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What to Expect

By Anna Von Reitz

Expect a collapse in housing values— an effect that has already begun, as home values have just posted a decrease for the first time since 2012.  Expect this devaluation to continue. 

At the same time that the value of your home is decreasing, the idiotic Federal Reserve is raising the prime interest rate in a purported effort to forestall a form of inflation that has nothing to do with the money supply. 

Think of a man hopelessly pumping the brake pedal on his automobile in an attempt to slow down a passing freight train —and you will have the flavor of how ridiculous the Fed’s action is. 

All it does is further ensure the collapse of the housing market by making home loans more difficult to obtain and adding an additional $90,000.00 more expense on a average thirty-year loan. 

All of this is happening against a back drop of ever-increasing “Excess Death” statistics.  Nearly fifty-percent more Americans are suddenly dying since the Covid 19 vaccination program began.  All those “Excess Deaths” mean decreased demand for the housing market — and if pure senseless criminal mismanagement of everything were not enough to guarantee a housing collapse, this final factor nails it to the floor. 

Even if we gave every homeless person in America a house for free, we could not stem the economic consequences of a die-off on a scale like this. 

Lower demand for houses, coupled with higher interest rates and greater long term costs, guarantees a collapse of the housing market and all related sectors of the economy— real estate, construction, loan servicing, and insurance sectors will all hit the tank. 

Millions of white collar and blue collar employees will lose their jobs and not be able to find new employment without WPA-style projects being implemented. 

This will spiral into more mortgages going into foreclosure and more and more people losing their homes.

For those already retired the “structural inflation” —let alone all the counterfeiting of Federal Reserve Notes—- will guarantee that their pensions are worth less and less in terms of buying power. 

This will lead to more senior executives staying on the job at the same time that the corporations are forcing “early retirement” on the lower level employees.  

Millions of Americans will be facing a retirement of abject poverty as the cost of everything continues to climb. 

Millions of young families will not be able to afford a home of their own and will instead be forced to live with older family members or take up a nomadic existence, traveling from state to state looking for work and a way forward. 

Meantime, ironically, the dollar will be strengthening against all other currencies — something that most people will cheer, but which will price us out of the marketplace, and close down international trade. 

The insurance companies already staggering under the weight of all the “Excess Death” claims, will be put down by the “Mortgage Failure Rates”—- as each mortgage is insured as part of the overall cost of the mortgage, the insurance corporations will be double-struck by the housing market collapse. 

They will all go bankrupt except AIG which has government guarantees, and possibly New York Life.  And so, all the money average people have invested to protect themselves and others will not be there when the ax falls. 

In this kind of melee, bank bail-ins are very likely, as the banks (falsely) claim to own all deposits anyway. Whether or not they get away with confiscating depositor’s money is being test run right now.  

It is a no-brainer that banks crooked enough to claim that they own all deposits are also crooked enough to confiscate not only deposited funds, but safety deposit boxes, too. 

In a recent contested FBI raid in Beverly Hills 86 million dollars was confiscated from depositors who were not under investigation. 

The FBI just went in and wantonly pillaged the “safety deposit boxes” of all bank customers, taking family wedding rings and college funds and whatever else they found. 

This kind of lawless activity on the part of the private security “agencies” is on the rise and unless public action is taken, will continue. 

A search of corporation records confirmed that the American Bar Association owns the Internal Revenue Service and the so-called Northern Trust—- and is liable for most of the illegal confiscation and pillaging that Americans have suffered. 

Expect action to be taken against the Bar Associations as a result.  Enforcement is already underway. 

The British National currency, the Pound Sterling,  is presently taking the largest nose-dive against the dollar in recorded history in anticipation of more hidden indebtedness and liability claims to be exercised against the foreign Inner City of London Municipal  conglomerate and its franchises. 

That is, the British National currency is taking a beating on a guilt-by-association basis.  The British people are victims in this scenario, being held accountable for the actions of the foreign Municipal Government of Westminster in much the same way “Americans” are being blamed for the actions of “the US” and the Ukrainian people are suffering as the result of illegal activities by NATO on their soil. 

The practical response to all this is to decrease and limit your deposits in all conventional banks and take no false comfort in FDIC insurance.  

If there is a bank bail-in, which is likely at this point, your account funds will be seized without recourse —large amounts or small— and there will be no insurance companies left standing.  Ask the people of Sri Lanka. 

Your “Safety Deposit Boxes” will also be fair game for the white collar criminals. Ask the people in Beverly Hills who are currently fighting the illegal confiscation of their safety deposit box contents by the FBI. 

Expect growing resistance by the corporations to accept cash payments and an overall attack on the use of cash.  Remember that cash is evidence of their debt to you and they want to destroy that physical evidence just like they burned books that exposed them in centuries past. 

Remember that “their” police forces are not here to protect you, even though they are paid with your money.  The police forces are being deliberately misinformed and misdirected. 

When push comes to shove you must be prepared to defend your own homes and your own persons. 

All but the most deluded “Progressives” understand this situation. Make sure your local Sheriffs know and know better than to attack their own people on the orders of foreign corporate interests. 

This  is why we must undertake a massive public education effort to let everyone know and bring worldwide attention to bear on the Government of Westminster and the Municipal City State Governments — the Vatican, Inner City of London, United Nations, and Washington, DC.—- from which all this violence and theft and lawlessness flows. 

NATO, which caused the problem in the Ukraine by building over a dozen germ warfare facilities in Ukraine, is but an extension of these same perpetrators.  The supposed “Good Guys” are actually the Bad Guys in this situation.  

It’s easier for them to victimize people who trust them or who mistake them as part of their own government, instead of knowing that they are private mercenaries being paid with commandeered government funds. 

These are hard facts—- all of them.  But we don’t have the option of ignoring facts. Facts not fantasies are what bite us in the butt. 

So be forewarned. Make every effort you can to explain this situation to all who will listen. Prepare as much as possible for hard times ahead. 

Short of a miracle we can expect a time of great upheaval and institutional collapse throughout the Earth.  This is the result of long term commodity rigging and legal chicanery— and failure to hold “our” government accountable.  

That is all the Bad News. The Good News is that not everyone was caught sleeping.  Thanks to those who stayed awake and watching great efforts are being made to create a vital “End Run” correction that will release millions of people from the worst impacts we’ve described. 

There are ways and means for people to be released from mortgages they never owed, ways to underwrite public debt, and ways to open up honest banks, ways to identify and write off Odious Debt, and ways to heal the damage that has been done. 

Be assured that a majority of the people on this planet are still sane, and as more of them awaken, the balance of power and justice tilts inexorably in our favor. 


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Preparing for the Reality of Financial Collapse

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Global Research, June 15, 2022


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Financial experts and insiders have, for well over a decade, warned that a collapse of the U.S. currency is a mathematical inevitability, and this collapse will have global ramifications, as the dollar is the world’s reserve currency

U.S. inflation is currently at 8.3%, but in some markets, it’s in the double digits. Used car sales, for example, have seen an inflation rate of 22.7% in the past 12 months. Globally, food prices increased by 29.8% between April 2021 and April 2022

In 2011, George Soros stated that economic collapse is “foreseen” and that authorities were simply buying time before the inevitable collapse. Now that we’re in the economy’s final death throes, those who have been aware of the trajectory for well over a decade cannot admit it, because then they’d have to explain why they didn’t act to stop it. Admission would also expose the central bank system as the fraud that it is

At the root of this collapse is money printing. In the last 50 years, the U.S. has had only four years during which it made a profit, and that profit wouldn’t even cover six months’ worth of the current annual deficit. In short, the U.S. is well beyond bankruptcy

In 2020, the World Economic Forum formally announced that a Great Reset is in the works, and this “reset” is basically how the globalist cabal intends to “fix” this situation. It’s not a solution for the average person, however, because The Great Reset solves the problem by transferring wealth and power into the hands of the few and erasing democracy worldwide in one fell swoop

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The most epic and dangerous economic STORM in history is now upon us

Thursday, May 05, 2022 by: Mike Adams
Tags: bankruptcy, chaos, Collapse, debt bomb, economics, Europe, fiat currency, finance, Germany, money, risk, stock market, Wall Street

Image: The most epic and dangerous economic STORM in history is now upon us

(Natural News) The most epic and dangerous economic storm in history is now upon us… and there’s no way out. The central banks and government kleptocrats have set the trap for themselves, and now they’re caught with no escape.

Yesterday the Fed just raised interest rates by 50 basis points (0.5%) in an effort to stem the tide of exploding inflation. But with real inflation at anywhere from 15% – 25%, the tiny gesture of 0.5% will have little effect at halting inflation.


The US trade deficit has now soared to nearly a $110 billion deficit in one month (March), which means the US simply isn’t exporting much, compared to all the things it is importing. This is a frightening indicator for the state of the US economy in the long run.


With mad money printing continuing at a panic pace, it’s only a matter of time before the entire debt-based fiat currency deception machine implodes, leading to what financial analyst Gregory Mannarino predicts could be up to 80% losses in stocks, bonds and other dollar-denominated assets. See the Mannarino interview here:

That same channel on Brighteon, “Liberty and Finance,” also interviewed Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin, a large retailer of precious metals. In that interview, Schectman unveils his stunning analysis (which I agree is accurate) about how BRICS nations are poised to unleash their own gold-backed digital currency that will instantly unseat the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Importantly, Schectman explains this will happen in one day, without warning, with no exits for those left holding dollars. This is a very important interview to pay attention to (I’m going to be interviewing Schectman in a few weeks to get even more details about his analysis):


Governments of Switzerland and Germany suddenly urge their citizens to stockpile supplies and prepare for power grid collapse


n essence, Germany and Switzerland are warning their citizens to prepare for an energy and economic crisis that was artificially created by their own governments. That’s the sheer stupidity of progressive socialist Europe, which will almost certainly see the complete destruction of the Euro currency in the next year or so, only adding to the economic suicide of the West.


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Money Talks…. Sometimes

By Anna Von Reitz

God is good. And he has a great sense of humor.

Ask yourselves —- who is being hurt financially by this whole “live exercise” fiasco? 

Everyone worldwide has been paying through the nose, and people are losing their lives, but who else? Who else stands to lose their shirts? 

Insurance companies stand to be the Biggest Losers in this World Wrestling Federation Grudge Match.  Knowing this, they are already busily off-loading risky policies —- anyone who was vaccinated — and fighting against life insurance claims from families who lost vaccinated loved ones. 

So far, two out of two cases have been ruled voluntary vaccine suicides.  The decisions are under appeal, but simple families who lost loved ones are being forced to fight the very institutions that are supposed to help them in their hour of need. 

But who else? 

Wall Street.  Wall Street is losing Big Time, and they don’t like to lose. 

So guess what?  

All those huge crooked nasty securities investment firms, all those boutique banks, all those gargantuan pension funds, all those traders, all those investment advisors, all those clearinghouses, and all their lawyers and all their bankers are hopping mad! 

They turned their Analytics on the data coming off the Plandemic and they now know the truth. Imagine it?  What is the Mainstream Media going to do?  Claim that Wall Street is full of ignorant hayseed “conspiracy theorists” cracking nuts and eating pig’s ears out in the barn? 

They are ready to “kill” — in the white collar sense —  the Medical Cabal, right down to the American Medical Association and related Sacred Cows and illegal closed-shop monopolies. 

Hey, Kids, this is going to be The Battle Royale.  

And it’s not taking place in the Crimea again.  Their slimy False Flag attacking a Kindergarten — why is it always the little kids, huh?  Big, bad men taking it out on little kids…. 

Anyway….. get out the popcorn.  This is going to be good.  Godzilla meets Mothra.  

Wall Street as a Committee of the Whole, busting the Medical Cabal and Big Pharma using every trick in the Big Book of Dirty Tricks.  And once they really get going, who knows?  

Maybe they will clean up their own acts, and take a good long look at “CONGRESS”? 

I should also say that numerous major players on Wall Street and worldwide, have lost loved ones, so for them, this is personal.  There are scores to settle. 

And Main Street will be here, cheering them on.  

Who’d a thunk?  


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Inflation will tank us…

Crypto is already being regulated which will kill it…

Self-sufficient economies are going to be the winners of the 21st century…

Best you join UPF Committees and build an alternative economy asap!!!

We Are Being Warned That A Horrifying STOCK MARKET CRASH Which Could Wipe Out Trillions Has Now Begun

by Michael Snyder

What would our country look like if an epic market crash suddenly wiped out 35 trillion dollars in financial wealth?  You may not want to think about something so horrible, but we are being warned that it could soon happen.  Stock prices have been falling for three weeks in a row, and last week was the worst week for U.S. stocks in a really, really long time.  The S&P 500 is now down more than 8 percent from the peak of the market, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq is already in correction territory.  At this point, the Nasdaq is off to its worst beginning to a year in decades, and many are extremely concerned about what is coming next.  In fact, Bank of America is warning that all hell breaks loose if the Nasdaq closes below 14,000.

Hopefully that won’t happen this week.

But it might.

Last week, one of the most respected names in the financial world made headlines all over the globe when he warned that the stock market crash which has now begun will end the “superbubble” that Wall Street has been enjoying for so many years…

Jeremy Grantham, the famed investor who for decades has been calling market bubbles, said the historic collapse in stocks he predicted a year ago is underway and even intervention by the Federal Reserve can’t prevent an eventual plunge of almost 50%.

In a note posted Thursday, Grantham, the co-founder of Boston asset manager GMO, describes U.S. stocks as being in a “super bubble,” only the fourth of the past century. And just as they did in the crash of 1929, the dot-com bust of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008, he’s certain this bubble will burst, sending indexes back to statistical norms and possibly further.

According to Grantham, there have been five other “superbubbles” and they have all ended badly

He noted that US stocks have experienced two such “superbubbles” before: 1929, a market fall that led to the Great Depression, and again in 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst. He also said the US housing market was a “superbubble” in 2006 and that the 1989 Japanese stock and housing markets were both “superbubbles.”

“All five of these superbubbles corrected all the way back to trend with much greater and longer pain than average,” Grantham wrote.

We should give some credit to the “geniuses” at the Federal Reserve for keeping the party going for as long as they have, but by inflating this bubble to such an absurd size they have set the stage for a meltdown that will be unparalleled in our entire history.

Read more at:

Even Gerald Celente and other whistleblower economists are saying the same thing;


Celente reckons this will be way worse than the 1929 crash so take note; turn your fiat currency into something tangible: seeds, gardening tools, shade-cloth, irrigation equipment, hand tools etc.

Added to this is our failing SA energy grid; we are doing our best to trimtab this ship but are still at the mercy of the banksters until we are in control; all hands on deck is required from you the people;

The Plandemic is Phase 1; the Financial Collapse is Phase 2 – a controlled demolition towards totalitarianism; Phase 3 is an Environmental Disaster; the aim is: martial law to override all law; to get rid of the middle class; privately-owned land grabs;

However, they underestimate we the people…

The remedy is the United People’s Front: building an alternative society; the people shall govern;

Warning signs for South Africa: Red flags that signal a country’s pending financial collapse

Businesstech Staff Writer7 November 2021

Lebanon is facing a financial meltdown so severe that the World Bank has branded it as one of the worst since the mid-19th century. The country is fast spiralling into a dangerous situation of state failure, marked by violent riots, escalating blackouts and spiking fuel price increases.

According to Rami Hajjar, portfolio manager at Allan Gray, the Lebanese crisis shows how things can go wrong when mismanagement of public policy and corruption are the order of the day.

“While South Africa is in a very different position to Lebanon, the events there act as a valuable lesson to understand how quickly things collapse if there is a lack of sound economic policy, fiscal discipline, and no strong, independent institutions to maintain a functioning economic and financial system,” said Hajjar.

He added that all too often, the root of a crisis lies in a country consistently spending beyond its means.

Looking at the unfolding crisis in Lebanon, Hajjar discusses the top flags that warn of a country’s near financial collapse.

1. Getting stuck in a debt spiral

According to Hajjar, Lebanon’s crisis was born out of the financial and economic policies it undertook to attract large foreign inflows to finance the reconstruction of the country. To do so, the currency was pegged (providing confidence in the monetary system), high interest rates were provided, and capital movements were fully liberalised.

“As the economy was coming off low grounds, and the tax base was tiny, the budget was financed with a large amount of debt. The government relied on domestic borrowing, amassed in local currency, to meet its overall financing need. Most of that came with very high interest rates, given the risk premium demanded by investors to finance a broken country. With high costs of borrowing, the overall fiscal deficit expanded rapidly.”

Between 1993 and 2019, the government earned a cumulative revenue of around $170 billion and cumulatively spent around $260 billion, resulting in a deficit of $90 billion. This is compared to an estimated cumulative interest payment of $87 billion, which means that interest was responsible for the full cumulative deficit.

“It takes just a few years of reckless spending to get stuck in a debt-overhang spiral.”

2. Embezzlement of public money through nepotism

Hajjar said that the reconstruction project involved massive embezzlement of public money through nepotism in the awarding of contracts, an overt shift of wealth from the public to private entities, and tenders greatly exceeding project costs.

“Some estimates put the amount of waste at more than 50% of the total cost of reconstruction,” he said. “By 2019, Lebanon had one of the highest debt-to-GDP ratios in the world. As a consequence, interest payments consumed around 50% of government revenue by 2019.”

3. Spending on a bloated public sector bill and broken state entities

“Most of the public spending was not generating economic value. The two main sources of primary spending were public sector wages (a highly bloated public sector that served sectarian patronage), and subsidies to the broken state-owned Électricité du Liban (EDL), where deeply entrenched vested interests blocked any reform,” said Hajjar.

4. A country consumes more than it produces, and is over-reliant on imports

Lebanon consumes more than it produces and relies heavily on imports.

“The export base is tiny due to long-standing neglect of the productive sectors at the expense of the service sector, an overvalued exchange rate, and a commitment to open trade with no policies to protect domestic industries.”

He said that the link between the budget deficit and the current account deficit is important.

“Budget spending comprised three main items: interest expense, wages, and subsidies to EDL. Nearly half of interest expense was in US dollars, and most of the EDL costs were in foreign currency. As for wages, even if they were paid in local currency, consumption spending would automatically lead to US dollar outflows as the country relied on imports to meet 85% of its daily needs.”

5. Over-reliance on remittances

In Lebanon’s case, the main source of financing was not exporting, which is a sustainable way that countries usually finance capital outflows. Instead, the country relied on the constant inflow of remittances from the Lebanese diaspora (there are an estimated 12 million Lebanese living abroad versus 6.5 million in Lebanon) that were channelled through a perceived strong banking sector.

“Remittances are not a sustainable way to finance a huge deficit. They are volatile in nature, as a large part accumulate as liabilities on the banking sector’s balance sheet, making them susceptible to sudden outflows,” said Hajjar.

6. The (dubious) role of a central bank

“The net reserve figure of Lebanon’s central bank showed a worrying picture,” said Hajjar.

He explains that as Lebanon started to see diminishing inflows, which intensified in 2015, the central bank, Banque du Liban, underwent a series of transactions dubbed “financial engineering”, meant to solve serious problems: the central bank’s foreign exchange shortage, the funding needs of the treasury, and the insufficient capital and liquidity of private banks.

“In short, the central bank paid banks an exorbitant return on dollar deposits to bolster its dollar reserves. This provided a windfall boost to bank earnings and capital (effectively a money-financed capital injection without any equity stake in return – i.e. a direct transfer of taxpayer money to a few wealthy bankers),” said Hajjar.

He said that to maximise the benefit from the scheme, banks were incentivised to attract new dollar inflows by offering high rates to expats (and as a concomitant significantly reduced lending to the real economy, exacerbating the problem).

“The effect of this was the strengthening of the central bank’s gross reserves in the short term.”

The central bank, in turn, was using that money to finance both the current account (i.e. continue supporting the currency peg) and the government (which at that point was struggling to raise foreign exchange debt on the market). The net reserve figure (which accounts for liabilities – and was never published) turned red and continued widening.

“Basically, a large Ponzi scheme was at play. The central bank was paying very high interest to banks and banks to customers by crediting accounts without generating the return on the cash. On the contrary, the central bank was spending the money and relying on new money to finance outflows,” said Hajjar.

7. Blind and stubborn trust in the banking system 

“The role of the psychology of crowds in averting/precipitating crises is fascinating: As long as people did not know that a devious scheme was taking place and confidence existed, the scheme could continue.”

On 17 October 2019, the WhatsApp communication tax proposed by the government triggered large protests that carried on for weeks. The banks (which were partly a target of the protests, blamed for generating super profits over the years, and not paying a fair share to the fiscus) closed their branches for a week.

Confidence was lost. As they opened again, a run on the banks occurred, particularly from expat-holders of dollar accounts. The banks could not meet that demand. Unofficial capital controls were immediately put in place and the system collapsed.

“It took only a matter of weeks for the Lebanese to appreciate that value in the financial system was artificial, and that their hard-earned lifetime savings were no more.”

He added that in the months prior to the crisis, most average financially educated people in Lebanon still held the majority of their savings in a deposit account.

“While they understood that the country’s metrics were worryingly grave, they were complacent about the situation, arguing that it had always been the case and that trust in the system would continue no matter what. Until it did not, and this happened overnight.

“Ultimately, Lebanon ended up with a three-pronged crisis: a balance of payment/currency crisis, a sovereign debt crisis, and a banking crisis,” Hajjar said, adding that it is wise to monitor the above red flags in economies that are under pressure.


Brink of Totalitarianism; Get Out of the Banks, Own Physical Warns Jekyll Author

Soon the Federal Reserve will manufacture a central bank digital currency that will be internationally sanctioned, different than Bitcoin and private cryptos, says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University. The Federal Reserve has become so powerful over the years that its originally intended roles have completely reversed, he says. Griffin believes the Fed will morph into something completely unrecognizable where, “the government doesn’t control the banks, the banks control the government.” Griffin believes that most present-day cryptocurrency traders are not buying assets for currency, but simply for profits, saying that, “if there wasn’t a chance to make big money, I don’t think most people would be in the cryptocurrency market right now.”

#bitcoin #federalreserve #cryptocurrency

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Is China on the brink of financial collapse and taking the world with it?

Many countries are worried about the knock on effect if China’s financial side collapses, because it will take many countries who supply it with goods. Even banks are up to their necks in loans to China, and the ccp is tightening the purses of foreign investors

Well, it could and may really happen as the NWO has planned this fall of democracy and the world system and is ultimately working towards this aim. This is the only way they can assume total control of every country and society. The NWO is planning these events to happen and will shut down the world monetary systems and also ensure that the dollar which is holding the world’s oil supply will collapse. Its not just a one pronged attack, but is multi facet sothat no-one can escape their traps.