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The Long Night

Here is an extract from Anna’s post regarding the commercial paper fraud that court’s engage in; what we have been saying all along: read the Bills od Exchange page; we will cover this in this Saturday’s Common Law Class:

” When the presiding Prosecutor was asked to explain the documented fact that a man’s court case had been converted into a bond and was being actively traded, the presiding Judge in one of our recent cases came unglued. 

Oh, there wasn’t anything like that going on! 

There was no conflict of interest.  The Officers of the court weren’t colluding to benefit themselves and foreign interests.  They weren’t placing side bets against Defendants who were at their mercy to feather their own pensions and benefits, oh, no. 

But they were, and the evidence of this criminal breach of trust was firmly placed in front of that judge the whole time he was ranting about our incompetence and failure to understand reality, our conspiracy theories and ignorance of the law…. 

A couple days later six armed military MPs shut that court down and took the Judge, the Bailiff, and several Court Clerks into custody. They locked the courthouse doors.  That Judge and the other Court Officers and the evidence to convict them are now before a military Court Martial. And things are not looking good for them. 

These isolated single victories may not seem like much.  A single Judge gets removed from the bench.  Big deal.  It doesn’t seem like much when hundreds  of thousands of people are still being abused by these courts every day of every week—- but it is a start. 

We expect this case will finally blow the lid off the Court Bond Scandal and remove the profit motive that these courts have to secure convictions against people who shouldn’t even be addressed by these courts. 

And the word will spread through the Bar Associations and Blogs and coffee klatsches that the military is on the move and doing it’s job at last. “

Read the whole post at: http://www.paulstramer.net/2022/11/the-long-night.html