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Planetary Situation Update from Cobra: The New Financial System


There is a lot of confusion about the collateral accounts, even among people working behind the scenes. Let us clear that confusion.

Collateral accounts were a creation of the Cabal after WW1 when they persuaded many nations to give up their gold into their custody with an excuse that a gold-backed financial system with strong independent national banks creates geopolitical instability and can lead into wars like WW1. Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created for that reason in 1930. After the creation of BIS, the Cabal went to China and persuaded the Chinese (sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently) to give up their gold in exchange for phony bonds.The Cabal never had any intention to repay these bonds back. The next phase of their operations was to steal the rest of the Eastern gold through the operation Golden Lily and then bury their lot in Philippines (Yamashita gold) and in Indonesia.
This gold was used to underwrite the western financial system under Bretton Woods agreement. The Cabal controlled the apparently fiat financial system which was visible and hid the shadow banking system which was created by putting large sums of money into central banking trading programs, using the hidden gold to back up their investment. Those programs soon generated astronomical sums of virtual money which could not be taken out of the banks as it was part of the shadow banking system (for example White Spiritual Boy account with all its virtual quadrillions of dollars) and only very small part of it was taken out through money laundering operations. Nobody who was not tied to Cabal was ever allowed close to those prosperity programs and even a small fraction of the programs that tried to include non-Cabal oriented people were soon seized or shot down by the Cabal.

The Cabal was steadily using the gold they have stolen to finance the construction of their underground military bases and their secret space program between 1953 and 2004.

In February 2012, the Resistance Movement removed all that gold from the hands of the Cabal. This is the reason Fulford can not find real proof of any current gold vaults anywhere in Asia. That removal of gold was a brilliant move. From then on we are having a real fiat financial system on the surface on the planet. That kind of financial system is very unstable and the Cabal has to be very careful with their financial machinations. For the first time in human history the financial system in not underwritten by gold.  This creates a dynamic tension which speeds up the Event because such financial system can not exist for a very long time and would eventually collapse on its own due to lack of trust and lack of real foundation and that would be the last possible moment for the Event.
Now the Cabal tries to underwrite their unstable financial system with worldwide real estate grab and this is the reason for so many foreclosures of homes.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the bonds the Cabal was issuing since the 1930s. These bonds can be never repaid back since the Cabal does not have the gold they stole throughout the ages from humanity anymore. They are also very short on liquid cash and that little they have is far from enough to repay even a small fraction of those bonds.
The purpose of these bonds is not to extract value from the Cabal but to use them as a tool to enforce the bankruptcy of their corrupt financial system when the time is right.

Historical owners of all that gold and bonds that represent it are not the Chinese, nor Keenan, nor White Dragons Society, nor anybody appointed M1 (monetary controller). The institute of M1 is a creation of the Cabal. The owner and true heir is humanity as a whole and after the Event the collateral accounts will be transferred to humanity in total.
After the Event the Resistance will return the gold to humanity and it will be stored on the surface of the planet to underwrite the new financial system. Therefore that gold will not be traded in open market, whereas gold in private ownership will be traded and exchanged freely.
This structuring of the new financial system is one part of a secret agreement which was made between 57 members of the Eastern Alliance in the Monaco Accords meeting in August 2011.
No new M1 will be appointed. No member of the Cabal will be allowed anywhere close to the collateral accounts, let alone the new Jesuit pope, and most of those people will be arrested anyway.
Various groups that are working to liberate the financial system from the hands of the Cabal (White Dragons, Keenan, OPPT) will have advisory role and a council of government officials democratically elected after the Event will be the trustees of the collateral accounts. The whole system will be completely transparent and this transparency will be supervised by the Resistance Movement.
Currency Revaluation (Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Vong) will have a minor role in the reset of the financial system as this is a transition into a true gold backed system under the supervision of the Light forces and NOT a speculative revaluation of currencies.
This new financial system will be only a temporary solution as true cashless society will be created on the surface of this planet after the First Contact, backed up by advanced spiritual technologies of the Galactic Confederation. This cashless society will recognize true value of incarnated human souls and will provide them with physical and spiritual abundance.
Many people are wondering why the Event does not happen already. It is because all etheric negative entities must be removed before that in order for the key members of the Event operation teams on the surface of the planet to work harmoniously. It is true that statistical mean value for the expected number of casualties at the time of the Event is around 100,000 people. But if anything goes wrong among the key people of the surface population coordinating the Event operations, it could  be much higher and easily reach tens of millions of people and that is something the Light forces are not willing to risk. We have seen so many instances when so-called light workers or light warriors manifested intolerable behavior because they were under the influence of the etheric Archons. You might remember the French Revolution. It started so well and you know how it ended.
The Event will happen when it will happen. Until it happens, let us do everything that is within our power to make it happen as son as possible in a harmonious way. It is important for the Light forces on the surface of the planet to unite, communicate, coordinate intel and align strategies.
The next part of the planetary situation update will be most likely posted one or two weeks from now.

Recovering Buried Gold in the Philippines and Indonesia; Chinese Bankers and Corrupt Federal Government



From: karenhudes@hotmail.com
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Subject: RE: Update
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 00:45:18 -0400
Dear Pat,

What is going on: the whole world is bringing the gold that was hidden in Indonesia and the Philippines during World War II out of the ground.  The Chinese bankers are in charge of this. http://www.courthousenews.com/2011/12/05/41930.htm These Chinese bankers are now poised to reset the US dollar using this gold, and they want to take over the government of our country, which has been weakened, corrupted, and compromised by the owners of the Federal Reserve.

We are facing martial law because we have not done what Hungary did: kick out the Federal Reserve and the Bank for International Settlements.  http://the-tap.blogspot.com/2013/08/hungary-issues-debt-free-money.html

Look at page 16 of this http://kahudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/board-of-governors.pdf  The man at the US Treasury whom I wrote about the corruption at the World Bank was also involved in removing Ferdinand Marcos’ heirs, and appointing the UN to oversee gold that was buried in the Philippines during World War II.  See pages 14 and 15  http://www.scribd.com/doc/157112633/Social-Justice-Doctrine-the-New-World-Order-and-Operation-Heavy-Freedom

and look at the study at the bottom of my letter to Chief Justice Roberts: http://kahudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/ljudicialconference1.pdf

I described this problem in this article: http://www.larsschall.com/2013/05/08/governance-issues-at-the-world-bank-a-security-risk-to-the-world-order/



From: Karen Hudes <h.k3511@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 11:58 PM
Subject: James McBride and R.C. Dam 1088
To: wshrout@infowest.com
Cc:US Supreme Court, The White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, US Treasury, National Security Administration, Vice President Joe Biden, Austria Finance Minister, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, Governor of Wisconsin

Dear Winston,

A few months ago you kindly offered to be of assistance.  I have been asking for an appointment with the Office of International Treasury Control and with James McBride and have not heard back.  There seems to be some confusion about whether it is possible to access the Global Accounts at this time.

I spoke yesterday with an authorized signatory on the master account, who inherited his signatory authority from the estate of Ferdinand Marcos.  I spoke the day before that with descendants of the Borci family, who are Elders in the Philippines. These gentlemen agree that there can be no settlement of the Global Accounts without addressing corruption in the Bretton Woods institutions and the rest of the international financial system at large.  The Vatican cannot deputize James McBride in order that Mr. McBride simply replaces the super entity identified in ”The network of global corporate control”, ETH Zurich, published September 2011 available here:  http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf without regard for the underlying humanitarian global assistance purposes of the Global Accounts.


Karen Hudes

Law Offices of Karen Hudes


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Subject: Re: Video/ Important matter
From: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 02:49:17 -0400


My number is xxxxxxxxx I live in [state].  I am a builder/land developer/investor and am currently on site working on some of my homes that we are going to put up for sale.  I will be home all day tomorrow Saturday.  I have a very interesting story to tell and sometimes find it difficult to believe myself, but having  physically witnessing it with my own eyes, I just say wow.  Lets talk at your convenience.

Thank you for getting back to me,

Authorized Signatory on the Master Account

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From: Karen Hudes <karenhudes@hotmail.com>
To: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account
Sent: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 5:07 pm
Subject: RE: Video/ Important matter

Dear Authorized Signatory on the Master Account,

Yes, you are right, I have been very busy after the last video.  http://usawatchdog.com/time-to-tell-these-crooks-theyre-fired-karen-hudes/    I tried your number and got a recording that your voicemail box is not yet functional.



> To: karenhudes@hotmail.com
> Subject: Video/ Important matter
> Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 16:43:24 +0000
> From: karenhudes@hotmail.com
> From: Authorized Signatory on the Master Account
> Subject: Video/ Important matter
> Message Body:
> Karen, I saw your video and immediately knew that I need to talk to you. This is regarding a private, but yet global matter that will greatly benefit humanity. I am sure that you will be greatly interested in what I have to say. I am sure that you are extremely busy after your last video. Please carve out a few minutes to talk to me. Respectfully submitted Please contact me at xxxxxxxxx Authorized Signatory on the Master Account
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Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 8:08 AM
Subject: Fwd: No Authority to Subsume US Dollar into Special Drawing Rights as International Currency Because of Massive Corruption
To: Sen.BruceStarr@state.or.usdsmith@asm.state.nv.usRepresentative.Mike.Chenault@akleg.gov
I am contacting you because of your leadership position with the National Conference of State Legislatures

Due to massive corruption in the United States, there is impending risk of martial law.


Karen Hudes

Law Offices of Karen Hudes


301 229-0058

> To: karenhudes@hotmail.com
> Subject: Possible Martial Law Oct 1, 2013
> Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 02:52:52 +0000
> From: karenhudes@hotmail.com
> From: deleted
> Subject: Possible Martial Law Oct 1, 2013
> Message Body:
> I have some very important documents of a restricted level from the UN of Disarmament Commission concerning the disarmament of the United States of America I need you to look at very soon as on Oct 1, 2013, 386,000 UN Peacekeeping foreign troops will be in your area, Region III, in full strength and Obama has also ordered all US communication to be shut down upon his command same dates upon his orders as he may instigate martial law in your area.
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From: Karen Hudes <h.k3511@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:36 PM
Subject: US Dollar and Massive Corruption

To: lamb.l.lori@gmail.com
Cc: [Assorted Governors and other officials mentioned below]
Dear Lori,

Thanks for your email.  I am copying you on an email I just
sent to a person who wrote me from Holland, with a translation.  We
simply have to get the word out.  The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

National Governors Association, National Association of Counties, National

Association of Attorneys General, International Organization of Supreme

Audit Institutions and International Organization of Securities Commissions

and a few others are copied.

I have been in frequent communication with the National
Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies
concerning unresolved massive fraud and corruption in the
international financial system.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/judicialconference.pdf and

I have also been in frequent communication with Governors
Martin O’Malley, Terry Branstad, and the rest of the Governors on
the Council of Governors http://www.nga.org/cms/CoG to end the massive

corruption that is lowering the US credit rating, damaging the relationship

of the United States with our allies, and undermining the US dollar.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/fdod9.docx and

There is no authority to transfer international reserve
currency status from the US dollar to other currencies.

Moreover, the Governors owe an explanation to the
citizens of these United States how they plan to perpetrate the
fraud upon US citizens by continuing to allow the legal fiction
introduced after the third bankruptcy of the United States in 1933.
That was when the United States pledged all present and future
properties, assets and labor of U.S. citizens to the Federal
Reserve System.  Unincorporated federal territories, national park
forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit orginizations were also
pledged.  Our birth certificates were used as Manufacturers’
Certificates of Origin, and the states in which we were born were
listed as the “port of entry.”  Our identities were used as
FICTITIOUS PERSONS by writing our names in ALL CAPS, instead of
writing our names in lower case to indicate real, living people.
That is how U.S. citizens became collateral against the federal

Karen Hudes

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> Subject: Update
> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 03:40:41 +0000
> From: karenhudes@hotmail.com
> From: Pat Wayman <pat.wayman@gmail.com>
> Subject: Update
> Message Body:
> I listened to your update of March 2013. It is now September. Please advise if you have any updates. I want to save our country.

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From: Karen Hudes <h.k3511@gmail.com>

Date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Subject: Fwd: Preempting Gold Backwardation
To: staff@cspoa.org

I am glad to be in contact with you as I work together with the
Governor’s Council and Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Verga
to restore the rule of law to these United States.
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From: Karen Hudes <h.k3511@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 11:52 AM
Subject: Preempting Gold Backwardation

To: eds01 <eds01@worldbank.org>, eds02@worldbank.org,

eds24@worldbank.orgeds25@worldbank.org, “sekretariat.gp
Cc: aefekete@hotmail.com

Communication History

Customer Karen Hudes via CSS Web08/13/2013 11:44 AM
When you list Question Reference #130705-000291 as solved, does
this mean that I have the support of the US Department of Defense?
If this is not the case, please correct my email today to the
President of the UN General Assembly, copied to the General
Committee and the Chairpersons of the six Main Committees of the
General Assembly concerning an advisory opinion from the
International Court of Justice on the authority of the World Bank’s
Board of Executive Directors.


From: karenhudes@hotmail.com
To: ocfo@dc.gov
CC: eds01@worldbank.org; eds02@worldbank.org; eds03@worldbank.org; eds04@worldbank.org; eds05@worldbank.org; eds06@worldbank.org; eds07@worldbank.org; eds08@worldbank.org; eds09@worldbank.org; eds10@worldbank.org; eds11@worldbank.org; eds12@worldbank.org; eds13@worldbank.org; eds14@worldbank.org; eds15@worldbank.org; eds16@worldbank.org; eds17@worldbank.org; eds18@worldbank.org; eds19@worldbank.org; eds20@worldbank.org; eds21@worldbank.org; eds22@worldbank.org; eds23@worldbank.org; eds24@worldbank.org; eds25@worldbank.org; sekretariat.gp@nbp.pl
Subject: Filing Lien Against Bond of Judge http://www.dailypaul.com/297178/karen-hudes-stands-firm-and-knock-it-outta-the-park-interview-with-greg-hunter
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:17:22 -0400
Does Standard Insurance Company bond the honesty and faithful discharge by Judge S.R. Winfield of her duties?  I intend to file a lien against Judge Winfield’s bond.  Judge Winfield has refused the second motion to seal my arrest record, despite the fact that this has rendered the World Bank ineligible for the US contribution to the World Bank capital increase pursuant to § 7082 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012 (Pub. L. 112-74) available here:  http://www.whistleblower.org/storage/documents/whistleblowerlanguageinHR2055.pdf  Judge Winfield’s order states untruthfully “The MPD officers asked defendant to leave the premises, but she refused.”

I am informing the World Bank’s Executive Directors and the Chairman of the World Bank’s Development Committee by copy of this email, in order that they can take appropriate steps to shield the World Bank from a corrupt business environment.  https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/appeal135.DOCX

Brazil adopts Basel III rules


Brazil is looking to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management of its banking sector by implementing the new Third Basel Accord (Basel III).

The Brazilian Central Bank has announced that the international regulatory standards will be adopted in its national financial system beginning October.

The new rules insist on banks to roughly triple the size of capital buffers they hold after each country finalises its own version.

G20 countries in 2010 agreed on Basel III rules to make sure banks had enough resources to withstand financial crises like in 2008.

Central bank president Alexandre Tombini said Brazilian banks will not need additional capital to fulfill the Basel III requirements.

The accord is designed to strengthen the ability of banks to withstand financial shocks.

Tombini also asserted that this will not impact the expansion of credit offer.

“The macro-prudential operations contributed to keep the good functioning of our markets in an atmosphere of expansion of international liquidity and intense capital flow,” he said.

Brazil joins its BRICS partners, India, China and South Africa who have already adopted the Basel III framework of capital adequacy rules for banks.

Russia has postponed implementing the accord till January 2014.

Basel norms are a set of international banking regulations formulated by the Basel committee on bank supervision, which set out the minimum capital requirements to sustain banks the world over.

The overseer of the accord, Bank for International Settlements, operates from Basel in Switzerland

Source: Agencies