Republic of Good Hope

RGH is a society of people on the land of Southern Africa who are exercising their natural right to travel; and, some even through Africa and Europe, using RGH travel passes, plates, discs etc.

And, yes RGH members have the natural right to travel freely as long as they are not engaged in commerce; however, we question their methods because:

  • Basic education and a lawful self-defence package is lacking;
  • Basic checks are not in place, leaving RGH open to exploitation by less honourable sorts;


Sovereignty lies in applying the duties of an office

This is the exact opposite of what most RGH members expect and do as a whole;

From Judge Anna:

“Your rights as a sovereign are secondary and dependent upon the duties. If you don’t do the duties you can’t claim the rights, but if you do the duties nobody can obstruct or complain about your Will in any matter.

Thus when I perform my duty to expose crime and prosecute it, nobody has any ability to object or interfere. When I do my duty to protect the lives and welfare of my countrymen and defend the land jurisdiction to which I am heir nobody can object, either.”

This is all about sovereign power and identity and practical worldly issues that are common to all people.

There is no free lunch, no free rides; yet RGH offers it freely to anyone; the majority of RGH members are without duties, nor obligations; and, none who asked our help even knew the basics of putting together a lawful defence, never mind what to file, nor, how to file it;

And, most arguments used are often non-rational and or unsound; meaning, they could end up in an institution for psyche evaluation; it has happened; and, because good people can get hurt we are duty bound, against our will, to make the following warning so that our conscience is clear:



Especially, to the new and un-educated members:

However, are you able to argue your way past law enforcement?

Are you able to represent yourself in Court?

Are you sure? Because, if not then you are a statistic waiting to happen;

You are driving through a sea of pirates, sharks and sea monsters; sooner, or later you will be caught in their dragnets;

Neither UZA, nor RGH has ANY remedy; so do not bother to ask us or them;

Find a good legal advocate; to not lend your ears out to one-eyed fools in a kingdom of the blind;

And, if one has no prior record then one is going to pay a few thousand bucks for things such as: bail, impounded vehicles; advocates; court costs; and, rescue remedy;

And, you are going to experience what post-traumatic stress disorder is, if you have not yet;

Plus, it will take up weeks of your time;

And, imagine it is far away? Then one will have to travel long distances to appear; and, possibly for a number of times; in criminal cases one has to appear in court, oneself;

Now, give it some time to sink in…


Ask yourself:

Is it really worth putting my safety at risk?

Is this not playing Russian Roulette?

[UNLESS, of course you really, really, really know your stuff; then please do carry on]

Does paying R1 000 per year to the Traffic Department then really look so bad?

Is it really such a hassle? Even with taking slow service into account?

IF, you are Bruce Willis… then please, do continue; otherwise, first study and get your facts straight;


Assert Travel Rights

If you are wishing to assert your natural right to travel freely on the land,  the following has been adapted from methodologies that are being used in America: use at your own discretion and by your own free will choice and accountability thereof;

Lawyer’s signs raise questions about dui checkpoints


I Don’t Answer Questions

Witness the Power of Remaining Silent

[Adapted for South Africa from the American system]

I do not answer questions

5 Things You Need to Know About Rights-Violating Police Checkpoints

From Free Thought Project, Feb 2015

5 things to know for road blocks

The following argument has been used in at least three states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia) as a legal brief to support a demand for dismissal of charges of “driving without a license.” It is the argument that was the reason for the charges to be dropped, or for a “win” in court against the argument that free people can have their right to travel regulated by their servants.

Driver Licensing vs Right to Travel

Assert Rights RSA documents:

RSA assert rights-5 cards

Assert Rights Flyer

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