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Heather Jarraf Tucci and D speak to Freedom Central

Freedom Central was delighted to have the opportunity to speak again with Heather Jarraf Tucci, and D, who is now living in Morocco with Heather.

Please take some time to hear the magical wisdom Heather has to share, and the frankness of D, which adds a nice spice to the mix.

Truly honoured to have been able to record this to mark Freedom Central’s 4th Anniversary.

Peace Love Unity Respect



Common Law Hearing on Constitutional Hill 25 July Johannesburg

It’s Official,

On the 25th July , 2013 on Constitutional Hill, International Common Law was officially re-established on this world famous historic landmark on the Land commonly known as South Africa. A place where the Boers, English, Blacks, Ghandi and Mandela were all jailed atvarious times in our rocky history.

This was all done without permits and only by notice and order. Remember, an application, submission, registration creates jurisdictional issues. International Common Law is superior in all cases.

Constitutional Hill graciously donated the Event Space which comes at a cost. There were 17 witnesses present all donning a white International Common Law Court of Justice T shirt. These are the first limited edition collector’s items. There were iamfree, opt, ittcs and common law car stickers. Real water was provided.

The IAMfree campaign will be published in  the legal notices section of the citizen magazine next week. The Giftoftruth – SA guide to Sovereignty & commerce; by BT was launched on disc.

The launch of the Commission Of Peaceful Positive Economic Transition will be published in  the legal notices section of the citizen magazine next week.

The event was covered by Grant, giving freely of his time and equipment  from ITCCS TV ZA.

Spiritually this was a victory of Light. This was a Spiritual seed that has sprouted, unstoppably. Leonard Cohen said: “First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

We have our first oathed young Black Common Law Attorney in Fact. This is our future folks. The only journey forward in Truth.

Sadly, SARS did not show up on the battlefield. A formal charge is being filed with the ITCCS of South Africa by a Common Law Family Trust.

Question: Does he who fails to appear on the battlefield, lose by default too?

The next Common Law, One People, One love Hearing will be in Hennopsriver on the R511 between Jhb and Pta, by popular demand, on Sunday 28th July. Sms 074 126 3083 for directions. Bring your kids for a picnic in the country 🙂 ,\.

We will be discussing simple effective remedies against piracy, re-educating peace officers and society about the new laws. We will also be discussing CVAC self governance. Bring a memory stick, pen and pad please. We only focus on remedies and there is always one.

August is Cape Town. The first hearings will be in the Noordhoek area, probably next weekend. We will keep you posted.

Bring donations as we cannot operate without it at present and the need is too great. Soon, we will release info on the Common Law Card, just ironing out the final methods of delivery.

If you do not want to receive mail please notify us. Feel free to post this and mail to your network groups. If you want to make your shop or outlet available for people to collect their cards, shirts etc. please notify us.

In Truth, BT

PS: Freely give and freely you will receive.