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King Dalindyebo Comes Clean, Admits That Patrice Motsepe and Nelson Mandela Also Bought Him Cars

Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 11:06 AM by Stefan Mack

King Dalindyebo has revealed that he had also received cars from Nelson Mandela and Patrice Motsepe Motsepe gave him a car when he was released from jail in 2019 after serving four years of his 12-year sentence Julius Malema claimed that the R1.8 million Mercedes Benz was a gift and was by no means a bribe.

Read more: https://briefly.co.za/south-africa/114409-king-dalindyebo-clean-admits-patrice-motsepe-nelson-mandela-bought-cars/

South Africa Republic vs REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Interested in common law and understanding the true nature of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA? 

Topic: South Africa Republic vs REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Time: Feb 3, 2021 07:00 PM Johannesburg

You are invited to join a common law information session with a south african lens to be held online on Wednesday, 3 Feb at 7pm (SAST). The session will be presented by brother-thomas of https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/ and jan a people of good hope of https://www.republicofgoodhope.com/

Prior to the meeting, please review the websites to ensure you have some basic background. 
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81737341284?pwd=aG84QXpnUlJaS3BGTXJGbjdTWGtmdz09

Meeting ID: 817 3734 1284

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Sleeping with the Enemy. Part two.

The Milner Group, the inner circle or society of the elect. (3)

Some of the members of that unelected inner circle were.

Cecil John Rhodes, Nathan Rothschild, Baron Rothschild,

Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner, Arthur James Balfour, Jan C. Smuts, Waldorf Astor, Viscount Astor, this man drowned with the Titanic, which was an insurance scam. Nancy Astor, Lady Astor, as well as other landed gentry.

The South African contingent comprised Jan C. Smuts, Sir Patrick Duncan, Sir Abe Bailey,

Basil K. Long, Richard Feetham, [Sir James Rose-Innes]

The way that Rhodes and his team accomplished their task was by stealth, subversion, manipulation and subjugation. The same group was responsible for the crisis in Palestine, Lord Balfour; of declaration fame. This should have been called the Milner declaration. Balfour was head of the Foreign Office, so the letter to Rothschild had to come from him.

Stolen Palestine was presented to Lord Rothschild and became Israel, the owners of Israel are not Jews, they are Khazars also known as Zionists. The close bond with the Zionists has continued until the present.


South Africa is currently very involved with Israel. (4)

Paul Kruger was not a white elitist; in fact there was no racism back in those days, it had to be manufactured to cause problems between the people. It is a plan that is still used.

Now we can see where the race card comes into play.

The Institute of International Affairs. (10)

This secret society was formed in 1919. The American arm of this group became known as the Council on Foreign Relations, (11) and the one in South Africa the SA Institute of International Affairs. There are less than sixty thousand members worldwide, yet they control most of the financial and industrial assets used to manipulate humanity today. It is also known as Chatham House, where Chatham House rules apply, the content may be used, but the speaker not divulged.

The SAIIA has currently as its deputy chair Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of Thabo Mbeki.


Moeletsi is quoted by the BBC as saying that South Africa was better off in colonial times. (12)

Head of Communications | Congress of South African Trade Unions 1990 – present

Media Advisor | African National Congress 1990 – present

Executive Chair | Endemol South Africa

Executive Chair | KMM Investments

Chief Executive Officer | Arelco

Political Analyst | NEDBANK GROUP LTD

Chair | African Resources and Logistics Corp.

Deputy Chair | South African Institute of International Affairs

Previous Position(s)

Information Officer | Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Lusaka | 1986 – 1987

The ANC is a Zionist/ communist invention and was guided by Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo, 1926-1995) and Albie Sachs.

Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC’s terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. (“Joe Slovo,” Jewish Chronicle, January 13, 1995.


‘Revolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,’ Slovo said.” (“Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid,” L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela’s ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing.”




Part three will follow shortly.

NB The numbered brackets refer to the research, which follows at the end of the article.