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ITNJ Ceremonial Seating Preview

Dear People,

Without prejudice,

FINALLY… a Real Natural Remedy… by the people, for the people, of the people;

You are invited to watch 25 min of thought-provoking footage, presentation and interviews…

Some of the Southern Africa crew speak in this video beginning at timestamp 21:12….

Pomp and circumstance not being our cup of tea he he, but it is for the people…

Have you signed the ITNJ Treaty? http://www.itnj.org/


scarcely has it been posted on you-tube and the first disinformation starts in the comments section… which we felt compelled to respond to;

Maxim: “An error not resisted is approved.”


Lynnie: Nice Introduction but isn’t this the one, hijacked by Bar Attorneys as Rod Class and others who started the ITNJ are saying? >”Hijacked” being the key word.<

brother-thomas: Hi Lynnie, without any prejudice and only in order that the truth may set us free are we responding; your presumption is unfortunately incorrect; pay no attention to false prophets…

Rest assured that we the people of Southern Africa have done our provisional filings at natural law and the ITNJ has accepted our terms as an independent sovereign court of record as we, the sovereigns are the court and all proceedings will be according to our wishes with our jury as this is a Southern Africa matter and ITNJ are merely arbitrators:

maxim: “The court is the person and the suit of the sovereign.”

and, at natural law, we are peers and disputes can only be settled before a jury;

maxim: “The decree of the sovereign makes law.”

This is a SA matter with SA remedies by the people, for the people and of the people; the ITNJ will just be affirming our representative administrative action which will be held to referendum once the first extraordinary remedies have been implemented starting 28th of January 2016 for RSA at Constitutional Court of South Africa which will be live-streamed; we aim to have more than 250 000 people on Constitutional Hill to witness our Justices re-oath themselves to the original Bill of Rights and the original Constitution of the original Republic of South Africa;  Our Constitutional Court has already granted quiet title action, but they requested we get a Chief Justice: enter ITNJ;

Final proof of the un-restricted sovereignty and access to court that ITNJ has granted us:

Affidavit of Truth: I brother-thomas, a people hereby solemnly affirm to whom these presents shall come; that, as administrator of UZA the first people’s court on the land; and, a religious man who by Black’s Law 4th Edition, 1968 is civilly dead, the ITNJ have nonetheless provisionally accepted our court filings of “We, the People” v. RSA INC.; specifically, the people ACTing as Justices of our Constitutional Court of South Africa; final filings will be in by 17 October 2015; trial to commence in November;  

Details and navigational links to our actions are at giftoftruth dot wordpress dot com: click on the FAQs page for brief descriptions and navigational links; be blessed;  

What we have here with the Baptists is evidence of how destructive the ego can be and poor America has a lot of that going on ACROSS the board: from corporate to sovereign; this destructive ego will lead to a violent confrontation on US soil; Is history seeking to repeat itself? Is it necessary? Does it matter who is right if our common goal is LIBERTY!!! THAT IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON! THE REST IS BAGGAGE; let it go already… we rest our case, your honour…

Natural Law - MLK

Us Africans are one people and do not easily entertain trifles and avoid scandals; so, we are friends  with sacha, rod, Rebecca and co; EVERYBODY EQUALLY; we wrote them we love them but what they are doing is un-Christian; anyone may email us at commonlawsa at “gee”-mail dot com if they have ANY evidence to the contrary and we will repent in public and amend our ways; this is it, people; ripleys believe it, or not… the silver bullet (we, the people)… whatever you want to call it; Until then, in the words of Thomas Paine:

Thomas Paine - lead


Sincerely, ex causa onerosa,

be blessed, in peace,

administrator uza – brother-thomas

ITCCS Press Release – RE: 2nd Sept. 2013

After having made final emergency response demands and issued notices to  all Justices of Constitutional Court and Hill, including SAPS Hillbrow (the protectors of Constitutional Hill) over the last three months, ITCCS – SA finally summonsed them to appear at Constitutional Court on the Hill, 2nd of September, 2013.

On the morning of the 2nd, we sent our PR co-ordinator, Denise to meet up with Colonel Oosthuizen of SAPS Hillbrow, the second in command to accompany ITCCS to ensure peaceful proceedings.

The protector of Constitutional Hill, Brigadier Ntandane, conveniently went on 3 weeks leave a week ago. He has been cc-ed in All documents and actions filed since June.

We emailed the registrar 3 documents to be printed for each Judge for that day namely:

1. Oath & Bond.

2. Universal Decree of Peace & Freedom/the Rights of Humanity.

3. Common Law manual.

The Chief of Staff instructed the registrar not to print them. The Judiciary of Constitutional Hill failed to report or respond to our summons. The purpose of the oath & bond is to give them standing at International Common Law as established 25th July, 2013, Constitutional Hill, South Africa. Currently, they have no standing, acting under full private liability and holding a pirate flag.

We have been communicating to the second in command, Colonel Oosthuizen of South African Police Services, Hillbrow (protector of Constitution Hill) for the last week to assist as Peace Officer to ensure Peaceful proceedings, yet he declined and promised to send peace officers to assist instaed. These failed to appear. We were informed that 2 had arrived but they seem to have left when they realised that we were peaceful.

We sang a Peace Song and made our Decree of Peace & Freedom outside the court which will replace our now foreclosed Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Brother Thomas and Sister Denise then went into the court building requesting the presence of the Registrar, Martie Stander. She arrived with 3 others who informed us that the ConCourt Judges were present but refused to meet with us and would only respond to an ITCCS Judge.

I, Brother Thomas have petitioned the Executive Council ITCCS Europe to issue a writ of execution to ConCourt within 48 hours regarding:

1. ConCourt Judges to skype or communicate with ITCCS – Europe Executive Council members regarding OPPT and ITCCS Notices and what is currently unfolding.

2. ConCourt To endorse the Notices & Orders as All Lawful authority needs to be issued from the Constitutional Court of South Africa as the Supreme Law of the Land. Notices which need to go out as of immediate effect:

a) All commercial courts – to remove all commercial claims from the roll and to collate them. ITCCS will decide how to close all cases. All common law matters can resume in the interim until the court is re-purposed as a common law court of Justice..

b) Peace Officers – to cease all involvement in any and all commercial charges.

c ) Military Chief of Staffs – to stand as protectors of the One People at the One Law.

d) Media – to publish Public Notices within 24 hours of receipt from ITCCS and to cover common law news in depth and un-biased.

Statement of Claim:

I, Brother Thomas wish to file a Statement of Claim (charge) on behalf of the One People against all Judges of the Constitutional Hill of South Africa as they currently have no locus standi and are engaging in barratry. They will be brought before a Tribunal and questioned reharding their current unlawful position. We need to determine who the rotten apples are.


As you are aware, ITCCS – South Africa has made Emergency Final Response Demands on the Constitutional Court of South Africa which they failed to rebut.

We Noticed and Ordered ConCourt; have issued Public Policy 1;

We summonsed All 11 Judges to appear for their oath & bonding as a common law court by original jurisdiction.

Banks and Financial Pirates such as SARS:

We have been informed that their systems are too broken to fix. It’s not worth arresting them right now, a waste of precious funding which could be used more positively. The dark cabal have been trying to hijack every process, but their end has come. Soon posts will go out. All bank staff and corporate staff will get other posts if they oath & bond themselves as public servants.

In Conclusion:

They were all visibly afraid and are knowingly negotiating their surrender to the One People. The onsite security were initially reserved and unsure, but hugging us towards the end when they got the good news. One was even stating “I am free” as a decree to drive out the fear.

ITCCS – Europe is preparing statements and media press releases which will go out public by the weekend.

Say a prayer of Thanks to your Creator that our redemption is at hand.

In Gratitude, Brother Thomas.

Brother Thomas speaks to Freedom Central

Having recently appointed Brother Thomas as South Africa’s first official Common Law Advocate of the International Common Law Courts, Brother Thomas has become one of the most prolific activists South Africa has ever seen.

On the 25 July 2013, Brother Thomas formally established the Common Law Courts in South Africa.

Please take some time to listen to how South Africa is securing common law practices on the ground.