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Dec 25th 2012: The day the world changed forever in our favor!


Published on Aug 13, 2013

As a result of a rigorous investigation called the Paradigm Report that basically audited the Banking system and documented a massive fraud being perpetrated by the major banking cartels, trustees well versed in UCC law, went to work to take down the system using the bankers own legal system Via the Uniform Commercial Code (Also known as UCC). The Uniform Commercial Code was the law by which all transactions and business were governed. They were found to be violating this law. after compiling all the necessary evidence required, the trustees submitted a succession of filings that would establish the foreclosure and jurisdiction over all these Banking Cartels and corporate systems.Essentially giving back to the people what was stolen from them. Their value.Dec 25th 2012: The day the world changed forever in our favor!