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August monthly update by Cobra from 2012Portal ~ Offical Communication outlet for the Resistance Movement


Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription and Listener’s Q & A for Aug 27, 2013


 COBRA: This was a false flag attack. This chemical weapon thing. The Cabal is quite desperate. They are planning to trigger war in Syria, but that will not be allowed. 1 negative etheric support has been cleared, so it is not possible. 2. The positive military has expressed if the Cabal tries to start war they will be removed. (Fantastic!) The cabal will try to push things to the edge but they will not cross over the edge. They will not manage to go into the actual war invasion. There is a possibility that it will trigger the event and remove them from the surface of the planet. There are some members of the positive military that are quite angry at this moment, but that are being held back. But they might not hold back for much longer if this continues.


The August monthly update has been posted:


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A Message from Kiri Campbell



A Message from Kiri Campbell
August 8, 2013

Glad to hear Kiri is back with her family and doing well. The message below is just another testament to her strength, courage and determination. Kiri is a patriot and I supper her and her mission 100% ~BK

Hi Everyone, so good to be at home after my week long experience. I appreciate everyone’s support from across the entire globe. Especially those who have kindly donated to my family to assist with caring for them in my absence. Help of that sort is foreign to me…so I am overwhelmed with the generosity of people across the world – from the bottom of my heart I thank you ALL and know that you are noted on my people to remember list. I just want to point out a couple of things. 1). I have a method to my actions that is spiritually slotting into it’s natural place – I appreciate everyone’s efforts to come up with solutions or ways around – but to find a way around is not the path I intended for myself – (I want to go straight through the storm not dodge it or run away from it). 2). For those who think I have made the situation WORSE please think before you speak I mean think without thinking and clouding your judgments of what you have been taught or what you know – our world is changing beyond a doubt and the old information is slowly leaving us while new information and beliefs are being formed. If you don’t understand may I simply ask then that you just be an observer and observe the information and the DATA that is available rather than add more confusion to the pile of confusion. 3). Make sure you have your tickets to the show…what I have prepared is not a solution it is a stepping stone the real fun hasn’t even begun yet – we are just getting warmed up. If you choose not to be apart of it…that too is OK. Those who have ears will hear and those who have eyes will see.