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Judge Anna: First of all, they are not “impersonating” what they really are–

Thank you Anna for your blessed education; it takes many years of contemplating issues and distilling them down to a level where even the young get it; we are compiling all your pearls of wisdom which are a valuable educational resource in this confused world…

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

On Sep 3, 2015, at 11:00 AM, Anna Von Fritz <> wrote:

First of all, they are not “impersonating” what they really are– “law enforcement officer” equals “corporate mall cop”. They are by definition operating as private corporate security forces in the international jurisdiction of the sea if they are “law enforcement officers”— because what is a “law” but a private code, regulation, or rule established by corporate policy? If you are not an employee of the corporation, and not chattel belonging to their corporation they have no business addressing you. Tell them so and prove it by consciously declaring it and repudiating the adhesion contracts that they use as a means to claim otherwise.

This is an entirely different office and capacity than a public safety officer or peace officer. These men though few and far between are not impersonating either. They all work for the public and have…

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Bono has emerged as the world’s richest pop star thanks to Facebook shares worth nearly $2 billion

And an especially warm thank you to Bono for spearheading the destruction of Africa’s natural biodiversity for MONSANTO… which is AGAINST the Pope’s Agenda 2030 goals:
Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

MONSANTO is responsible for biodiversity loss of heirloom vegetable seed… and so is Bono…

Bono might have to appear before the ITNJ(;

And, I used to remember so fondly when U2 brought New York city to a grinding halt, playing on the flat roof of a store; they rocked when they rocked;
sadly he sold his soul to the dark side…

Brazilian Army Called To Keep The Peace After Death Of Indigenous Leader


Leader Members of the Guarani-Kaiowá tribe carried a coffin on Tuesday to protest against the killing of Semião Vilhalva, a leader of the tribe. PHOTO: UESLEI MARCELINO/REUTERS


Member of the Guarani-Kaiowá tribe was killed amid a land dispute near the border with Paraguay

SÃO PAULO—Brazil has ordered its Army to keep order in a town on the nation’s western soy-growing frontier after a land dispute turned deadly, the latest clash between farmers and indigenous people in the South American nation.

Authorities said Semião Vilhalva, a leader of the Guarani-Kaiowá tribe, was killed on Saturday during a conflict with men who sought to remove him and hundreds of other tribe members from two of several farms that the tribe occupied earlier last week near Brazil’s border with Paraguay in Mato Grosso do Sul state. Mr. Vilhalva was shot dead, activists said. The Federal Police are investigating the case.


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Seizing Wells And Going On Strike, Peruvian Protesters Stand Up To Big Oil

Reclaim the land and the law of the land;
now drive every fiction entity that does not belong on the land, into the sea…


peru_0 (1)

by Common Dreams, Published on Sept, 02, 2015

The Indigenous activists want clean water, compensation for oil pollution, and more pay for the use of native land

Demanding reparations for industrial pollution and adequate compensation for use of native lands, Indigenous activists in Peru shut down 11 wells in an Amazonian oil block on Tuesday.

According to the Spanish EFE news agency, native protesters led by the Federation of the Achuar and Urarina Indigenous Peoples of the Corrientes River (FECONACO) occupied 11 oil installations and seized control of the Trompeteros airport and three storage tanks in Lot 8, which is operated by Argentine energy firm Pluspetrol.

The protesters want clean water, compensation for oil pollution, and more pay for the use of native land, said Carlos Sandi, FECONACO chief.

Reporting in February for Fusion, journalist Manuel Rueda wrote:

Over the past 15 years, dozens of villages located near oil wells…

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Bank executive sentenced to 8 years behind bars in bailout’s biggest criminal case

Ebrahim was the sacrificial lamb…
No point in clapping hands just yet until a Zionist/Cabal/Sabbatean/Illuminati/Luciferian agent with a Jewish-sounding name, but who is an imposter nonetheless and an enemy of the people and their right to life, liberty and justice; when one of these do get arrested; then standing ovations will be in order all round because ONLY THEN will true justice have prevailed; this guy was thrown to the lions and he won’t talk: his family have no immunity… the-gun-to-the-head (press-ganging):

The CIA and the media: 50 facts the world needs to know

To our dear friends from the alphabet agencies who are sharing wordpress with us, without any prejudice the following information is for educational purposes only; there is no “them” or “us”, only us; we are all in a leaking ship together; better to spend your time building a new ship than trying to fix one that has already sunk…
we are ALL at sea…. in peace, without recourse, all rights reserved:

Media Matrix: an ancient Tibetan perspective on the evening network news

The inner silence (void) is where the power of creation lies. When one experiences transitional states of consciousness such as “death” then know that one has options:

1. One can either call one one’s master/guru/saviour who is then obligated to draw you into THEIR light and one ends up in places like ‘here’ where you are then subject to certain rules (such as evil);
2. One may opt for nirvana which is formlessness;
3. One may choose to remain in the Void and realise that it’s in the Void where one may choose to become a creator or to take a break;

This illusionary Demuirge is corrupt; there is a virus in the matrix; evil did not exist in the original design; man was not responsible for the origin of evil: it was some rogue angels; they were locked down for eternity through a portal called abelzjail, the first prison; read the book of enoch which names and shames them;

The planet got locked down too with 2 gates, one east, one west; we cannot leave earth; only one way in and one way out: a cul-de-sac, dead-end;

Before the angels were punished and locked down for eternity, an evil pact was made between evil men and evil angels: Evil man’s loyalty for Evil angel knowledge of the secrets of this demiurge for protection; secret societies such as the knights of pythria of the pythagoreans (the first enactment into Congress showing who rules); the pact was then romanticized by the legend of Daemon (demon/fallen angel) and Pythria (evil man; The evil men of today are trying to free the evil fallen ones hence the interest in “Abelsjâîl, which is between Lebanon and Sênêsêr”; book of enoch-rhcharles
Chapter X:4. And again the Lord said to Raphael: “Bind Azâzêl hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl, and cast him therein.”

The book of enoch was venerated as the most sacred scripture from the time of Yeshua-ben-Joseph till the Nicene council banned it 400 years later.

Most, if not all sacred and holy teachings tell us that we come from Spirit and we return back to Spirit; others say that there will be a separation/ascension/rapture and the one’s who indulged themselves in this maya will be separated from the meek who will inherit the “New Earth and heavens” for the former will not be remembered, nor come to mind” …

Let those who have ears hear… make sure you know where you are going and the soul contract you are wishing to make when exiting the matrix…

While here: be impeccable with your word, take nothing personal, make no assumptions, always do your best.

Love thy neighbour as thyself; do no harm cause no loss; apply the 5 ethics of truth, integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency.

And finally: If you can keep your wits about you when all others are losing theirs, then one day you will be a wo/man, my brother/sister;

Be a Lamp of Truth unto Yourself and NO other…

in peace

REBEL YELL: How Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” Speech from 1940 Still Resonates Today in a World of Injustice


Source –

– In 1940, the great Charlie Chaplin created a film that went after Hitler two years before America did. It was Chaplin’s first talking movie and his most successful one. At a time when the United States was still at peace with Nazi Germany, Chaplin’s movie, which was political satire at its most provocative, played a role in how American public opinion began to shift towards Hitler’s dictatorship.

What is interesting to note is that Chaplin and the rest of the world knew very little about the Nazi atrocities going on in 1939 and 1940. According to sources, Chaplin said that he very likely would not have satirized Hitler if he knew the real facts about the crimes on humanity that the Nazis had committed. Still, he did create this film, and revisiting it now can serve a reminider to all of us that injustice must still…

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GAIA RISING: We All Have Inherent Rights – Regardless of Whether a Nation’s “Authority” Recognizes It


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– We all have inherent rights, no matter whether the governing authority of a particular geographical area recognizes it or whether it has been written down on a piece of paper as law. People from different societies and cultures call these rights slightly different things.

In the USA, they have been referred to as “unalienable rights” ever since the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Some call them natural rights to distinguish them from state-granted rights (which are not really rights but rather privileges). Others simply call them human rights.

From a more religious perspective they are called God-given rights. Those who are uncomfortable with the loaded term “God” (because of all the connotations it carries) may prefer intrinsic rights or inherent rights. But, whatever you call them, they are a universal concept. They are a natural extension of ourselves with which we are born, and…

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Why Has Law Enforcement Washed its Hands of Foreclosure Fraud?

Livinglies's Weblog

“third party document processor, designed to give mortgage companies plausible deniability for fabricating mortgage paperwork”


Livinglies Team Services: see GTC HONORS Services, Books and Products


For more information please email us at or call us at 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688

This is not legal advice on your case. Consult a lawyer who is licensed in the jurisdiction in which the transaction and /or property is located.

You would think that the purpose of law enforcement is to enforce the law. Instead, they have taken the largest economic crime in human history and swept it under the rug. Meanwhile, investors, taxpayers, and borrowers continue to bear the burden of outright theft, forgery and fabrication by banks who (a) have no legal interest in the mortgage loans, (b) have no legal authority to…

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  In September 2015, Agenda 21 Will Be Transformed Into The 2030 Agenda

 The core of the plan is a set of 17 specific goals

The 17 goals that are listed below are poetic, and simply put, are a most inspiring and much needed treatise on sustainability, equality and so forth, especially in these uncertain times…

Now before you take out the garlic!!! or #jesuitforpyreparty your local EEK society, or the pitchforks remember what Dirk Gently said…

Stay Calm Dont Panic


“We, the People”?… OR… THE DARK SIDE…

And we all know where it’s heading fast… unless we do something of course… AND WE ARE NOT BUYING THE DOOM AND GLOOM; THE NEW EARTH AWAITS!!!

Let the Facts Speak for Themselves:

(Download and read a comic style, easy-to-absorb Affidavit of Probable Cause; search for Corporate America Reduced by Anna Reitzinger, James Belcher and  illustrated wonderfully by Paul Snover)

Corporate America Reduced

  1. In 2009 a delegation of people went to Vatican City and told Benedict that everyone knows about the global estate trust.
  2. They freaked because they know that they would be held liable for the global debt and breach of fiduciary trust. What to do… what to do…
  3. They had no choice, but to set us free so we had no recourse to a bill of equity or bill of attainder.
  4. In steps Francis who is the best man for the job. To navigate one’s way around the cabal you need an intelligence officer with interrogation skills and a spy network with an army to back you up. You need someone not afraid of the cabal. The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican, merging the crusader military order of knights brutally on Friday the 13th. These secret orders comprehend common-law thru Thomas Aquinas (summa theologiae) and skilled in military tactics.
  5. Francis decrees on the 11th of July, 2013 a Motu Proprio, the highest legal instrument, giving the cabal and all public officials of the 4 GLOBAL CITY jurisdictions 3 years to clean up their act; effectively revoking their licence to plunder under color of law. Tick tock.
  6. Now he is issuing Agenda 2030, saying: “We freed you, do you want to oversee this? Do you have a plan?” If we propose nothing then only a dark plan will be brought… we certainly want an alternative for and by the people;In addition to all this, the OPPT filings of 2012 created the financial zero point to cut us free from debt by foreclosing the entire system.NOW THERE IS A VACUUM: “Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so does the Constitution, completely”. Albie Sachs – The Strange Alchemy between Life and Law – retired Constitutional Judge and co father of the bill of rights; there is a vacuum and that vacuum is natural law, the living law of the land, universal common law (as opposed to civil enacted common-law), customary law and oral tradition as long as we “do no harm, cause no loss”.

Now, let’s remember a very KEY point here. It’s in the performing of the duty where sovereignty lies!!! It is the duty that ensures sovereignty… it needs to be declared and then acted on.

Thomas Pain 7


Slandering people offers no remedy; pieces of paper cannot hear us; only pieces of paper can communicate with each other; it’s oil and water. If we do not come to the table and CLAIM THE DUTY to have People’s Oversight Committees, People’s Tribunals, People’s forums, each to his own custom at the One Natural Law to ensure the roll out plan is to the will of the people. We are not prepared to take the chance, so do not freak when you see us working with the Vatican J We are going to claim our share of the duty and hope you will too.

Here we are in a world-war 2 trench-style warfare with public officials on the one side and freemen, sovereigns, oath-keepers, marshals, common-law juries, anonymous and others are ALL lobbying accusations at each other. Very nicely divided indeed, thank you.

Thomas Pain 3

The poor public officials are merely un-educated and also exercising what they believe to be the right to a salary so as to feed and protect their family. Along with that, we are being encircled because we are not standing up.

Instead we are shouting from our corners, which are just maintaining a vacuum for the cabal to continue for longer while they encircle us tighter.

We do not need confrontation! There is NO NEED FOR VIOLENCE. The pen is mightier than the sword. Take it from an ex-vet who took up the common-law and natural law cause. We beat the first bank of rsa yesterday.

This now implicates others…

We are simply going for our Chief Justice to re-oath him to the people; he is the king-maker with the stamp; everything else proceeds from there;

The US system is way more complex… you might need force of law… we do not…

everyone here is fast asleep at the wheel…

Every group in every country has an action plan. We have one too. Ours is co-operative and simple:

USS Consitution

Re-venue everything back from the law of the sea, started with oathed officials; give them an ultimatum; be co-operative and try win them over to our side; we don’t want them to keep clinging to the law of the sea because we have notified them they will swing from the yard-arm because the law of the land says so… we will All be going over the edge this way… easy does it; what we resist will persist;

We have unknowingly become our own enemy;

Thomas Pain 2

The Art of War: know thy enemy and know thyself; when strong act weak; when weak, act strong; with these 3 principles braided as one, we can overcome ANY enemy;

We are creating a platform for Africa, starting in the south to bring about the urgent and necessary change required. All we need is the people who want to be free. If we do not take up Francis’ offer on the 21st of September, the cabal or those with psycho-control issues will… and we know where that is heading, but we are changing it!

It’s in performing my private public duty to “We, the People” where my sovereignty lies. And when you are opposite to your enemy, there can be no resistance. It’s when 2 enemies are the same when conflict ensues. Imposing one’s will does not work. With all our earlier court antics we had no threat or resistance from the courts, peace officers, government etc. Thank you, South Africa we are going to polish you up to be the rainbow nation you were meant to be before you got hijacked in 1994.

Therefore, by Monday we will be issuing our own Decree on pope Francis that we will manage agenda 2030 and institute People’s Oversight Committees according to the will of “We, the People”, each community to their own law of the land (lex loci) and interpretation as long as we all agree to “do no harm, cause no loss” and everyone is accountable before a jury of peers.

There is no them or us, only us. We always will be one. And only we, the people together can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Thomas Paine 1

Why wait to perform one’s duty when it’s inevitable. There is no other path to freedom, but to be involved and stay involved. This is for all people, equally; now and for the future!

Once we have had our judicial review confirmed by ITNJ, we are re-visiting our con-court… to re-oath our judiciary to the people. Now, we have a Chief Justice too… thanks to ITNJ (

Our Justices weren’t prepared to negotiate with a lowly attorney-in-fact the last time we summoned them even though they were all present and accounted for; also in abject fear because they were threatened… their families have no diplomatic immunity… the noose around their necks…

However, we have already paved the way through our previous actions and filings. Their non-response has given us quiet title… they know we are on our way…

Thomas Pain 4

Notwithstanding, we are stepping up to the plate and re-claiming all our already established rights for our friends, family and future generations. We hope that you do the same for your country.

Godspeed. All rights reserved.

We hope that you can now take a more objective look at the 17 Goals?

Thomas Pain 5

Goal 1

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Goal 2

End hunger, achieve food security and

improved nutrition and

promote sustainable agriculture

Goal 3

Ensure healthy lives and

promote well-being for all at all ages

Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and

promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Goal 5

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Goal 6

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Goal 7

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth,

full and productive employment and

decent work for all

Goal 9

Build resilient infrastructure,

promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and

foster innovation

Goal 10

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Goal 11

Make cities and human settlements inclusive,


resilient and



Goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and

production patterns

Goal 13

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*

Goal 14

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Goal 15

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems,

sustainably manage forests,

combat desertification, and

halt and reverse land degradation and

halt biodiversity loss

Goal 16

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development,

provide access to justice for all and

build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Goal 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and

revitalize the global partnership for

sustainable development

which means that by 2030 our grandchildren will inherit the earth they were meant to… the New Earth. all rights reserved; without prejudice; in peace

Indian Country Beware: Another Legal Assault on ICWA

Lakota Law Project,

without prejudice, but you cannot fight them and beat them at their game in their courts unless you know how they trap you using word;

The Native American issue is dear to my heart as my teacher is wanbli-enschnel, Bald Eagle from the Dene Nation, up in the Western Territories;; have been participating in purification lodges which are held in Southern Africa twice a year for the last 15 years now; mitakuye oya chin;

The federal courts have NO jurisdiction over you; they claim to have your consent; how they use legalese to press-gang you into jurisdiction:
Supreme Court of the United States 1795, “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54),

In June this year the International Tribunal for Natural Justice was established(; do join them and file a case; also find a common-law grand jury near you;

Alternatively, email us at; we are more than willing to Skype with you and help to inform you as to how to reject their offers of contract;

Yesterday we officially beat the first RSA Bank who tried to foreclose on our community:
Next we are lawfully declaring our land sovereign before the ITNJ and notifying Rome, DC, London, Queen, UN et al;

Also, the two-row wampum is a treaty of self-determination between the colonials and the Great Lakes People; invoke it; they are in breach!

Hope this helps. Contact us urgent, please. This kidnap and slavery ends now. in peace, brother thomas

The Lakota Law Project Report

unnamed (1)

Yet another major lawsuit attacking the Indian Child Welfare Act was filed in federal court last month, demonstrating the existence of a coordinated and well-funded effort to undermine a law that is so vital to the preservation of Native heritage.

The latest suit, filed in Oklahoma, alleges ICWA violated the constitutional rights of an Indian couple by allowing tribes to intervene in the adoption. The suit hinges primarily on their right to not have medical records disclosed to tribes and further alleges the couple should be allowed to decide the placement of their child without interference from tribal entities.

The Lakota People’s Law Project believes the plaintiff’s legal position is absurd on its face. Moreover, this attack on Native rights demonstrates why ICWA needs robust protections from adoption agencies and attorneys who make large profits off of wresting Indian children from their families and placing them in white families where they…

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“Destabilization of Africa and the Middle East Prompts Millions to Flee”: Mass Migration Deaths Caused by US Foreign Policy

Counter Information

Global Research, September 01, 2015

turkey_kurds_border_clash_AFP1-400x263Destabilization of Africa, the Middle East and Asia prompts millions to flee

There was yet another gruesome discovery of over 70 dead migrants in Austria on a highway between Budapest and Vienna where thousands are seeking refuge. These deaths compounded approximately 100 others who died after their vessel capsized in route to Europe.

Inside the truck in Austria people had apparently suffocated while being illegally transported from the Mediterranean into Southern and Eastern Europe.

Austrian governmental officials announced on August 28 that 71 refugees, including an infant girl, were found dead in what appeared to be an abandoned freezer truck.  During the same day Libyan naval units recovered the bodies of 105 migrants who were washed ashore apparently after an overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Europe.

These deaths are occurring due an upsurge in migrants running…

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 “We, the People” vs BANKSTERS case

Without prejudice, this case started about 2 years ago when we stopped paying our mortgage to the banks on condition they answer a few questions, especially when we detect fraud; at one point the CEO got privately involved and was doing the emailing himself; we were still fresh in those days and sent him an amnesty notice; there were veiled threats, but he and the bank backed off; he resigned a few months after that; He and a few others along the way got the message that the writing was on the wall… only a matter of time before we win…

Towards the end of last year, the banks attorney (who know us well by now from other cases) declared war and we were summoned to joust; by now we have been on the court battlefield in at least 30 skirmishes… and lost all (while quietly setting precedent to stand in court). By now, the people have virtually all lost hope in this motley crew…

It took us two years to slay the dragon and set them down procedurally. It was the only way. Beat them at their own game. DEMAND THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT; and ACCEPT NO HEARSAY out-of-court witnesses; they have NO STANDING! Period. Stick to this; make it your mantra;

In the meantime, 5 CEO’s took the 1 dark knight’s place (probably to share the risk? or punishment?:)); 3 of them are responsible for taking unlawful action against us. We will be filing a lawful counterclaim against all people who were party to the attempted piracy as they have done this 1 000s of times before and got away with it. An error not resisted is approved. We have used their own legal procedures on the one side  as well as maintaining jurisdiction on the land;

The first thing a court needs to determine is subject-matter-jurisdiction which we do not grant from the outset. This is very NB; they have no jurisdiction unless you consent; you are usually press-ganged into a semblance of consent; they use LEGALESE to achieve this which sounds like English, but is deceptively different;


As per High Court Rule 63: ‘Authentication of documents executed outside the Republic for use within the Republic’; we let them know that we are in a foreign jurisdiction;

To comprehend this better, there are already established principles of natural and common law:

maxims of commercial law

SA ITNJ Nomography 2015.08

Here are the first documents of the currently ongoing case; we received a summons and responded:


2015.04.08 FOUNDING AFFIDAVIT template

2015.04.08 NOTICE OF MOTION template

The court was convened on the date set down for motion (to determine if the matter can be set down for trial) The opposing attorneys immediately questioned Brother Thomas’ standing and power of attorney to represent the defendants; so, do a POA anyways and file it at the outset even if not required; so we responded:

2015.04.27 ANSWERING AFFIDAVIT template

2. 2015 Power of Attorney in Fact template

We are enemies in the field as per the Trading with the Enemy Act, 1916 so we always send a declaration of peace; 

4. 2015 Peace Declaration template

Now, the opposing attorney will need to provide POA and authorization from the bank; we do this because we want to know who is holding the pirate flag? The crew always bail and leave the captain to walk the gangplank.

2015.06.10 Answering Affidavit sanitized

They did provide the necessary authorization; now we have the names of those party to the action; we will counter-claim once we set them down; they still have not provided the original mortgage and note and related accounting; it’s still irregular and opposition cannot proceed; check. Now we notice them the second time:         2015.08.04 NOTICE sanitized

The bank’s attorneys set the matter down for motion, but we claim it is irregular; we know they are no longer the legal holders of the debt and therefore cannot claim; they did not show on the day: “He who leaves the battle field first loses by default”;

The bank did not show up on the 14th of August and neither was the case on the roll;

By the 28th of August we received no response. An un-rebutted Affidavit stands as truth in commerce; next we file an application to dismiss the claim and strike the matter from the roll; the court cannot refuse to grant it as it will be irregular in which case, if they do, we will file for recusal on the judge; we gave them 10 Days as a last clear chance. We notified them at least 3 times along the way; do everything in threes; all these protocols are from secret societies; in this case the Templar knights and their military and ecclesiastic protocols; the court is a battlefield and each notice is a strike; bt wears a sovereign tie when in court (stripes run from top left down to bottom right when looking at the one with the nose around his neck; all modern ties in the shops are the other way round; they even control the tie industry…

Nonetheless, three strikes and you are out.

The next application is the last procedural document to perfect your case: 

015.09.01 APPLICATION sanitized

What We the People v. RSA INC.

But, it’s not over… This case forms part of a class action for judicial review before the ITNJ ( and claim of equity against rogue agents who are party to this piracy:

We are transferring this matter for good cause to the ITNJ; we are making a lawful counter-claim and wish to set a precedent; Stay updated; we are filing an Express Trust on the land next as the banks have now destroyed the original land documents. The land needs to be re-annexed; Neither the Bank or Deeds Office have proper original land documents in their possession; we do not have to file it, but possession is nine-tenths of the law; the common-law express trust is the 10% needed to stop any future pirates and thieves:

He who leaves the battlefield first

Deep gratitude to those who believed. To those three families who were evicted along the way (you know who you are), start looking for your dream home/community or you may wish to move back home :)))

Be blessed, all rights reserved, in peace

2015.08 GOTU size Seal & Sign Manual