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“We, the People” v. REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC. – PART 1; before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ)

Hear Ye!!! The First Case Before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice: File No: 2015.01-UZA:


Without any prejudice to the living, the following is intended to be our humble story here from the Southern tip of Africa which we will tell in parts as we go along, for perpetual memory lest we forget…

and so that people know what is happening and unfolding because the media will twist the truth, if this story ever does make it there, which we doubt; our press is very conservative; very;

We received confirmation this week that our international court case has been accepted by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) and that they are proceeding with our dispute between we, the people and our constitutional judiciary:  ITNJ File No. 2015.01 – UZA; the first issue to determine is who exactly our Justices are oathed to? do you know who your justices are oathed to? have they told you? on paper? Highest ranking Justices are oathed to HM THE QUEEN… who or what is THAT? all we know is it’s not Mary Windsor, the Swabian; there seems to be a “hidden” king/s and emperor… we will find the culprit claiming to “own” us… before the Anglo-Saxon dragons awaken from their lairs; what they fail to realize that we have an earth dragon called the Drakens(dragons)berg mountains who serve and protect the people of Africa and the good will prevail; as the various prophecies have so rightly foretold: that peace and liberty will come from the south… our battle is truly NOT of the flesh, brothers and sisters… only UNITED AS ONE can we achieve the completion of our true purpose in this great cycle of LIBERTY; and, this journey is about the return of the Spirit of the Law to finally balance the scales of justice between the “letter of the law” balanced by the “spirit of the law”, the heart and mind of mankind; Jules Verne so rightly said: “The natural laws are written in our hearts”; “we can overcome man-made laws, but not natural ones.” be blessed;

The same matter has been filed and deem served on the Justices of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and Judicial Services Commission; the “king-makers” as they are ultimately responsible for aiding and abetting the Secret Societies, the Banksters (another few secret societies) and those who claim to “own” us under a HIERARCHY;

mandela- if the anc

What these secret societies will be shocked is the numerology involved which they will only realise in retrospect… interestingly, the case no. is CCT: 200/15; if one is interested in numerology 012 and 5 are the 4 numbers occurring…

An 8 and a 9… the completion and bringing to closure of the UNHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE which quietly rule us by 9 Day cycles, not 7(another lie) and that we find behind every deceitful and devious act EVERYWHERE we research! stretching back into the mists of time… of fallen angels, djinn, demons, giants, monsters of sea, air and land… usurpers…  it’s still a game of thrones, we say; but, their time has come; the Motu Proprio that Francis issued on July 11th, 2013 was just over 2 weeks after this action started on June the 24th, 2013; and the author’s “person” (which has been abandoned and declared void) was “registered” and “berthed” on July the 11th… any many, many more, but we digress;

2015.10.12 ITNJ Press Release

Introducing International Tribunal for Natural Justice:

Firstly, we wish to thank Sacha Stone and the ITNJ for having the vision to create a platform where we could potentially find redress for rights abrogated; now we know that there have been some malicious rumours spread about the ITNJ as you may be aware of, so let’s quickly get that little stumbling block out the way, shall we?

Firstly, ITNJ is a bona fide court and Chief Justice Dr John Walsh of Brannagh was instrumental in establishing a BAR association in 1979 already which is recognised by 10 BAR associations globally; how else are we going to get a response from our Justices when they stonewall us? Or dismiss our cases? short of going to war in which case we will demand a duel by chivalry code…

Yes, we know exactly who and what the BAR is as you can read in the annexures on this case at our Annexures page on Giftoftruth; believe us when we tell you that we gave them a really hard time, especially around subject matter jurisdiction which we as sovereigns never grant anyone: we give them limited power of attorney only;

IT’S ALL ABOUT SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION… nothing else; hence our case as the story will unfold;

We changed the ALL CAPS on the “application” to Sentence Case and notified them that we issue “Bills of Plaint” only; all which they took in their stride and accepted, yet the ITNJ was clear that they do not subscribe to Capitis diminutio MAXIMA and that our fears are un-founded; very professional and open; nothing hidden; they passed our litmus test and we know all the tricks that “judges” and lawyers employ to gain subject-matter-jurisdiction otherwise they cannot proceed; this is how we set the SA banks down now; we have been battling with our Constitutional Court since 2013 around these very same matters of “press-ganging” employed by the courts as will unfold in this story;

In addition, we also notified them that we wish to establish the court proceedings as we are a grand jury by original land jurisdiction and as this is a Southern Africa matter and therefore to be adjudicated by we, the Southern Africa people; all we need is a Chief Justice; the ITNJ very graciously granted us that too; now we are sure that this is truly a case at living jurisdiction; probably the first case at original land jurisdiction since Bartholomew Dias planted the stone crosses on Southern African soil in 1488 and laid claim to the land under the Order of Christ, the Knights Templar, the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE and EMPEROR and the Land Jurisdiction Kingdom and King which all points to the king of Spain…

Later on we will post the email discussions after the case has concluded; the trial will more than likely be end of November to early December; we wish to have it concluded before 17th of December when the SA Courts close; depending on the outcome of course;

Notwithstanding any outcome, on the 28th of January 2016 we, the people are arriving on Constitutional Hill, Hillbrow, Jhb with no less than 50 000 to 250 000 people to witness our Justices re-oath themselves to we, the people or vacate office; it’s now the “law of necessity” time to reach for power and place it firmly in the hands of the people where it belongs; to reach for the Law of Liberty as Edward. G. Griffin so clearly puts it;

Thus far, in every situation we have had our RSA official on the hind foot as we use the law of truth and thus no threat of arrest to us; however, if the Anglo-Saxons find out belatedly what we have done then they might try retribution; we are going to be cutting off their pot of gold at the end of the African rainbow… as well as reclaim the 3 000 tons already reported stolen… there is no limitation on time in matters of fraud: ab initio… from the beginning; we even want our crown jewels back from ALL the monarchies; over 69% of what they are parading belongs to Southern Africa and we want it back! as in 500 years back!!! Take Notice;

You ask “What if they don’t?” well, dear people, it’s our court; if they are not our Justices then they are trespassing and we will ensure they leave or face citizen’s arrest; the line in the sand is drawn; as a last resort we are bringing this before an international tribunal; failing in which we, the people will invoke the rule of law; more on this later in the story;

2016.01.28 CONhill Annexures

We say it’s repugnant and immoral to participate in this system;

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless and corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Later on we will also post email discussions that transpired after the case has concluded; the trial will more than likely be end of November to early December; we wish to have it concluded before 17th of December when the SA Courts close; depending on the outcome of course; all case documents and annexures are posted at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/annexures/

Part 2 to be posted in the next few days; thank you, ex causa onerosa, in peace,

UZA Seal & Sign Manual

Handy Tips for those People engaging in peaceful protests…RIGHT NOW EVERYWHERE around the New Earth…or considering a career in lawful rebellion…


Know thy enemy; know thyself; when weak act strong and when strong act weak; 3 braid invincible strategy – the art of war (peace) – sun tzu

Take pre-emptive action; the following is guidelines on how to create a SWORD AND SHIELD OF TRUTH before going into peaceful battle; the pen is mightier than the sword;  


Here it is in simple terms; every country has an organic first constitution that is written to bind criminals and rogue government from “we, the people” unalienable rights;


The Constitution of South Africa Act, 1996 was published as CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA, ACT NO. 108 of 1996

BIG DIFFERENCE! Sentence Case to ALL CAPS; refer to: Annexure – Capitis Diminutio Maxima at https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/annexures/

Now it’s a corporate franchise… “we, the people” are now deemed the CEOs of the CORPORATION “impersonating” the organic one, thereby hijacking your powers; and , when you claim the NAME then you are now deemed an “employee” (unless you correct their assumptions and presumptions)

AND: Definition of “publish” from Black’s Law dictionary, 4th edition 1968 (the only dictionary to learn definitions from):

To declare or assert, directly or indirectly, by words or actions, that a forged instrument is genuine. People v. Bradford, 84 Cal.App. 707, 258 P. 660, 662.

There you have it: Your CONSTITUTION IS A FORGERY;

 Gandhi truth never damages


We filed a criminal complaint against our RSA Constitutional Court for unconscionable acts; we are demanding an investigation we are now transferring for good cause; that we were using the public space provided as it belongs to “we, the people”; and that we are not paying the exorbitant daily usury; alternatively, they must issue a bill of exchange so we can A4V it;

They remained silent (nihil dicit) and granted us Quiet Title! They will always grant you quiet title or grant “tacit” procurement when you claim your unalienable rights;

 Gandhi Peace is the way




Print a copy of your country’s Bill of Rights; delete the lines which refer to ‘PERSONS’ (legal fiction) or ‘DEMOCRACY’;



Taking pre-emptive action BEFORE your peaceful protest:

Whatever your action is, file a criminal complaint first before your protest; ensure all the following steps are first taken care of:

File a Declaration of Rights with the Master of the Supreme Court who is the trustee of your deceased estate (yes, you were declared missing at sea and mort, so in this process you are claiming mort d’ancestor (refer to common-law express trust manual and a comprehensive compilation of document templates on express trust page; feel free to adapt or change) https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/express-trusts/

Declaration of Peace: (else you are deemed “enemies in the field” according to your country’s Trading with the Enemies Act (every country has one)

Send all documentation you choose to use certified by 3 witnesses (2 is enough) via registered mail; the originals to the court; a certified copy via reg. mail to yourself too;

Keep un-opened and on you at ALL times; it’s your shield, remember…

The most powerful remedy to use; and yes, we know HABEAS CORPUS is not recognised in USA, but NOT a natural common-law Habeas Corpus; BIG difference in subject-matter-jurisdiction (which is what a court determines first)

MOST IMPORTANT: Waiver your rights to “recognition as a person”! ALWAYS

Gandhi you must be the change

When press-ganged into appearing in Court:

AGAIN MOST IMPORTANT: Waiver your rights to “recognition as a person”!

DO NOT ARGUE; JUST OBJECT: say “Objection.” You do not have to give a reason;

We wish not to do business and we do not consent to the subject matter jurisdiction of the claims as clearly expressed in our documentation filed on record with the Master of the Supreme Court (quote your ref: number);

We hereby give the court 10 Days to re-butt our affidavits or to cease and desist in the proceedings;

Gandhi ignorant people

We wish that all further claims from here-on-forth are made to the Master of the High Court who has the necessary express trust security agreement( refer to express trust templates) as this is merely a commercial claim; we deem this matter concluded; 

If you want to know more about your common-law shield in a court then download, listen to and make notes on the common-law lectures at: 


Best thing a sovereign could do for their education; this process helps to properly decree your court (you are the court; defn: the person and suit of the sovereign), in ‘their’ court (which belongs to we, the people on the land; they are imposters); 2 courts, one room…. 

Indira Gandhi be still

This process when practically applied:

In RSA, since 2013 we took our Constitutional Hill 3 times and held a common-law hearing against RSA (INC.) agents and our Justices for personation and acting in contravention to our Bill of Rights; a jury of 21 unanimously voted for a commission of inquiry; historically this is the very place where both Gandhi and  Mandela were incarcerated in their time;

Gandhi first they ignore you

We are in the process of transferring this matter for good cause to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and filing a Claim of “We, the People” v. RSA (INC.)

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice:

ITNJ document banner

This is for YOU! Go and sign the ITNJ Treaty; the decree of the sovereign makes law:


Thus far, this IS THE ONLY International People’s Tribunal at Natural Law in the world willing to hear cases of sovereigns; for more information on our case and reference material:

Annexure – Natural Law – ITNJ

Annexure – The Rule of law

Annexure – The Golden Rule in every land and faith

Gandhi the future depends

With our processes we have already set down the first banks:


In conclusion:

Any people on the land engaging in peaceful protest that has no sword and shield in place is looking for trouble in these times of transition to the New Earth;

Gandhi be positive

Sincerely, without prejudice, without recourse, ex causa onerosa, all rights reserved, in peace,

Seal & Sign with bt