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The Bible as lawful defence against unlawful evictions, foreclosures, repossessions and rogue agents

The Holy Bible, King James Version 1611 as a lawful defence against unlawful court actions; and, in cases of evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, unlawful detention; etc.

Feel free to download text documents on over 30 topics with every proverbs and verse with lawful defence in mind; experience the Bible in from a whole new perspective; unlike other religions, the Bible is not only for Protestant Christians; anyone may make use of it;

Having the conviction and the faith is a bonus;



Before we continue, we first wish to thank a fellow scribe and brother known as “ÇÇarpus”, for making the Holy Bible  KJV 1611 available on pdf; without your effort these works would not be possible; at the end of ¶ The third Epiftle of Iohn. he left a note:

I, am ÇÇarpus, and was the First to put the 1611 onto software, in 2002, and delivered them to the local churches, and many places online, and told them that the Word was to be used to see into the future. And they said I was a heretic, and a baffoon. And I scoffed at their complete lack of understanding of the Power of the Word. I Bow, and giue Thanks, to the Holy One called: ÇÇhrist Almightie

Thank you, brother; without a pdf word search, a manual research would be impossible; and, much will be missed; selah

Also, deep gratitude to those who have carried us to complete the works for the new earth; in peace; bt


The Inalienable Right of Man – SCHILLER INSTITUTE

As part of its founding documents, in November 1984 the Schiller Institute adopted a Declaration of the Inalienable Rights of Man, based, as Helga Zepp LaRouche told a news conference on Nov. 26, 1984, on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, with only a few changes introduced to take into account different particular features of the struggle for human freedom and dignity today.

“So truly,” she said at that time, “the inalienable rights movement is a return to the spirit of the Founding Fathers.”

” The Declaration includes the following words: “The history of the present international financial institutions is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment an absolute tyranny over these states. 

To prove this let facts be submitted to a candid world.  They have refused their assent to our plans of development, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.  They have forbidden their banks to engage in business of immediate and pressing importance for us, and in equal terms…. 

They have overthrown legitimate governments repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness their invasions on the rights of the people….

We, therefore, Representatives of the Peoples of the World, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, do … solemnly publish and declare that all countries of the world are and of right ought to be free and independent States.

That all human beings on this planet have inalienable rights, which guarantee them life, freedom, material conditions worthy of man, and the right to develop fully all potentialities of their intellect and their souls. That, therefore, a change in the present economic and monetary order is necessary and urgent to establish justice among the peoples of the world.”

This statement remains today the basis of the Institute’s work and efforts worldwide, and in particular for the immediate task of winning exoneration for Lyndon LaRouche. Mr. LaRouche, one of the world’s greatest thinkers, was railroaded into prison in 1988-89 by the Bush administration. (Mr.LaRouche was released on parole in January, 1994, but his conviction and sentencing remains a blot on theUS justice system. For him, it is a badge of honor, as he stood by the truth, and did not “sell out” or “make a deal,” but rather, made clear that he was innocent, and that the secret government behind his frame up, was guilty.)

The U.S. government knew at all relevant times, from 1979 to the present day, on the basis of government evidence now on the public record, that LaRouche and his co-defendants were innocent of the false charges for which they were convicted.

The Schiller Institute has rallied thousands of leading citizens worldwide to win exoneration for LaRouche and his associates, all of whom have been released, as of October, 2000, having been imprisoned in Virginia with decades-long sentences, up to 77 years! (See interview.) This injustice must be reversed, and as Martin Luther King said so clearly, “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.” America, in particular,  must, and can , reestablish its former purpose, as as a “Beacon of Hope and Temple of Liberty” for all mankind.

Join the Schiller Institute today. Fight for the inalienable rights of all people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fight for Peace through Economic Development! Email us at:

From Schiller’s play,
Wilhelm Tell:

“The Ruetli Oath” 

The full English translation of Schiller’s drama is available in
Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom,  Volume II: (see books page)
See also Schiller’s works

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power,
when the oppressed can find no justice,
when the burden grows unbearable-he reaches
with hopeful courage up unto the heavens
and seizes hither his eternal rights,
which hang above, inalienable
and indestructible as stars themselves.
The primal state of nature reappears,
where man stands opposite his fellow man.
As a last resort, when not another means
is of avail, the sword is given him,
The highest of all goods we may defend
from violence, Thus stand we before our country,
thus stand we before our wives, and before our children.

-We will become a single land of brothers,
nor shall we part in danger and distress.
-We shall be free, just as our fathers were,
and sooner die, than live in slavery.
-We shall rely upon the highest God
and we shall never fear the might of men.


Strategy for Revolution in the 21st Century – Winning Conflicts by Non-Violence

Nonviolence is a strategy to win in conflict. It was invented by Gandhi during the struggle of independence of the people of India against British imperialism. It was so successful as a strategy that it produced the most decisive of all victories to bring down the British empire.

For the basic principles of nonviolence, see the clear exposition by Martin Luther King, Jr in his book Stride Toward Freedom.

A key to nonviolence is that there should be no enemies. The struggle is against ideas and institutions but not individual persons. As Gandhi put it, “Hate the sin and not the sinner” History shows that people change and today’s enemy can become tomorrow’s ally. Perhaps the most extraordinary example is that of Saul of Tarsus who was the persecutor of the Christians until he was converted to Christianity and became St. Paul.

As we leave the 20th Century behind, nonviolence has yet to reach its full potential. Both Gandhi and King were assassinated. In India independence was marred by a bloodbath between Hindus and Muslims and the splitting off of Pakistan. The movement begun by King has yet to reach its goals of racial equality in America. Enemy images continue to be used by those seeking dominance in the world today, including the anti-Islamic language of American militarism and the anti-American language of Islamist sects.

We have a long way to go in the 21st Century to put nonviolence on the agenda and to replace enemy images by the tactics of Gandhi that the opponent must be “weaned from error by patience and sympathy.”

There are important lessons to be learned from the practical experiences of nonviolent revolutionaries in the 21st Century. One of the most important is the “Peace Process” that was at the center of the successful struggle to overthrow apartheid and establish a multi-racial democracy in South Africa. It directly engaged people in conflict management on a grass roots level throughout the country. At their peak, there were 11 regional committees and over one hundred local peace committees,

Another important side of the South African struggle was the international movement in solidarity with the struggle against Apartheid. The movement forced major imperialist countries and institutions to withdraw financial investment from companies doing business with the South African apartheid government.

The success of the nonviolent struggles led by Gandhi in India and by the ANC in South Africa, as well as more recent nonviolent struggles in the Philippines, Czechoslovakia and Venezuela, has depended on the mobilization of large numbers of people to come onto the streets where they have overwhelmed military power by their sheer numbers. Success, however, did not come as a result of spontaneous action. Instead, many of the people were prepared by training and discipline in nonviolent resistance.

As Gandhi has stressed, nonviolence requires at least as much training as that of a traditional soldier. “It takes a fairly strenuous course of training to attain to a mental state of non-violence … The perfect state is reached only when mind and body and speech are in proper co-ordination. But it is always a case of intense mental struggle … Non-violence is a weapon of the strong.”

An important part of training for revolutionaries in the 21st Century will be the study of nonviolent resistance movements and training and experience in the disciplined methods that prove to be successful in these movements. No doubt, there will be more and more such movements in the coming years – and more lessons to be learned and applied.

For nonviolence to succeed there must be training of thousands of activists, mastering the discipline of nonviolence and the principles and practices of revolutionary leadership.


Long March To Rome in May… we are coming to pay you a visit Francesco…





On May 1, 2016, a group of indigenous peoples, hereditary chiefs and elders will arrive in the city of Paris France where they will take their first steps of a historic pilgrimage towards Rome, Italy, along the ancient Via Francigena Road.


Why we are marching


We undertake the Long March to Rome to remember the countless millions of indigenous worldwide who for 500 years have suffered and died through the wars, forced resettlement, disease and conquest justified by two papal orders or bulls, called Romanus Pontifex (1455) issued by Pope Nicholas V and Inter Caetera (1493) pronounced by Pope Alexander VI.

These papal bulls are the “blueprints” for the Age of Discovery since they granted explorers the absolute right to:

“…invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed” and to “reduce their persons to perpetual slavery”.

Incredibly, neither of the two papal bulls has been officially revoked to this day.

Universal Charter of Liberty

2015 iamfree sticker

Decree at Natural Law in the Spirit of the Universal Law of Liberty 

We, the People, living inhabitants who walk the Earth hereby declare for ALL the world and ALL of Creation above, around, below, within and without, from alpha to omega to know and remember the un-written laws of the heart and to take care of the following:

We say that the Earth, our home belongs to all creatures who are born on it and inhabit it, with equal rights and freedoms and that no church or government or any institution impersonating a living Church or living State, in both which the power is vested in the People, can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the People;

We say that our people have been robbed of their birthright to land, liberty, justice and peace by a SECRET MYSTERY HIDDEN form of government founded on injustice and inequality since the beginning of mankind;

We say that our communities and countries will never be prosperous or free until ALL  people live in brotherhood and are enjoying equal rights and opportunities;

We say that with reference to the 17 Goals of Global Agenda 2030: only full participation by the people, for the people and of the people, each by their free will choice to their own self-determination and self-governance and based on the will of all the people can secure for each people, equally their birthright without distinction of colour, race, sex or belief;

We say and declare that we are not subject to, nor do we have any accountability to ANY REGISTERED STATE or authority, but before an assembly, forum, jury or tribunal of living peers;

We say that we are only all equally subject to a mutual compact, the law of nations and guided by The One Universal Law of: “do no harm, cause no loss” and the 5 ethics of: truth, integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency;


We say that we are the true Heirs as inhabitants of Earth and only full equal custodianship, management, shareholdership and participation of the Global Estate Trust of which Earth is the Asset which was Granted by Source to We, the People as Sole Beneficiaries for our ethical and sustainable custodianship can secure the birthright and liberty of all people as equal shareholders and natural heirs;

As custodians of our birthright and heritage from Prime Creator Source we are living, breathing, flesh and blood sentient beings with limbs i.e. sovereign souls and we are NOT corporate legal fiction entities of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE or any CITY or any STATE or any other legal fiction non-entity which is hereby declared deraigned and no longer exists ab initio.


We say and declare by our own free will and repudiate any and all false claims as to our consent to any and all contracts, treaties, errors or ommissions ab initio which we consider to be harmful to people and to the New Earth, our home.

We hereby denounce as null and void ab initio any and all contracts made in the past, present, or future and re-claim and declare our Sovereignty now and forever more. We will forever use our free will to keep in direct alignment with the Prime Source Creator, the Alpha and Omega, Father of Beginnings, hereinafter Source.

We say that our charter of liberty is declared by our own free will choice and that we are of sound mind, body, and soul ab initio.

We say we adopt this Charter of Liberty and we pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until the lawful changes herein set out have been attained.

Our liberty is hereby invoked by the power invested in us by Source. We are sovereign and we are free from alpha to omega. Without prejudice; All rights reserved; in peace.

 So It Is. So Be It. It is Done.

Let those who have ears hear …

This message is intended for those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see …


It is with absolute disgust for Babylon, the harlot that i write this; look around you and see how the masses are worshipping money, wealth power and are in absolute awe:

and al the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gaue power vnto the beast, and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like vnto the beast? Who is able to make warre with him?

 13 And hee doeth great wonders, so that hee maketh fire come downe from heauen on the earth in the sight of men, 14 And deceiueth them that dwel on the earth, by the meanes of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast,

it seems that 99% of people’s attention is drawn to the upcoming September events; this is the trap;

“Where your attention lies, that’s where you are! What your attention is focused upon, that you become!”

If we focus our time and energy on what Babylon is up to, we will continue to be slaves in the next cycle too; turn your back on it and believe in your vision of the New Earth!

Thru the ages we have been mind-controlled by the PTB using heliophysics i.e. the cycles of the sun, moon and stars while harvesting our energy in the process; what is coming up is the biggest OCCULT incantation/invocation/ritual to trap our Souls for all eternity; you can scoff all you want; I am praying for EVERY soul EVERY day! We are already in hell unless you have noticed; If we truly wish to see our way thru this labyrinth, then there are a couple of issues to be VERY AWARE OF:

Focus your attention on YOUR VISION, not THEIRS, whoever “they” are

Keep your thoughts POSITIVE;

Keep your feelings POSITIVE;

If you’re are religious then repent your sins, ask forgiveness of those you may have harmed; as long as your religion is to do good;

Remember, we are Spirit having a People experience; we ARE NOT People having a Spirit experience;This world of form is the effect, not the cause!

This illusionary world of form has NO ANSWERS to eternity! We have focused WAY TOO MUCH TIME on form, and not Spirit, hence the up side down world!

There is NO saving of the world, only yourself; no-one else!

There is NOTHING TO FEAR, but fear itself! Fear of the ego is a very clear indication that there is NO FAITH in eternity …

There are enough of us who are holding hands in Spirit to see us thru these dark times, it’s the chaff that needs to be concerned;

If you are reading this, consider yourself warned … HOWEVER!!! DO NOT DESPAIR!!! If you are on the right path and you do good then look to the horizon and see that a 1 000 years of PEACE is almost upon us, just the last tests to endure which might also be the most challenging;

REMEMBER THIS: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Creation will conspire to assist you; all you need is the FAITH of a mustard seed.

In Peace and in Eternal Love, be joyful and be blessed;