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Three years ago I was paid a visit by a polite, unsuspecting Building Inspector from the City of Cape Town, telling me that I was acting criminally, as I was erecting a Sanctuary without the permission of the City of Cape Town. The truth of it was, that I had become aware that the City of Cape Town, The Republic of South Africa, and ALL the municipal and government activities, (courts, police, etc.) are infact listed international companies, and there to make money, a fact that is verifiable if you choose to do your research (here is the link for The Republic of South Africa: SOUTHAFRICA


I have been hounded, harassed, ridiculed and even jailed for my refusal to contribute to the corporatized monetary system that has enslaved us all for eons of time and I am not the only one, millions of people over the world are waking up, and it is time for us all to stand in solidarity for our inherent and inalienable Right to Freedom.
The words of a retired Judge Dale in the USA: “In order for a governing body to create and enforce any law, they must be sovereign [the Law of Kings] or they must have a contractual relationship with you based upon [the Law of Contracts]. Corporations cannot be sovereign because they are legal fictions! Legal fictions have no authority over a living man because all living men/women are creations of GOD and thus sovereign by their creation. So the corporations fraudulently convert the living man into a corporation (via registration at birth and the subsequent ID Number) so that they can compel him/her by contract. So make them produce the CONTRACT.” These same principles apply worldwide.

We have ALL been held in bondage, by the Central Banking system; the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF etc. which in turn controls ALL Reserve Banking operations throughout the monetized corporate government world, which is 99% of all countries, that force us to obey their statutory laws, which are NOT Common Laws, to fill up the coffers, (via rates, taxes, fines, registrations, repossessions etc.) of the Central Banks, that are ‘owned’ by a few families! Do your own research, IT IS ALL ABOUT FICTITIOUS, FIAT (issued by decree, on demand of a loan) MONEY, with nothing back of it, and is nothing more than a computer entry and some notes and coins. WE ARE THE VALUE and yet we are enslaved by this system by our continued acquiescence to it! Lets Stop it! In the Name of God and all that is Good, lets all stop acting in this slavery system right now! Only we can do it! Millions loose their dignity, hope, homes, possessions and businesses, as they don’t know the truth!
There is enough inherent wealth in the land of this southern African region (and all countries of the world) to provide a means of exchange for ALL people. We do not need to pay to live on earth! By the way, on the 25th of December 2012, the people of the world were told, via independent (not controlled) media outlets, that paper work was done over the last few years, via a set of UCC Filings (Uniform Commercial Code – a ‘notice to the world,’ by those registering, that they wish to act in commerce and trade, and abide by the UCC universal code of conduct.) foreclosing all monetized corporate governments and banks for operating illegal slavery systems without the consent of the people! (www.i-uv.com)
I am appearing in two corporate courts next week, the High Court of Cape Town, on Tuesday 15th and the Simon’s Town Magistrate Court on the 16th to state my case that: “I AM A LIVING WOMAN AND I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER TO CONTRACT and I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE PROCEEDINGS.” SO BE IT. You can do the same with all offers to contract with your ID number!
UZA comment: And, the fraud continues, but not for much longer; we have collated an entire page exposing the fraud known as RSA INC.