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The Decree of the Sovereign Makes Law – 2016 Freedom Charter of the United peoples of Earth

 Freedom Charter

Of the United Peoples of Earth

 [Latest version – 1st draft 2016.12]


We, the united peoples of earth, declare for all other peoples on earth to know:

That earth belongs to all peoples and all creatures who live on it, equally; and, that all life and all of Creation above, around and below is sacred and must be taken care of for the benefit of future generations;

And, that no one world government, nor any corporation fronting as national government, nor any privately-owned central banking system, nor any bar legal system that protects the 1% under a feudal system, while the 99% are being blatantly plundered in foreign jurisdictions; can justly claim any authority unless it is based on the will of the people; the 99%;

That the 99% have been robbed of their birth-right to land, liberty, peace, prosperity and sovereignty by a feudal hierarchical imperial system of capital using corporations to front as “government” while founded on deceit, fraud, gross injustice and gross inequality and discrimination; with the purposes to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%; fraud vitiates everything;

That the 99% will never be prosperous or free until all peoples have complete autonomy and self-governance over their own lands, banks and exchanges, court systems and free from a divided bar; only then, can artificial man-made poverty be abolished, only then can the 99% have their fair share, have better lives, live in brotherhood, peace and prosperity and have their antecedent natural rights observed; and, be self-protected against corporate tyranny;

However, as it is impossible for all peoples to be united in one great society, they must necessarily divide into many; and form separate autonomous kingdoms, or territories of indigenous peoples, or self-determining communities or sovereign peoples’ states by, for and of the peoples; or, alternately, retain a republican form of government wherein the above-mentioned are also sovereign and self-governing;

And, whichever way they choose, are entirely independent of each other, yet united by this Freedom Charter and Declaration on the Rights of Peoples and accountable to each other only as living equals and peers at natural law and natural justice jurisdiction, free from fiction, abiding by the law-of-peace;

And, at this jurisdiction peoples’ court proceedings must be by reconciliatory justice, embracing truth, reconciliation and principles of restorative justice; that address the rights of the victim and ensures the harm or loss ceases; and, by the law-of-peace; and, an end must be brought to litigation in outmoded, retributive imperial bar legal systems; and, bar rules and jurisdiction only apply to ships in commerce on international waters, not the land;

That only self-governance and self-determination, based on the will of the every peoples, can secure to all their birth-right without distinction of colour, race, sex or belief; and

Therefore, we the united peoples of earth, together as one declare and establish this Freedom Charter to be ours; and, we pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until the new earth changes here set out have been won;



Every man and woman and all peoples have the natural right to hold referendum on any and all matters that concern them; and, to stand as a candidate for peoples courts: juries, public hearings, oversight committees, tribunals, TRCs, or other peoples’ assemblies by, for and of the people; that hear facts and make ruling based on principles natural law and natural justice and restorative justice; without bar interference;

And, any people who do not consent to the jurisdiction of a bar court have the antecedent natural right to transfer their matter for good cause to a peoples’ court for want of jurisdiction;

And, any people held against their will by corporate prisons have the antecedent natural right to be released into custody of a peoples’ court so as to have a fair trial before equals and peers;

And, all peoples must directly take part in the local administration of their own communities; such as by revolving jury duty for peoples courts, revolving committees to make decisions, referendums etc. so as to remain sovereign.

The antecedent natural rights of all peoples are the same, regardless of race, colour or sex;

All bodies of corporate rule, advisory boards, councils and authorities, shall be replaced by autonomous and independent sovereignties such as federations of indigenous peoples, tribal kingdoms, or peoples’ states etc.



There shall be equal natural law and natural justice jurisdiction, free from fiction and without regard for man-made status, between all peoples; in all sovereignties: systems of self-governance, peoples’ courts and schools;

All sovereignties have antecedent natural right to use their own languages and to develop their own folk culture, customs, laws ;

All peoples are protected by peoples courts at natural law and natural justice jurisdiction; a contradistinct, opposite, yet superior jurisdiction to corporate rules;

All corporate rules, apartheid rules, unjust retributive laws and practices shall be set aside.



The national wealth of our country, the heritage of all South Africans, shall be restored to the people;

The mineral wealth beneath the soil, the banks and the monopoly industry shall be re-purposed and shared by equal percentage of population between sovereignties of each nation; and, be directly transferred to the authorised accounts of sovereignties to be shared and used for the equal benefit of all people part there of;

All other industry and trade within the territories of sovereignties shall be controlled by the peoples; as they see fit; such as revolving oversight committees and, again to be shared in equal percentage portion between all sovereignties of nations; and, to make the peoples thereof the equal shareholders;

All peoples shall have the antecedent natural rights to trade where they choose, to manufacture and to enter all trades, crafts and professions as long as the process does no harm or cause any loss to the people or the earth; harmful practises must be changed and replaced with better and more sustainable methods; funding must be made available by the peoples to remedy the harm or loss as speedily as possible;



Land is sacred and therefore cannot be owned, used as collateral, or sold; we, the people merely have antecedent natural right of use; and, only if we look after it and leave it in a better condition than we found it;

Any peoples may claim un-used land by public notice in a local and national newspaper for 30 days; any disputes are to be heard by peoples’ courts;

The feudal system of title to land shall be ended, and the moral and ethical custodial right restored to the First Nations or Indigenous Peoples; so as to hear unresolved or serious disputes over, or harm and loss to lands or environment; and, which decisions are morally and ethically binding on all peoples;

Sustainable, organic and the most natural methods of farming as well as heirloom crops must be funded and implemented as an urgent necessity; it is the backbone of society; so as to banish dependency, food shortage, harmful foods, famine and hunger;

Freedom of movement shall be guaranteed to all peoples within sovereignties; decisions such movement of strangers and foreigners is up to each community to decide on; no peoples may interfere with the self-governance of others; however, all people must abide by the one law: “do no harm, cause no loss, let freedom reign”;

All shall have the right to occupy land wherever they choose by 30 days public notice in a local and national newspaper;

People shall not be robbed of their tangible private property; and, forced labour and prisons shall be abolished.



No one shall be imprisoned as a slave by the retributive rules of the feudal bar legal system; prisons will be abolished and re-purposed into rehabilitation centres for “prisoners” traumatised by the ordeal and be rehabilitated back into their communities and or society; and, special care provided for those who can no longer be rehabilitated;

No corporate rules that only apply to commercial transactions between legal fictions on international waters have any bearing whatsoever, to any tangible thing or jurisdiction three [3] nautical miles from the coastlines of any peoples;

All legal and constructive agreements made in breach of jurisdiction is declared null and void back to it’s beginning; however, new agreements may be re-negotiated as people between people at natural law and natural justice that regards no boundary on, below or above earth;



Admiralty law, Civil Law, Commercial law, Federal Law, Law Merchant, Roman-Dutch law is law-of-the-sea and has neither jurisdiction over peoples islands, nor continents, nor lands; neither does it have any lawful jurisdiction over coastal waters up to three [3] nautical miles from their beaches and shores;

Bar associations and law societies and courts claiming an assumed and presumed authority over continents by imperial “letters patent” are agents abiding by the law-of-the-sea; and, use sea rules that only apply to themselves and to ships in commerce on international waters; and, have no jurisdiction on the land or coastal waters of peoples up until three [3] nautical miles from the shores of peoples continents, lands or islands;

As a result, no peoples can or may be condemned by the deceitful and false assumed and presumed order of any sea court having no jurisdiction on the land; such unlawful orders are declared null and void back to their beginning;

Therefore, in order to remain lawful and avoid a Truth and Reconciliation Convention by, for and of the people, those people acting under imperial authority must immediately vacate the buildings that belong to the local peoples courts and restrict their activities to international waters; keep their courts on the ships where they belong; or, alternatively revert back to the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION for want of jurisdiction;

Furthermore, all peoples detained, held or imprisoned by what is now null and void transactions must be released immediately into the custody of peoples courts for want of jurisdiction; and, those people found to be denying the detained people the natural right to freedom must be held accountable before a Truth and Reconciliation Convention by, for and of the people to determine under who’s instruction they are acting;

Therefore, peoples courts can only be representative by, for and of the people without bar interference; members of bar associations and law societies are prohibited by their own imperial sea-merchant admiralty rules from peoples’ courts and have no jurisdiction or standing on the land; and, their rulings carry no obligation on the land;



The police force is corrupt and divided; law enforcement officers are oathed to corporations fronting as government; and, use the force of law under the law-of-war of a one world government to plunder the 99% for the private benefit of only 1%; sovereignties shall re-oath their own peace officers and fund them; and, may invite honourable law enforcement officers to do the same;



Armies and alphabet agencies fronting as charity, peacekeepers, aid etc.have been privatised and corporatized, the same as governments, with the sole purpose of finding resources and invading countries; and, are all under control of a private banking elite that have started and funded all wars on both sides for the last 500 years; purely for profit and at the expense of the 99%; and, now control all value and much of the world’s money supply;

However, under ancient unchangeable and immutable everlasting law, the law-of-war is subject to the law-of-peace at all times; the people must be educated at all levels that war is unlawful;

War must be abolished at all levels and de-militarisation programmes immediately begin; peaceful nations do not need armies to protect the people; the people only need lawful courts with enforceable rulings to protect them from the armies of the major nations;

Armies and world agencies must be educated and informed as to their duty to protect the people, their rights and lands and not corporations fronting as government that serve only the elite 1%;

Armies will be re-purposed by sovereignties and officers re-oathed as peacekeepers to uphold the law-of-peace; instead, to apply their skills and assist in rehabilitation of society and the environment while protecting it from corporate invasion;

Lands used by armies to be made safe by qualified peacekeepers with oversight committees and then re-purposed as local communities see fit;

Peacekeeping shall be open to all on an equal basis and shall be the helpers and protectors of the people;



All corporate rules only apply to commercial transactions between legal fictions on international waters and have no jurisdiction on the land;

People will no longer be used as capital; and, no longer be held as sureties for fictional insolvent and unlawful debts; nor, for debts already paid; and, no longer be required to pay the customs, duties, levies, taxes nor any form of feudal tribute;

Instead, value can be placed on organic life; such as the crops of farmers, tree-bonds; sovereignties are to develop creative ways and means of barter, trade, savings and credit co-operatives and eventually do away with money;

Money has always been the tool to limit the value of some, while others profit off of the sweat of those who labour as slaves for wages when we all people in truth have equal value;



The people must be educated and informed via media such as TV channels, internet, newspapers regarding their real rights and the fraud that has been our lives; counselling groups are to be established because the real truth is too hard to bear for many;

Natural law and natural justice compels us to speak the truth, to organise, to meet together, to publish, to preach, to worship, and to educate their children on the truth;

Every people’s home is their castle and not to be invaded, not even for the greater good of all society;

All peoples have the natural right of movement without any restriction;

No people has any right to profit off of another; nor, levy any custom, duty, excise, levy, tax etc. on any land; even, if they are engaged in their own private trade or business;

Usury, suretyship, human capital and usufruct are unlawful and declared abolished.



Artificial man-made poverty is abolished; everyone will have their fair share;

The word “work” is a slave term and must be abolished; instead, we must see ourselves as equal shareholders of everything on, below and above the land; and, born with a trust that provides all basic needs throughout our life; all we must do is freely give and freely we will receive;

And, because the earth needs serious and urgent rehabilitation it is our moral and ethical responsibility to change our focus from capitalism to conservation and rehabilitation;

40 hours per week of our time is fair; there is much healing to be done; 



The mind of people is very easily indoctrinated; and, mind-control education and technology is an unlawful violation of natural law and must be abolished;

What fronts as education is imperialist capitalist indoctrination: for the 99% to be good slaves to the 1% imperial masters; we must always seek the truth; we must always question authority; we must always have free access to any and all information upon request; no more secrets; absolute power, corrupts absolutely;

The communities and peoples themselves shall decide what education their offspring will be exposed to, be it at home, school or elsewhere; it is their natural private right;

Education ought to focus on culture, sacred customs, laws and traditions, conservation of air, land and water, organic farming, natural health, people rights, rehabilitation, sustainability etc. so as to heal an earth ravaged by predatory capitalism, if we are to have hope for future generations;

All the cultural treasures of mankind must be restored to their rightful custodians;

Young peoples must know their roots; know this Declaration and remember it as a warning, lest we forget; be educated and informed as to the real truth about an evil system so that it may never happen again;

That there is only one law: Do no harm, cause no loss, let freedom reign.

And, 5 basic ethics to uphold at all times: Truth, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency;

All life above, around and below is sacred and given in trust to look after it that way;

As equals: Where your rights end, mine begins;

The golden rule: Love thy neighbour as those dearest to you;

To love their people and their culture and to honour other peoples in brotherhood, liberty and peace;

All education shall be free and by free choice.



All people have the natural antecedent right to live where they choose, to build homes without any restriction and raise their families as they see fit without hinder;

Unused housing space must be made available to the people;

Rent is usurious, unlawful and must be abolished;

Priority must be given to food-growing projects, turning slums into healthy environments in the most sustainable and economic ways;



Modern medicine is the number on killer on earth! Natural health education must be made available to all peoples and the basic preventative fruit, vegetables and herb seeds, plants and mother-stock be cultivated by, for and of every community; and, funded; the savings will be significant; also, free alternative natural health care and free healing centres be funded and established and maintained and made available; and, at-home healers be trained; special care to be given for women and their offspring;

Slums must be rehabilitated to eco-friendly sustainable suburbs; and, only by express agreement, support and wishes of those who live there; as well as transport, roads, lighting, playing fields, crèches , social centres etc.;

The elderly, orphans, disabled and the sick must be cared for by community carers and funded by the communities as a social responsibility;

Rest, leisure and recreation that is environmentally friendly and sustainable, without excess, and not causing harm or loss, is the natural right of all peoples;

As all imperial bar rules have no jurisdiction over the living peoples and their offspring, all family law is declared null and void back to their beginning for personage, press-ganging, piracy on the land and want of jurisdiction;



All sovereignties are fully independent states in their own right and by this declaration also respect the antecedent natural rights and sovereignty of all other peoples;

All sovereignties shall abide by the law-of-peace and strive to maintain world peace and the settlement of all international disputes by negotiation – not war;

Peace and friendship amongst all peoples can only be secured by upholding natural law and natural justice, free from fictional personhood and false status;

All peoples are free to decide for themselves their own future;

The right of those peoples choosing, declaring and establishing autonomy, independence and self-governance be respected and treated as any other sovereign nation in its own right; even, if only one people declares themselves to be a state in their own right, they are to be treated as such; however, trade and close co-operation between sovereignties must be encouraged; no man is an island;

Let all who love their peoples and their peoples sovereign autonomous state now say, as we say here: