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SA ITNJ Volunteers Enlist Now!

Without prejudice,
our legal defence page specific to Southern African procedural rules is nicely updated:
Scroll down to “We, the People” v. Banksters heading;
those are the documents we used to set the banks down, legally and lawfully;
we have one more application to file in 10 Days time in order to perfect it according to their procedures;
In addition, we are making a lawful counter-claim and are in the process of transferring the case for good cause to the ITNJ (www.itnj.org);
it seems that the case: “We, the People” v. RSA INC. is to be one of the first matters to be heard by the ITNJ; this will certainly be the litmus test;
Press gang 2
Have you suffered harm or loss?
we have over 40 cases which we are presenting, thus far, ranging from Revenue Services, the 4 major banks, the courts, Constitutional Court; we wish to cover every aspect; If you inhabit Southern Africa and your private property has been confiscated or your unalienable rights have been violated or thse of a dear one then please file your bill of plaint with us, even if you have lost your private property; we see no reason why you cannot get it back? Details at the following link;
The workshops “The Law and Your Rights” focus on foreclosures and ‘bad debts’ are 1 Day from 09H00 to 17H00 with 1 hour lunch and 15min breaks every hour;
give us a date and we will be in your neighbourhood!
Time to take urgent action! The ship has sunk; time to rebuild a new one, quickly!
This will require your support and involvement:
 2015.08.30 SA ITNJ Volunteer Workshop Flyer
If you have any questions, please ask.
In peace, UZA

International Tribunal for Natural Justice – International Chapters meeting – feedback to the People – 2015.07.17

Without prejudice,

This is a brief report on the online meeting of the various Chapters who have volunteered their efforts for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, inaugurated 15th June, 2015, which now happens on a fortnightly basis; This report is to inform You as one of We, the People because our actions are of the people, for the people, by the people;


This was the second week that we gathered and most of it has been people introducing themselves to each other and a brief story of their journey; Ordinary people who have investigated the deception on we, the people have already volunteered with the ITNJ from countries such as America, Canada, Denmark, England, India, Ireland, Holland, Pakistan, South Africa. Each of these people are engaged in some form of judicial and people’s activism and are now uniting as representatives of a global effort which can only be achieved by your support.

One member raised the issue of REGISTRATION; she felt that this would give their Chapter standing in their country; however, the group consensus was that to REGISTER the ITNJ would be a limitation on our Sovereign Rights and then we could not possibly be representing the people who support our actions; we did find an alternative acceptable remedy for her to create a win-win for all;

This is clear proof that ITNJ is not prepared to compromise its values “of the people, for the people, by the people” and gives me further confidence in the success of our collective vision; United we stand.

What’s Next?

Invitations will go out for endorsements between various international common law grand juries and ITNJ committee members and the endorsement of the ITNJ Treaty; if this resonates with you then download, read and hopefully sign the Treaty at http://www.itnj.org/itnj/itnj-treaty/

We are currently translating the ITNJ Treaty into all participating languages;

Brief profiles and contact details of all participating Chapters will be posted in due time;

Workshops have already been launched in America by the common-law grand juries:

  • Common-law & Natural law juries and courts of record
  • Private Attorney Generals
  • Oath-keepers
  • Bounty Hunters and how to affect people’s arrests
  • Sheriffs We will be inviting other judicial activist groups to join us in solidarity; finally, we are putting our differences aside and focusing on that which we, the people have in common; If this is all new to you then go to: www.itnj.org and www.itnjcommittee.orgIn peace, SA Chapter ITNJ
  • Later in the year we expect to launch ITNJ workshops in participating countries on how to convene a court of record in order to settle disputes between people and with corporations; and, failing lawful remedy, how to transfer the matter for cause before the ITNJ;
  • A brand new Public discussion forum has been launched at www.naturaljusticeacademy.org


For Southern Africa Chapter workshops go to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/workshops/

2015 UZA Seal

In Peace, SA Chapter ITNJ