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UZA Year End Report for 2017

Dear elders and leaders and people for Southern Africa,

This is our last report for 2017; the good news is that after 4 years, all the paperwork is just about done; and, then Southern Africa will be on par with America and the works of Judge Anna von Reitz; see and

However, before we do the finishing touches, we are taking a well-deserved break in this long swim to freedom — from the law of the sea back to the law of the land; deep gratitude to those people who have made it possible for us to take a break and smell the roses for a few weeks; you know who you are;

Education is the most powerful weapon we the peaceful can use to bring about change, dear people; already we are seeing changes in small ways; and, the more people that speak out and take action against an evil system, the greater the changes and reforms will be; so, pay no attention to disbelievers and naysayers; for, if we did we would have given up long time ago; in 2018, we intend going more public and a few projects are in the pipeline;  

Now, ask yourself, is the present system of governance based on the will of we, the people? NO!!! Of course not; we have no lawful government; not until the Freedom Charter and RDP have been fulfilled; do yourself a favour, read these 2 documents that represent the last will of we, the people upon which the post 1994 Republic for South Africa is supposed to be based; see:

We were supposed to have local self-governance; community banks; community courts free from the Divided BAR; direct representation by means of referendums; by, for and of the people; that is what “the people shall govern” means;

However, instead of a lawful Republic wherein the people are sovereign, we have a cabalistic “sovereign state”; a “democracy” that claims we have given all our rights to a handful to do as they wish; this is an absolute despotism; mob rule; it’s time to take back what is ours;

Further, we have no lawful banking system; instead, a global bankruptcy-for-profit Ponzi scheme; therefore, we must nationalize SARB and restore the people as its lawful shareholders; and, develop value-backed alternatives; no formal education is required as Milton Friedman rightly said in his essays on positive economics;

Further, we have no lawful court system; not until people’s common and customary law of the land has been restored, unjust laws are overturned and the Divided BAR legal system scrapped;

It’s time we wake up to the truth that politics was designed to divide, conquer and rule we the people; and, attracts the greedy and power hungry willing to sell their families as well as the 99% down the river in favour of the global elite cabal; the new world old world order; corporate feudalism; predatory capitalism; feudal imperialism; mystery Babylon;

If, you think you are free, just try and remove your name from the voter’s roll; see:

Also, it’s time we take a good honest look at ourselves because this evil system can only continue because we have become morally and ethically corrupt; as above, so below; as within, so without; it’s time to do some house-cleaning; take responsibility, stop blaming others, get rid of middle-men and third party interlopers; otherwise, the very fabric of society will unravel and collapse as the 32 known civilizations before us have;

And, no we are not “doing it for you”; this is a collective effort; and, the journey begins within; put that ego on a leash; curb that forked tongue; still the mind and listen to your all-knowing heart; the natural laws are written in our hearts, dear souls; there are no spectators in this game called Life; we are all in the same boat, together;

Always do your best; be impeccable with your word; make no assumptions; take nothing personally; and, then you will see the final fall of Babylon and the new earth rising, wherein righteousness dwells;

Peace be unto you and your loved ones;   

In peace, the administrator – UZA

UZA Monthly Report – 2017.03.18

Dear Elders, Leaders and People, we are emailing our month end report early this month as many of us are spending the next 3 weeks on issues of Divine Law that feed our eternal souls; the very reason for our being and our existence;

And, our beliefs and religions are PRIVATE; the earth is upside down right now because beliefs are being used as public weapons to divide, conquer and rule people; every day we are confronted by people dissing the beliefs of others when we must all remember that every single one of us is unique; no two people can agree on everything; not even identical twins;

If, we want our beliefs and religion to be respected then we must respect the belief and religion of others FIRST;

WHERE YOUR RIGHTS END, MINE BEGINS! We must first give in order to receive; please keep this in mind as we move forward;


Zoom meetings

So, there won’t be any online meetings for the next 3 weeks; there is a time for everything; a time to take action and a time to be still; and, now is such a time; in the meantime, we would like to leave you with a few thoughts on the need for a Peoples Referendum;


2017-2019 SA Referendum:

Firstly, of how short our memories are; it is as if we have forgotten our entire history from before 1994… we have forgotten that the Freedom Charter came about without internet, without money, without cell phones, but the people were hungry for freedom; they collected a million names in no time; door to door, in kraals, taxi ranks, buses everywhere; the people were so “gatvol” of slavery that they were prepared to die for freedom; and, many did die; as a small boy we experienced the Sebokeng and Sharpeville riots with our own eyes; it was a time of much anger for some and much fear for others;

As a young man we supported the liberation struggle; we were there when Sarafina and Sophiatown started; we toy-toyed and sang: “Freedom is coming…” and there was hope in the air;

We , the people have also forgot that it was a NON-POLITICAL movement that united the peoples of Southern Africa – the United Democratic Front, the UDF; it was brothers and sisters such as Gatto and Tara who risked their lives for freedom; those were dangerous times, indeed; many of you are witnesses too;

And, we know politics is an imperial tool for the 0, 1% foreign elite to get the 1% greedy to sell the 99% down the river;

Ask yourself, does politics serve the 99%? Or, only the 1%? Then why do we vote for such a system? Are we slaves or are we sovereigns?

Why do we vote for LONDON, ROME, WASHINGTON and U.N. to control us? For the foreign banksters to rob us blind? For the courts to infringe on our rights? For police and traffic cops to invade our privacy? Our private property? To be imprisoned and punished like imperial slaves? For corporations to steal our resources? For artificial man-made poverty and artificial man-made un-employment to continue?

When we should ALL be involved in NATION-BUILDING!!!

Each one of us has our own painful experiences!!! Do you feel the pain???!!!

Can you imagine that pain acting permanently on your soul? Not a nice thought, but let the fear drive you to act; only we, the 99% together and united can bring an end those pains, peacefully;

The generations before us had to endure immense pain and suffering for the 1955 Freedom Charter and the 1994 RDP; these documents were written with the blood of our martyrs; and, have paved a highway of freedom for us;

Have you read the Freedom Charter? Do you know what it says? The RDP?

Then best you do:

And, the Bill of Rights was supposed to stand on its own as law-of-the-land; after all, Albie Sachs named it “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, a living document; instead, was it un-lawfully swallowed up into a corporate federal charter of a foreign corporation RSA INC. FRONTING as lawful government; not even an “inhabitant” of the land of Africa; In the words of Ronnie Kasrils: “our people were sold down the river…”

Now, the “that without which not” in any dispute is to discover the truth; and they key problems and remedies are explained in layman’s terms in an affidavit of probable cause which we call – UNITED STATES OF SOUTH AFRICA of which Part IPart II and Part III are out;

Then, you will know that we already live in a New World Order; and, that an evil system uses the 1% greedy to plunder the 99% for the benefit of a 0, 1% foreign global elite; and, you will remember that South Africa has made a short left to Washington instead of straight on to freedom, to local self-governance, to sharing in the wealth, to community banks and community courts, participation by all:


Once we have fulfilled the RDP we will break the hold of the foreign banking and the BAR cabal; power will be restored to we, the people; accountability will prevail in community courts wherein the people will be the judges as peers; wherein restorative justice will prevail;

Dear people, take a look at the economic state of Greece, Spain, Italy, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil; well, South Africa is on that economic hit list, too; we are under economic attack; since 2011 the Rand has lost 50% of its value;

Since 2011 you have lost 50% of your pension, your savings and your wealth; this is no accident; this is economic warfare of an evil system using the G7 Nations as a weapon to invade sovereign nations; they want our lands, our resources, our open spaces; they are destroying not only the G7, but also the peaceful sovereign nations; the cross-hairs are focused on us;

We do not have to go through a crisis, but we will, if we do nothing; if we do not take part in this peaceful revolution then we will experience a very painful one indeed; one, from which we may never recover; let us not go through what other countries are going through, right now;

Please, please, please let it sink in; feel what we say from the heart; we urge you to take action;

One of the most important actions is taking part in the SA PEOPLES REFERENDUM;

It is a law of life that desire must be coupled with action in order to manifest;

So, click on and download:     2017 SA REFERENDUM doc


Please print a copy of the Peoples Referendum; carry it with you wherever you go; ASK THE QUESTION, get 100 names and get it to us pronto; if 10 000 people take action we will have a million names to put Southern Africa back on track again to where we are meant to be going since 1994;

And, after Easter we expect way more than just 4 volunteers;

United we stand!

Be safe and be blessed, in peace,

Administrator – UZA