Selby, Crown Mines 2092, South Africa

PO Box 1144  Johannesburg  2000  South Africa

t +27 (0)11 495 9023  @ stevenu@nedbank.co.za

Website: www.nedbank.co.za

SAVE TREES, SAVE PAPER – THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT Nedbank is proud to be Africa’s first carbon-neutral bank and official conservation partner of the WWF-SA.

From: Michiel [mailto:michiel@quadex.co.za]
Sent: 31 July 2013 09:59 AM
To: Buckley, E. (Emma)
Cc: De Waal, L. (Louanne); Bates, G. (Gayle); Dirksen, L. (Lynly); Hardie, D. (Doug); Eckard, Y. (Yolandi); Nedbank Carlswald Centre – Branch Manager; ‘Schalk van Niekerk’; braam@afriprop.co.za; ‘Braam van Wyk’; ‘Anthony van der Riet’; Nico van der Riet
Subject: RE: Confirmation Please?

My dear bankers

Having been a client of yours since 1984 and yourselves enjoying the fruits of my labour and having made money for yourselves out of my CQV trust and the selling off of every document I have ever signed via one of your SPV’s I herewith want to share with you something I found floating rampantly around the internet. This is stuff we are discovering on the internet and I want you to tell me if it is true or not?

I see that you have now even got a Securitisation Department? (Big Smile) In future I can thus sign all my documents that I create value for yourselves with my signature with a blue pen and have a stamp made and stamp each page so it says MAY NOT BE SECURITISED – PENALTY FRAUD. I will autograph it and NOT sign it. Hope that is ok with yourselves. I will then KNOW that you ACTUALLY borrow me REAL money.

If I do not hear from Steven Urry, I will thus with this notice say that it is a done deal.


Steven, seeing that you are an “expert” on securitisation,  can you please let me know if any one of the companies listed with the NCR belongs to Nedbank and or if so, if Nedbank has minority or majority shares in any one of these companies. Please see attachment.

I hope to hear from you soon.

As always in universal love and pure truth


Michiel of the family van Niekerk (Unlimited)

Without prejudice – Non Assumpsit – All rights reserved

P O Box 50150 Randjesfontein Midrand 1683 South Africa

Cell: 083 264 7944

Fax: 086 656 3233

E-mail: michiel@quadex.co.za  

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

ITCCS Press Release – RE: 2nd Sept. 2013

After having made final emergency response demands and issued notices to  all Justices of Constitutional Court and Hill, including SAPS Hillbrow (the protectors of Constitutional Hill) over the last three months, ITCCS – SA finally summonsed them to appear at Constitutional Court on the Hill, 2nd of September, 2013.

On the morning of the 2nd, we sent our PR co-ordinator, Denise to meet up with Colonel Oosthuizen of SAPS Hillbrow, the second in command to accompany ITCCS to ensure peaceful proceedings.

The protector of Constitutional Hill, Brigadier Ntandane, conveniently went on 3 weeks leave a week ago. He has been cc-ed in All documents and actions filed since June.

We emailed the registrar 3 documents to be printed for each Judge for that day namely:

1. Oath & Bond.

2. Universal Decree of Peace & Freedom/the Rights of Humanity.

3. Common Law manual.

The Chief of Staff instructed the registrar not to print them. The Judiciary of Constitutional Hill failed to report or respond to our summons. The purpose of the oath & bond is to give them standing at International Common Law as established 25th July, 2013, Constitutional Hill, South Africa. Currently, they have no standing, acting under full private liability and holding a pirate flag.

We have been communicating to the second in command, Colonel Oosthuizen of South African Police Services, Hillbrow (protector of Constitution Hill) for the last week to assist as Peace Officer to ensure Peaceful proceedings, yet he declined and promised to send peace officers to assist instaed. These failed to appear. We were informed that 2 had arrived but they seem to have left when they realised that we were peaceful.

We sang a Peace Song and made our Decree of Peace & Freedom outside the court which will replace our now foreclosed Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Brother Thomas and Sister Denise then went into the court building requesting the presence of the Registrar, Martie Stander. She arrived with 3 others who informed us that the ConCourt Judges were present but refused to meet with us and would only respond to an ITCCS Judge.

I, Brother Thomas have petitioned the Executive Council ITCCS Europe to issue a writ of execution to ConCourt within 48 hours regarding:

1. ConCourt Judges to skype or communicate with ITCCS – Europe Executive Council members regarding OPPT and ITCCS Notices and what is currently unfolding.

2. ConCourt To endorse the Notices & Orders as All Lawful authority needs to be issued from the Constitutional Court of South Africa as the Supreme Law of the Land. Notices which need to go out as of immediate effect:

a) All commercial courts – to remove all commercial claims from the roll and to collate them. ITCCS will decide how to close all cases. All common law matters can resume in the interim until the court is re-purposed as a common law court of Justice..

b) Peace Officers – to cease all involvement in any and all commercial charges.

c ) Military Chief of Staffs – to stand as protectors of the One People at the One Law.

d) Media – to publish Public Notices within 24 hours of receipt from ITCCS and to cover common law news in depth and un-biased.

Statement of Claim:

I, Brother Thomas wish to file a Statement of Claim (charge) on behalf of the One People against all Judges of the Constitutional Hill of South Africa as they currently have no locus standi and are engaging in barratry. They will be brought before a Tribunal and questioned reharding their current unlawful position. We need to determine who the rotten apples are.


As you are aware, ITCCS – South Africa has made Emergency Final Response Demands on the Constitutional Court of South Africa which they failed to rebut.

We Noticed and Ordered ConCourt; have issued Public Policy 1;

We summonsed All 11 Judges to appear for their oath & bonding as a common law court by original jurisdiction.

Banks and Financial Pirates such as SARS:

We have been informed that their systems are too broken to fix. It’s not worth arresting them right now, a waste of precious funding which could be used more positively. The dark cabal have been trying to hijack every process, but their end has come. Soon posts will go out. All bank staff and corporate staff will get other posts if they oath & bond themselves as public servants.

In Conclusion:

They were all visibly afraid and are knowingly negotiating their surrender to the One People. The onsite security were initially reserved and unsure, but hugging us towards the end when they got the good news. One was even stating “I am free” as a decree to drive out the fear.

ITCCS – Europe is preparing statements and media press releases which will go out public by the weekend.

Say a prayer of Thanks to your Creator that our redemption is at hand.

In Gratitude, Brother Thomas.



UBUNTUlogoWhen the mines send out trucks filled with gold or any other minerals that have been taken from the ground in South Africa, the mine is paid for the minerals by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

Where does SARB get all the money?This is a wake-up call for those who are still asleep and have no idea how we have become enslaved by our governments and the corporations that control them. We need to recognise what is going on in South Africa and other countries with the issuing of money. Our money is being issued by private corporations. In SA it is called the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). These institutions are controlled and ultimately owned by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and a handful of other banking families.
SARB is a truly special corporation because it has somehow, and miraculously, obtained the right to create money out of thin air. How do they do this? They take blank pieces of paper and print their special logos onto it. Then they use these worthless pieces of paper to hand over to the mines and our government as payment for the minerals that belong to the people of the land.

So the government is allowing a private corporation to steal all the wealth of  our land and the people, firstly by allowing mining companies the right to mine these minerals from our ground and to sell it to international bidders and trade with it on international stock markets, and secondly by accepting these worthless pieces of paper from SARB as a form of payment for the minerals.

Remember that the country belongs to its people. It is critical that we take back the right to print money, from private corporations like SARB, and create a central bank of the people, that prints money for the people, by the people. In this way money will always be made available for all that is needed to create abundance and prosperity for the people.

Remember that our government is the servant of the people and they should be doing what we, the people, want and need to live beautiful lives in the country that belongs to the people.

As soon as we have created this supply of money that has the support of the people and therefore has the confidence of the people, we will make the money available for all our needs, so that nothing is ever impossible, and nothing is ever withheld from the people. Industry and technology and any other development necessary. Very soon the people will realise that the money is not actually necessary at all – since it can be made available when we need it.

And this is the point at which the people will begin to realise that we don’t actually need any money at all – and we can simply operate and create abundance by deciding what we need for prosperity and abundance on all levels.

This may take a while for some to compute and assimilate because our minds are truly poisoned by capitalism and the indoctrination of “scarcity”. But as our consciousness rises we will begin to move towards this realisation, rapidly transforming our lives and our planet in a true UTOPIA. The kind of lives we all deserve and should experience in contrast to the slavery we are all trapped in by the private banking corporations that have stolen the world from its people.

Huge child-porn ring smashed in South Africa



Police have cracked what is believed to be South Africa’s biggest child pornography ring – with links to Canada, the UK, the US, western Europe and Australasia – after the arrest of six people.

A school principal (who is also an award-winning author), two teachers, a lawyer, a dermatologist and businessmen from across the country were arrested in a multi-pronged operation coinciding with arrests overseas.

Police are investigating a further 26 people and more arrests are imminent.

Laid bare in police investigations is the alleged sordid sexual exploitation of what is believed to be hundreds of children.

In an operation experienced detectives described as “sickening”, children as young as five are believed to have been groomed to have sex with each other and adults.

The images are believed to have been generated overseas and the police, with the help of their international counterparts, are now investigating whether any children from South Africa are involved in the ring’s operations.

Some of the details of the alleged pornography are too graphic to publish, with many of the children suffering extreme forms of violence. Police overseas are investigating whether any of the children were murdered. Those close to the investigation told The Times that South African police were tipped off by a foreign policing agency, through Interpol, after dozens of computers were seized in raids. International police discovered the addresses of hundreds of alleged paedophiles from around the world.

Experienced local officers from various units were last week pulled off their cases to form a high-profile task team.

Overseen by national detective head Lieutenant-General Vinesh Munoo, the team – including the Gauteng family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit and cybercrime investigators – has secured warrants to search homes, schools, legal and medical practices and businesses.

On Thursday, police arrested the principal of an elite private primary school in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga; a teacher in Florida, west of Johannesburg, a teacher in Carletonville, a Pretoria dermatologist; and a senior legal officer in North West.

In follow-up raids at the weekend, officers stormed dozens of homes in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Free State, seizing computers, DVDs, books, magazines, computer memory sticks, cameras, video cameras and other digital recording devices.

A source with insight into the investigation said the first to be arrested was the school principal, who was arrested at his White River home.

Pupils attending the prestigious English school are from business, game farm, legal and aviation families. In a recent letter from the school, parents are informed that the principal has been dismissed with immediate effect.

“The agreement follows his arrest for allegedly being in possession of child pornography,” it says.

The 43-year-old man – who was released on R1000 bail after appearing in court – was found in possession of DVDs containing alleged child pornography images.

Electronic devices including laptops belonging to the man, who won a national literature prize for a murder mystery novel involving a 16-year-old boy, were seized.

A Nelspruit court official said the man was due to appear in court again in September on charges of possession of child porn.

Attorney Coert Jordaan, representing the headmaster, said: “I will not grace you with a comment.”

A lawyer with knowledge of the case said the police had “a good case with solid evidence . it is going to be difficult for these guys to get away . even with the claim that they downloaded the child pornography by accident.”

A policeman said that several of those arrested had been found with images of children being abused. Police are investigating what has become of these children.

“They appear to be linked to teachers although whether they are from the schools the teachers work at is unknown.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant-General Solomon Makgale said all those arrested were men.

“The arrested include two teachers from Florida and Carletonville, a headmaster from Nelspruit, a legal officer from Lichtenburg.

“Police raided 15 properties and seized 672 DVDs, 22 memory sticks, eight laptops, two computer tablets, 39 external hard drives, 25 books,” he said.

The accused faced various charges, including possession and distribution of child pornography, Makgale said.

“Officers are investigating allegations of child-pornography manufacturing and more arrests are expected,” he said, adding that those arrested had links to a global syndicate.

South Africa: Legalised Plunder and the Land of Wrongs



Given a free hand, attorney SA Watson would abolish a slew of acts that do the exact opposite of what they promise: the Competition Act for destroying competition, the Reserve Bank Act for impoverishing the country, the Labour Relations Act for killing jobs, the National Energy Act for causing energy supply disruptions.

Government has become a statute factory, churning out new laws with fantastic aplomb, but with little regard to the negative or unintended consequences of its actions.

SA Watson is a practising attorney and associate of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute South Africa. He scrutinises proposed new laws as they are shoved down the pipe, and subjects them to the liberty test: do these laws enhance or detract from individual liberty?

It is, he says, a challenging task. South Africa is on a dangerous path. Based on his views it appears the ANC government has donned the cloak of liberators but has in effect merely assumed the levers of state control inherited from the apartheid government. It has done a fine job of improving and strengthening the apparatus of state control.

In this interview, we asked Simon for his state of the nation assessment from a legal point of view. As you will see, it is not a pretty picture.

Acts: You are involved with the Von Mises Institute South Africa. Please explain briefly what that is and how you got involved. Also, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for the interest. South African society is on a dangerous path and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute South Africa (LVMSA) aims to educate people why this is so.

LVMSA is a group of individuals who promote Austrian Economics and by extension libertarian ideals.  Austrian Economics involves studying how individuals make decisions and a conclusion inevitably reached is that a person needs to make voluntary choices in order to experience being human, in a similar way a plant needs light in order to photosynthesize and be a plant.

At the moment we operate a website and blog where articles, social commentary and objections to legislation are published. We are in the process of setting up a non-profit education trust with four trustees consisting of three economists, namely Chris Becker and Russell Lamberti (ETM Analytics), Piet Le Roux (Solidarity) and one attorney (myself).

The main Mises Institute is based in Alabama USA and is the “philosophical home” of former US Congressman Ron Paul who was a presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012. The Mises Institute and LVMSA defends the market economy, sound money and peaceful international relations while opposing government intervention in the market as economically and socially destructive.

I got involved in LVMSA after discovering Chris Becker had started the non-affiliated branch in South Africa. I am a 31 year old Christian and legal advisor for the LVMSA. I grew up in Zimbabwe so have experienced what it is like for a country to collapse. I think this ultimately led me to LVMSA.

Acts: SA is regarded as having a model Constitution that protects individuals, through the Bill of Rights, from tyranny and the predations of the state. Would you agree with this assessment, particularly in light of this country’s history of racial abuse?

I disagree with the assessment. It is important to understand that in a free society rights do not create positive obligations, they only entitle a person to be left alone to pursue life and happiness.

Absent a contract, anything which presents itself as a right but which creates positive obligations is the opposite of a right because it is a wrong.  It is a wrong because it forces a person against his will to use his mind, energy and time for an objective that is not his own. This is the whole reason slavery, in its traditional form, was abolished – because it is unnatural and therefore wrong. It is also part of the reason good people leave South Africa – they do not want their children to be slaves.

You cannot achieve a “right” through action, it is a logical impossibility because what is right already exists as part of man’s natural state – it is natural and right for him to be left alone to pursue his life, it is natural and right for him to enjoy the fruits of his ingenuity and work. All these rights require to exist is for other people to respect them and otherwise do nothing. On the other hand you can disrupt nature by damaging a person’s property (including his body), by robbing him or indirectly forcing him to pay for someone else’s life – and this is wrong no matter how it is camouflaged.

The Constitution is full of wrongs such as the wrong to housing, the wrong to water and the wrong to education, all of which create positive obligations on some people to provide entitlements disguised as rights. This is why it now takes a husband and wife to work full time to look after themselves let alone children, compared to a generation ago when a working man could feed, house and educate his whole family.

Wrongs are justified using emotional arguments but they are incompatible with a free or prosperous society. There is an economic principle called Gresham’s Law in terms of which bad money drives out good money. The same applies with rights as bad rights (wrongs) drive out legitimate rights, being the rights to life and property.

Assuming the protection of rights properly understood as an objective, the only purpose of a Constitution is to limit the power of government. In South Africa the Constitution does the exact opposite. The South African Constitution expands the power of government by adding to its primary mandate, being the protection of rights, the obligation to implement wrongs. The protection of rights and implementation of wrongs conflict and this results in a schizophrenic, tyrannical government, an unpredictable legal system as well as a society where nobody trusts each other.

Insofar as the reference to racial abuse is concerned, the legal system in South Africa today is arguably more racially-orientated than pre-1996. Race is a criteria for everything from educational enrolment, job opportunities, tenders, grants, water and mining rights, sporting representation, the allocation of pension funds, even charities. All businesses today have to be graded based on their racial profile and are penalised or rewarded according to who they contract with. Every day you will see businesses bragging about how well they have implemented these racial laws.

Acts: “Libertarian” has become a loosely defined term for those who believe in small government, low taxes, and removing the state from the affairs of citizens (as far as possible). One should also add to this the pursuit of a peaceful and non-interventionist foreign policy, and the freedom to make individual choices on matters such as health, education and commerce. How does South Africa rate, in your opinion, on such measures of liberty?

South Africans have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to liberty because the government makes use of the Constitution as a moral basis for infringing rights. Contrast this to the United States of America where the government has to disregard the Constitution when infringing rights, which at least results in it losing credibility.

When the South African government implements wrongs its destructive actions, thanks to the Constitution, are cloaked with a veneer of legitimacy. South Africa rates poorly on the measures of liberty in your question. I say this because:

  1. Its military is oversized, over equipped and interferes in Africa.
  2. The health care industry is excessively regulated. A doctor for example cannot even qualify without doing at least two years labour for the state.
  3. All educational institutions in South Africa are controlled in some way by the government and there are no significant private universities in South Africa.
  4. The Government controls every conceivable aspect of commerce through permits, labour laws, competition laws, reporting laws, pricing laws, numerous racial laws and taxes. A Business Licensing Bill has recently been published which envisages the mandatory licensing of every single business in the country before trade is permitted. The LVMSA objection to this Bill is available on our website.

Again, all of the above is justified using emotional arguments but the fact is their effects are destructive. Take Competition Law for example. The Government by its very nature cannot create anything but somehow thinks it is qualified to determine when private businesses should be allowed to merge. At the same time the government sets up actual monopolies through legislation such as the Reserve Bank (money), Eskom (power), Transnet (ports) and hundreds of Municipalities (electricity, water, road repairs and waste collection), all of which are dismal failures.

This is not to say other countries are much better when it comes to liberty which should not be confused with material well-being. Many countries which are materially well off as a result of previous eras of freedom are at the moment regressing away from a culture of rights towards a culture of wrongs.

Acts: As a practising attorney, you are obliged to operate within the boundaries of the law, even though you may find many of these laws disagreeable. Does that create a crisis of conscience?

Yes, every day.

Acts: Are law firms doing well?

I do not have any figures but look around any major city and you get the idea law firms are doing ok.

I must though defend my colleagues because almost everyone is guilty of using the government as a means to feed off the system –  construction companies, accountants, engineers, medical suppliers, telecommunication companies, car manufacturers, chicken breeders to name a few and last but not least banks.

Attorneys and advocates in my experience do not generally encourage government to create laws, they simply deal with what they are presented with. Other professions and businessmen on the other hand actively campaign so that the government will select their project, product or service which would otherwise not be paid for on the free market.

Banks create and loan huge amounts of money to municipalities throughout the country to build infrastructure used to supply people with wrongs – water and electricity in particular. The banks know they will ultimately recoup their loans with interest from ratepayers who are ironically their most important depositors. The ratepayers target their frustrations on Municipalities but they should also be looking at the banks. It is a vicious system.

Lawyers should though be playing a more active role in exposing the system.

Acts: Given a free hand, what laws would you reform or abolish as a matter of urgency, and why?

There are too many laws in South Africa which should be abolished urgently to list. Some of the important ones are:

1.      The Municipal Systems Act because it has created mini mafias throughout the country;
2.      The Competition Act because it is destroying competition;
3.      The Labour Relations Act because it creates unemployment;
4.      The Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act (PIE Act) because it punishes the homeless;
5.      The National Energy Act because it is causing disruptions in the supply of energy.

Other laws which should be scrapped include the Reserve Bank Act because it monopolises money and is responsible for incalculable poverty, the Income Tax Act because is taxes productivity, the Value Added Tax Act because it adds no value and all racial laws including BEE and the Preferential Procurement Act because they prejudice everyone including black people.

A simple rule of thumb – read the objectives or purpose section of any piece of legislation and there is a good chance its outcome will be the exact opposite of what it is meant to achieve – the Reserve Bank is meant to protect the value of currency, the National Energy Regulator is meant to ensure the supply of energy, the Competition Commission is supposed to promote competition etc.

Acts: South Africa has a long history of submission to the power of the state. We had ID books long before many Western countries, and we accept this as a part of life. Then we had the RICA and FICA laws that passed with barely a whimper of protest. One could go on: labour laws, for example, that entrench and fortify the position of those with jobs, but not those without. Is there a flickering of hope that South Africans are beginning to realise that the huge number of laws passed since the ANC came to power has come, in many instances, at the expense of individual liberty?

Unfortunately, because the moral compass in South Africa is so corrupted people do not realise how drastic the situation is.

I am concerned that most people have given up trying to understand and instead choose to participate in the plunder. This is why there are hardly any meaningful objections to the National Development Plan (NDP) which is the government’s official policy document for the next few decades. Needless to say, the plan is full of immense wrongs. Piet Le Roux has been doing an excellent job exposing the inherent flaws in the NDP.

I check for new legislation every day and it is not slowing down. The government is growing and the productive base which pays for it is shrinking. It is not a good combination.

It is ironic because the reason many peoples’ ancestors moved to or around South Africa, whether they be British, French Huguenots, Dutch, German, from North of the Limpopo or escaping Shaka, was to be free from government control.

On the positive side it does appear the government is becoming desperate to cling to its legitimacy which is why the tax collection department (SARS) has started advertising itself and why previous struggle heroes are being turned into larger-than-life characters. I think this might backfire badly one day.

Many people are waking up, all they need is momentum and it is possible this will be provided thanks to the internet.

Acts: How can South Africans start to participate more effectively in the democratic process? One example we have in mind is to offer critical insights into proposed new laws, and then invite comment from the public which we would then send on to the relevant law makers. We have a suspicion, though, that many of these comments serve to authenticate a flawed process where the substance of the proposed law remains unchanged. In essence, you often feel your comments are used as padding by the vested interests that craft these laws. How do you feel about this process?

I agree with your concern and would add that the same applies to voting. In the future I would hope for all working citizens to register on a Facebook or similar social network site and refuse to vote. All that is required for the system of wrongs to change is for good people to do nothing – literally.

Objections to legislation are rarely taken seriously. At best they delay a process or result in laws which can be interpreted in many ways. It is important though to have a record of objections for future purposes.

In the meantime the only hope South Africa has is for all people, but especially working people and their children, to educate themselves carefully.

Acts: What plans do you have to expand the reach and relevance of the Von Mises Institute?

I am hoping LVMSA will soon team up with a friend of mine whose business it is to teach children and adults to use their memory. He teaches about 2000 people a year from high schools and businesses.

The idea would be to include in the course content some fresh ideas on how an economy actually becomes productive. It is an up-hill battle.

What we need is for businesses and individuals, in their own interest, to get involved and sponsor the LVMSA on a large scale.

Acts: Those in the legal profession in SA are often seen as technicians, interpreting the law as it is on behalf of clients and attempting to navigate a path through this miasma. You, as a libertarian, seem to have a political underpinning to the law. How does this colour your interaction with clients? Is this an advantage or a disadvantage since you are dealing with what must surely seem like a fatally flawed process to begin with?

The law has been designed to make everyone a criminal. With this in mind it is very important to have a good attorney these days.

Practising law is entertaining and depressing in South Africa because you experience the bizarre consequences of a culture of entitlements. This year a client of mine had to stop renovating a police station because local people were threatening violence unless they were given jobs. The police would not help unless a court ordered them to. We got the court order which basically told the police to do their jobs (at their own offices).  There are so many things wrong with this situation.

I am motivated to build up a client base of good honest businesses. My interactions with clients are otherwise unaffected. Each matter is a new opportunity to learn how the law is impacting South Africa.

I do think Austrian Economics and related literature helps a person learn problem solving and to this extent it is an advantage.

Acts: Thank you.

The Von Mises Institute SA can be reached at simon@mises.co.za

We the Jury Radio Interview with Kevin Annett – Brother Thomas is on at 66:55 min mark


Kevin Annett_n

We are back from a summer break and will open the show with a discussion of the August 4th Proclamation with updates from around the world.

No outside calls from listeners will be accepted as we have a timeline for scheduled guests. However feel free to open the chat option and post your comments and questions. We will do our best to answer them for you.

Our first guests will be Steve and Amy Smart from Ontario ITCCS leading the fight to save children from government child trafficing.

Our next guests Melanie Spencer ITCCS Holland and her brother Thomas, the ITCCS field advocate in South Africa will discuss the new common law court actions there.

Panel: Host Kevin Annett,Co host Bill Annett,Producers Marcie Lane and Claudia Julien


Brother Thomas speaks to Freedom Central

Having recently appointed Brother Thomas as South Africa’s first official Common Law Advocate of the International Common Law Courts, Brother Thomas has become one of the most prolific activists South Africa has ever seen.

On the 25 July 2013, Brother Thomas formally established the Common Law Courts in South Africa.

Please take some time to listen to how South Africa is securing common law practices on the ground.




Common Law Hearing on Constitutional Hill 25 July Johannesburg

It’s Official,

On the 25th July , 2013 on Constitutional Hill, International Common Law was officially re-established on this world famous historic landmark on the Land commonly known as South Africa. A place where the Boers, English, Blacks, Ghandi and Mandela were all jailed atvarious times in our rocky history.

This was all done without permits and only by notice and order. Remember, an application, submission, registration creates jurisdictional issues. International Common Law is superior in all cases.

Constitutional Hill graciously donated the Event Space which comes at a cost. There were 17 witnesses present all donning a white International Common Law Court of Justice T shirt. These are the first limited edition collector’s items. There were iamfree, opt, ittcs and common law car stickers. Real water was provided.

The IAMfree campaign will be published in  the legal notices section of the citizen magazine next week. The Giftoftruth – SA guide to Sovereignty & commerce; by BT was launched on disc.

The launch of the Commission Of Peaceful Positive Economic Transition will be published in  the legal notices section of the citizen magazine next week.

The event was covered by Grant, giving freely of his time and equipment  from ITCCS TV ZA.

Spiritually this was a victory of Light. This was a Spiritual seed that has sprouted, unstoppably. Leonard Cohen said: “First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

We have our first oathed young Black Common Law Attorney in Fact. This is our future folks. The only journey forward in Truth.

Sadly, SARS did not show up on the battlefield. A formal charge is being filed with the ITCCS of South Africa by a Common Law Family Trust.

Question: Does he who fails to appear on the battlefield, lose by default too?

The next Common Law, One People, One love Hearing will be in Hennopsriver on the R511 between Jhb and Pta, by popular demand, on Sunday 28th July. Sms 074 126 3083 for directions. Bring your kids for a picnic in the country 🙂 ,\.

We will be discussing simple effective remedies against piracy, re-educating peace officers and society about the new laws. We will also be discussing CVAC self governance. Bring a memory stick, pen and pad please. We only focus on remedies and there is always one.

August is Cape Town. The first hearings will be in the Noordhoek area, probably next weekend. We will keep you posted.

Bring donations as we cannot operate without it at present and the need is too great. Soon, we will release info on the Common Law Card, just ironing out the final methods of delivery.

If you do not want to receive mail please notify us. Feel free to post this and mail to your network groups. If you want to make your shop or outlet available for people to collect their cards, shirts etc. please notify us.

In Truth, BT

PS: Freely give and freely you will receive.