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TheOnePeople Official

The people of this planet have come to know much suffering in our struggle to survive. Indeed, at many points, it has appeared that all hope was lost. For those who do not know what is going on, it is time for all to face the TRUTH about the state of affairs on our planet.

Under the old system, governments of the world pretended to be governments of the people, but they were actually corporations hiding in plain sight. All of the world’s corporate countries’ funds were generated by monetizing every being’s life, and by using every child’s future work as collateral. The various Governments have failed to serve the needs of the people. Instead, they acted as beneficiaries rather than trustees of government trusts. Bankers and government officials made loans with the direct intention of creating such a massive debt that the people of the country would always be unable to pay it back. Across the world, banks and governments have knowingly and intentionally bankrupted many nations. This was done by starting wars, and then selling weapons to both sides, whilst impoverishing people in regions involved in the conflicts. Furthermore, banks in turn loaned these funds back to people, forcing them to repay those funds, plus interest, on money that did not even exist in the first place, having been artificially created through the fractional reserve banking system.

It is time for The One People of Planet Earth, to benefit equally from labors and works, as we begin a new form of self “governance”, NOT “government”.

Introducing the Creation Value Asset Center (CVAC), a new framework for social and economic governance. Each person who joins the CVAC, will be stepping away from the old system, free to pursue their true purpose.

The new CVAC system does not use the media to manipulate the people, nor does the CVAC system use financial instruments to remove financial equity from the people. All corporate debt is erased and the corporate government system is terminated. Corporations will no longer be able to create a fictitious need to generate a profit on the backs of the people.

All participation in the CVAC is voluntary and non-coercive, and everyone has freedom of choice in religion in observance of Free Will through the primary functioning of Common Law, which revolves around the three core principles of; Do no harm, Cause no loss, Do not impede the freedom of another.

In the new CVAC system, the police and the military are re-purposed to be protectors of the people, instead of protectors of the corporate state, as is their primary function under the old system. The first steps toward implementing this system, is creation of a safe environment for everyone, so that no being will be harmed.

The CVAC structure will eliminate all the coercive and subversive elements of global governance going forward. Human Rights will be recognized in every person, which are guaranteed within the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The CVAC initiative is being underwritten by God Sky Earth and the King of Kings, K. 681, Mr. Sino.A.S., with funding supplied by the Swissindo World Orbit Trust. At the conclusion of the upcoming United Nations Treaty Event (Sept. 26- Oct. 1, 2013), funds from the Global Collateral Accounts are to be returned to The One people via trust accounts that are guaranteed by SWISSINDO Exhibits A-B. These funds are to be distributed through Creation’s Value Asset Centers (CVACs) and supported by a new financial system. In this way, the wealth of the world is returned equally to The One People.

As custodians of this great planet, we can now engage the process of global change for which we have all been waiting, where The One People have the opportunity to rise up and create the world that we have always known, can and will exist.