What does “emancipation” mean? Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines “emancipation” as: 

EMANCIPATION. The act by which one who was unfree, or under the power and control of another, is rendered free, or set at liberty and made his own master. Town of Plainville v. Town of Milford, 119 Conn. 380, 177 A. 138, 140. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

Right now, we are under power and control of corporations fronting as lawful “government” which are merely franchises and subdivisions of the UN CORP one world government fomented by the global elites operating from behind the corporate veil and using us as modern day slaves;

The process has also been described as “redemption” and “expatriation”; first and foremost it is to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” as Bob Marley sang in Redemption Song; here in 528Hz


If one has any questions regarding words or phrases then download a Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition for the best legal definitions;


The process used to declare you as South Africans in possession of your non-political birthright status has been adapted from fifty years of study and work done by thousands of Americans, especially Anna Von Reitz, and from the efforts of our own South African pioneers, Johan Joubert, Stephen Goodson, Nick Milaris and others.

The process and paperwork used is dictated by International Law as well as The Law of War and Occupation, The Geneva Conventions, and International Public Records Law. Refer to: http://annavonreitz.com/notmyprocess.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

For a detailed explanation and answers to frequently asked questions download and read the following:

Emancipation FAQs – 2022.06.10

Cestui Que Vie Trust – Your birth certificate is a slave contract with Rome


Emancipation Steps

Please first read the Private Emancipation Steps carefully. If, you have any questions then kindly post them at the bottom of this page so others can learn. Don’t call or email us please.

Make sure you remove your name from the IEC voter’s roll; go to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/voter-deregistration/ 

1. Private Emancipation Steps – 2022.05.25

1. Recording Cover Sheet – High Court – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – SARS – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – Treasury – 2022.07.16

2. Deed of Reconveyance – 2022.05.25

3. Certificate of Assumed Name – 2022.05.25

4. Act of Expatriation – 2022.05.25

5. Cancellation of POA – 2022.05.25

6. Claim of Life and Estate – 2022.05.25

7. Mandatory Notice – 2022.05.25

8. Baby Deed of Land Recording – 2022.08.03

The next step is to begin defending yourself from corporate raiders wanting to seize your children, property or force vaccinations on you; see Covid Notices below;

So, download, complete and print the Private Property Notice; laminate it or print it on corex or other weatherproof manner and attach it to your gate;

SAR Private Property Notice – 2022.05.24

Create a family flag and place it into your notices;

If, you have a home or farm we recommend you consider establishing a family trust; read the Express Trusts page;


SAR State Expatriation

The following are the Founding Document templates for the Indigenous States and Free Republics to expatriate from RSA Inc. back to the organic unincorporated South African Republic and SAR Express Trust: each State will review and make their own amendments as they see fit; note that this has not happened yet;

1. SAR Declaration of Intent – 2022.05.13

2. SAR Declaration of Independence – 2022.04.28

3. SAR Bill of Rights – 2022.04.28

4. SAR Settlement Covenant – 2022.05.15

5. SAR Sovereign Letters Patent – 2022.04.28

6. Declaration of Law 1 – 2022.04.28

7. Declaration of Allodial Land 2 – 2022.04.28

8. SAR International Peace Proclamation – 2022.04.18

9. Statement of Probable Cause – 2022.04.28


National Recording Office

Feel free to make use of our National Recording Office to record any and all documents; and, to direct you  to common law experts in Accounting, Taxes, Trusts and filings;

Contact us at sajuralassembly@gmail.com for help;


Public Notices to RSA Inc.

To all COURTS OF SA: Mandamus to COURTS OF SA – 2021.10.12

Public Notice & Order to IEC – 2021.11.04

Notice to the President of RSA Inc.- 2021.11.07

SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN – 2021.11.23

Notice & Order to the SANDF – 2021.12.07

Notice & Order to SAPS – 2021.12.13

Notice & Cease & Desist Order to World Bank & SA National Treasury – 2022.02.01

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11


Covid Notices

Download and keep the following Notice handy when unwanted pirates try to con-tract you:

Notice of Understanding & Claim of Right & Intent – 2021.08.09

Notice of Non-Consent – 2021.12.16

Conditional Acceptance of COVID Vaccine Injection

Notice regarding Covid 2021.09.01

Conditional Acceptance Re Vaccination 2021.09.03

Notice of Dismissal Magistrate’s Court Template – 2022.02.06


SAPS Notices

A Notice to stop SAPS harassing the homeless:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice – 2021.10.08

Exercising your rights:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice 2 – 2021.10.10


If, you have any further questions ask in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page.



Donations for SA Jural Assembly can be made to:

Global Reboot NPO

Account Details – Mercantile Bank
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 1051095603
Branch Name: George
Branch Code: 450105

Reference – SA Jural Assembly

Kindly notify us when a donation has been made at sajuralassembly@gmail.com

125 thoughts on “Emancipation

  1. I was born in Kitwe, Zambia.. but birth was registered in SA only (not Zambia – it was an accidental birth while mother was in Zambia). Do I list myself as a State National belonging to the transvaal (where my parents resided when I was born?)

  2. I was born in the 1950’s in Pretoria, SA. Do we have to acquire an original birth certificate to complete the process of proof of life to gain sovereign status? I was told all documents from the 1950’s has been destroyed?

  3. In the case of Claremont Western Cape) Post Office been permanently closed as indicated online, do I use the nearest jurisdictional Post Office (Kenilworth) in addressing the postmaster claiming my living state?

  4. What happens if you’ve bought property, obviously as a ‘corporation’ now you are a sovereign dp you still own the property?

    1. Hi Claudette, it is the opposite; as a ‘corporation’ the ‘person’ is property of the Crown; as a sovereign people you now lawfully own your car and home and biological offspring; hope this helps, bt

    2. If you are now a sovereign and owe money on your house , it doesn’t mean that the sherif of their courts aren’t going to pitch up and kick you out. If you own the deed to your house , you own your house however , in their system they can still attach your house if you don’t pay the property tax. This is all good and well but unless you deregister yourself for paying property tax I can’t see how being sovereign is going to help. This is one mother of a problem and a person really needs to wrap your head around just how big this octopus is.

      1. Hi, yes the aim is to simplify one’s life; some try use this process when their back’s are up against the wall; and, we have not yet perfected the bills of exchange process; one really needs to be living by example.

  5. Hello,

    Can you advise on the following:

    In the ‘Baby Deed’ it mentions ‘born to family…’ and then later on refers to ‘And married at common law land jurisdiction.’

    What does one put when parents are not married? born to family…mother or father’s surname?

    Would I delete the ‘And married at common law land jurisdiction.’

  6. in the ‘Act of Repatriation’ form it refers to ‘the land of his birth, Western Cape…’

    I was born in England, am a SA permanent resident with ID, not a citizen – can I put in England as land of birth in this case and does this need to correlate all through other documents..?

    1. Hi Patrick, its best not to have “dual citizenship”; declare yourself a South African and notify England too; File a set of certified copies with the Master and Treasury of England.

      1. okay thanks; I’m going to need more clarification on this; I am a UK citizen, and SA resident for 20 years; not a dual citizen; am I able to file for emancipation in SA given these circumstances as opposed to applying for SA citizenship?

  7. Patrick, ask yourself are you ever going back to the UK? After all, it’s a police state;
    In reality you are living on Southern African soil and they are using your UN-abridged birth certificate to make claims against your strawman. So, do the emancipation process and file it here in SA and in the UK. Find out who the treasurer of the UK treasury is and the Master of the High/Supreme Court in the UK. There is already a UK common law court. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi, it is me again, I am going thru this process, so in the certificate of assumed name I see ‘Private Banker, UCC-1-201, 1-308:’ what is the south african equivalent for this?

    1. Hi Petra, that is the Uniform Commercial Code which is used in the U.S.A. and in South Africa; but, no need to learn any of that; it is all a fraud anyways;

      In South Africa it is simplified in the Bills of Exchange Act 56 of 2000; On the Bills of Exchange page you can learn how to discharge debts against your own NAME ESTATE Trust held in the National Revenue Fund;

      Will update the Express Trust page shortly to compliment the emancipation process.

      1. Hi, OK thank you, I have read the bills of exchange act, I am yet to put it to work. So in the assumed name certificate should I leave it as is?

    2. Hi Petra,
      Trust you are well.
      I would like to know how far you have gotten in your process and how long does it take? Have you been successful?

  9. The recording cover sheet – what district should one put there? Where you reside or the district where one was born?

  10. Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance

    Permanent Domicile, is this where one resides or place of birth?

  11. Certificate of Assumed Name Notice
    Is this the post office where you reside even though it’s a different location to where you were born?

  12. How do you locate your nearest postmaster, I have searched everywhere and just not finding it. I reside in Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape.

  13. Recording cover sheet
    When you refer to yourself as the state grantee, should your full names all be lower case format? (which indicates un-incorporated and free)

  14. Cover sheet
    When you refer to yourself as the state grantee, should your full names all be lower case format? (which indicates un-incorporated and free)

  15. I live in Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape. I want to submit my IEC deregistration doc but the closest IEC office is situated in East Londen (4 hours from here) making it impossible for me. Are there any other options available. Can one submit this form at our local municipality?

    1. Hi Chantelle, we have had people notifying the Head Office in Midrand via email and they were efficient. Please report back so we can fine tune it for the next people facing the same problem, thanks.

      1. Thank you. One more question – can I change all my Sentence case names in the various documents to all lower case – as indicates free woman?

  16. The documents for download purposes didn’t have the “Proof of Service”, but instead a Mandatory Notice, Notice of liability that is added. Where can i find the Proof of Service document?

    1. Hi, you only need a Proof of Service for hand delivery; registered mail also seems a thing of the past; so, the best now is to scan and email your documents and keep record of the date and time sent; will update the emancipation steps over the weekend;

      1. i have quite a interesting battle/case that lies ahead of me – is it possible to contact you personally please?

      2. Note: we are stretched thin and obligated to serve the greater good; to help everyone rather than one one; so, we can suggest what to do but it would still be up to you to do it for yourself; are you up to challenge the jurisdiction of the court outright?
        Otherwise, stick to the lawyer;

  17. Note: we are stretched thin and obligated to serve the greater good; to help everyone rather than one one; so, we can suggest what to do but it would still be up to you to do it for yourself; are you up to challenge the jurisdiction of the court outright?
    Otherwise, stick to the lawyer;

    *I need your suggestions please – but this is not the right place to have it*
    Where can i contact you on?

  18. I still need to download and read everything and then complete. I am in the process of signing an updated WILL. How is that affected by this?

    1. Good question Antionette, if we do not foreclose the bankrupt RSA Inc. then the IMF will hold you as surety for the debts incurred by the criminals running South Africa; then you will lose everything; so, best to emancipate yourself and set up an express trust to protect your assets and property; read the Express Trust page; hope this helps.

  19. Fits of all, a big thank you for this well researched and comprehensive information. I have a question related to the CUSIP number that each one of us is allocated at birth with the birth certificate system….is there any place where this CUSIP number can be verified against the Corporation/Trust that was registered? I have tried to find this online but, obviously, given the extent of the matter, it is not easily if at all available to verify. Thank you for your commitment and time

    1. Greetings, it used to be available at fidelity.com; there are vides on youtube “how to find the value of the birth certificate bond”; note: this stuff is being filtered out…
      On the Your Rights page you will find the Treasury link where you can find your details; good luck;

  20. Goeiedag, wil net hoor of hier iemand in die PTA omgewing is wat wil begin met die Emasiperings proses….

    Ek wil ook graag daarmee begin maar vind dinge makliker indien dit saam met iemand gedoen word…

    Laat weet of.daar iemand is wat sal belangstel om die proses saam met my deur te gaan.

  21. On Birth Certificate, as a South African, can still verify my BC as a Bond etc? If yes, how exactly do I do that? On which Trading site / Co specifically? I was born in 1972, my daughter was born in 2001. Where do I check which?

    On Emancipation, do I only have to use a physical address of a property I own or rented etc qualify as well? Do I have to be currently staying in that address or can I use a family owned address even if I am not currently staying there?

    Kingdoms declaration of independence, after signing all the papers, can a Kingdom use the Bills of Exchange to fund / Finance its Infrastructure Development Mega Project? I am making a Presentation to specifically 2 Kingdoms with already Mega Projects Business Plans in place and need the clarity on Bills of Exchange and Project Funding etc.

    Under Common Law jurisdiction, can a Kingdom used its Mineral Land as Land Asset Financial Instrument to generate funds through a Trading Platform?

    1. RSA Inc. is bankrupt; it is both illegal and unlawful to claim against a bankrupt entity; when the kingdoms to the SAR State Expatriation process on the Emancipation page; read the documents carefully; the next step is to file an Indemnity Bond and make insurance claims instead of A4V;
      The best is to help you with the kingdoms; email us at sajuralassembly@gmail.com

  22. On emancipation; after signing and posting the 3sets of documents to the 3 addresses, do I send anything to SAJurA? How will your office know I have completed the process?

    1. Greetings Sir Black Life, the emancipation is for your own protection and that of your offspring and property; keep educating yourself; you may wish to also do the Referendum then we will have a record of you; hope this helps.

  23. I completed the Private Emancipation process and documentation, have signed the Affidavit for Notice of Service and have it signed and stamped at the local Police Station. Do I therefore email a copy to the SAJurA?

    Furthermore, It has come to my attention that there is also an SAPS Emancipation Notice Form. Do I have to complete and Register Mail send it as well and where do I find it?

    1. Greetings sirblack life, good for you; no you don’t have to notify us; keep your documents and mail registration slips safely in a folder; and use it if RSA Inc. agents trying infringing on your rights;
      Will write an SAPS Notice this week and post it on the Emancipation page; it’s to educate your local police on your and your property’s status; in peace.

  24. I can only get a date for my parents marriage as in the summer. I have the year, is it ok to put summer of 1968?

  25. Isn’t it a good idea to add the mandatory notice in with the 6 other emancipation docs when filing for emancipation?

  26. About 1) Declaration of Intent2)Declaration of Independence 3)SAR Bill of Rights 4)SAR Settlement Covenant 5)SAR Sovereign Letters Patent 6)Declaration of Law 1. 7)Declaration of Allodial Land 8)International Peace Proclaimation 9) Statement of Probable Cause. A) Should these not be filled with the Emancipation documents when I send mine off? B) Or is it just for private use. C) The spaces for so many others to sign, (referring to the 9 documents above) are these documents just for our own use within our new states? D)Do i need to emancipate first, then set up a state, or can it be done just by me announcing on my emancipation form after the heading; district, i add the name of my new state. Thanks.

    1. Hi, no the SAR State Expatriation documents are for the kingdoms and republics and for communities wishing self-determination;

      Do the private property notice and begin informing the SAPS of your diplomatic immunity; will write a Notice to the SAPS template over the weekend and post; hope this helps;

  27. Thanks. Do i form a state by simply stating in my act of expatriation, as mj doe did, saying she is now a zuiderland national, as well as a southern african national? (Obviously I’ll use another state name).If this is not correct, how do i form a state pls? And do i need to form it before i emancipate? After all, in heart, I’m already emancipated, just red tape to complete.
    a friend asks, if he is renting and is emancipated, can he form a state around ‘his’ castle(house) and put private property signs up, even though the land lord is not emancipated, though the land lord likes the idea of emancipation, and the private property signs?

    1. Nothing wrong with calling yourself a South African State National if you do not belong to a state yet; we are reclaiming the South African Republic SAR;
      Secondly, yes even if you rent it is your castle; you have the same rights as a landlord;

  28. Thanks.
    How do I ( being not yet emancipated) set up my own free state? My red tape emancipation documents will reach their destination within 30 days?

    1. Now do your Private Property Notice; then you go and inform your local SAPS that your property is a foreign state and you have diplomatic immunity; they and other RSA agents can only enter your property with your express consent; education is the most powerful weapon we can use to bring about change; in peace

  29. Once I’ve set up a free state, can I join in with SAR as well later when SAR is set up ( my innerstanding is that SAR isn’t yet set up, forgive me if I’m wrong). So can we be part of more than one free state?

    1. Those that do not wish to be under any SAR state can just be a SAR national; to declare a state you need a population, government and territory; if, you lived in a community then it is worth considering; until then be your own (e)state; read the Express Trust page next;

      1. You can call it a Family Name Trust; someone called theirs Heavenly Trust; do a Family Flag then; or Banana Republic if you wish 🙂

  30. My husband and i are busy with a court case against Standard Bank who are wanting to reposes our house, if we emancipate ourselves will this halt the court proceedings
    Will my husband still be entitled to his state pension after we have emancipated ourselves

    1. Hi there, sorry no; emancipation must be done before a court case; however, keep fighting the matter; deny there was a loan and deny that a lawful contract exists; they must prove up their claim by producing the original loan agreement and contract; and you must have it forensiclly analysed; read the foreclosures page; hope this helps;

    2. Sadly, your state pension will be swallowed up in the “Great Digital Currency Reset” unless you convert it to silver or gold ASAP; you will own nothing and be happy if Klaus and Co gettheir way; heaven help us;

  31. Hi. All went super well with Mr emancipation documents. Now I need to write up my express trust. Where do I find these Express Trust Templates please. For registered mail. No more RD numbers. It’s now RC numbers. Love and peace

      1. A thousand thank you s for all the answers. Regarding the express trust template. On the front page are 4 names. Mary Jane Doe is the donor if I read correctly. 1)Am I right? 2)Can an express trust only have 2 names on the front page; for example-M J Doe is the donor, & J J Vermark the trustee and beneficiary? My question is not, is this wise, but is it a complete express trust just with 2 names on it?

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