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Unusual Things Taking Place



My son in law went in to make an interest payment for a “Pay Day” loan.  There was a Texas State Auditor there and he asked to see his file after he was done making his payment.  A few days later he received a call from the Pay Day Business and was told his loan had been completely cleared and was wiped off their books.  She explained that they were no longer to give any loans of any kind, but they were open to accept payments on some of the loans and that they could only exchange currency for precious metals.

Also recently I sent a letter to the Social Security Administration advising them to stop a survivor benefit for one of my children.  I was called immediately and was told that they had never had to deal with a request like mine, and I was advised that the payment could only be stopped if I gave them financial documentation and proved to them that the money was not needed.  I found it interesting that for August the direct deposit did not take place as well as a few other direct deposits that should have taken place on the 8th.  I would say that “something” is about to take place!!!!!