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You Can’t Get There From Here

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever heard the expression, “You can’t get there from here.” — meaning that you have to go back and go at something a different way? 

This happens more often than some people might imagine in places like Scotland and Norway, Alaska and Peru.  

Short of landing a helicopter on a rock, there are places in this world that you can’t access because there isn’t even a goat path to access them.  Other times, there is a way, but it’s just one way in and one way out, so if you miss the crucial connection between “here” and “there” you are stuck going back and finding that very special crossroads, or tramway, or ferry.  

I have spent a considerable portion of my life in such adventurous places, so when I hear “you can’t get there from here” I know what to think —- and do.  I stop.  I listen carefully.  I check my compass points.  So should you. 

Our Forefathers were faced with some staggeringly formidable challenges, no less daunting than mountain ranges and lochs and fjords.  They were, after all, doing something that had never been attempted before — a government run by the governed.  

Unlike us, they were familiar with  the snakepit of European politics, complete with meddling from the Roman Catholic Church.  Also unlike us, they were familiar with the jurisdictional framework of the system of law we had inherited from Britain.  They knew the difference between land and soil. 

Soil is defined as the first six inches of dirt under our feet.  It is the thin but inescapable surface where we live and breathe.  Land is all the subsoil and rock and magma underlying the soil, the subsurface world where one finds underground rivers and veins of gold and basins of oil. 

Soil only persists for our purposes where it happens to protrude above the surface of the ocean and provides us with the comforts of air and fresh water, but land connects seamlessly throughout the planet without regard for such niceties.  

As a result of these practical matters, soil is the unique jurisdiction of nations of people who claim their portion of the inhabitable surface of the land protruding above sea level, otherwise known as the soil, and the land underlying each nation  and every ocean remains a vast international dominion that cares little for our political subdivisions. 

Both land and sea remain venues for international trade because of these considerations, while business conducted on the soil between people and their unincorporated enterprises has a local scope and nature that adheres to local law instead of international law. 

Thus, even though land and soil are unavoidably and inextricably connected, they operate as two separate jurisdictions and under two very different forms of law.  Custom dictates that the law of the soil takes precedence over the law of the land and the sea with respect to living people, and that when people enter the realm of international trade, they act instead as “persons”.  

On the soil we act as living people and stand under law that applies to living people. 

On land we act as Lawful Persons and at sea we act as Legal Persons, and both stand under international law that applies to “dead” business enterprises of all kinds and simple corporations. 

What happens when we launch into the foreign jurisdiction of the air and invade the dominion of the birds in flight and leaping flames and beams of light?  Well, then, things get even more abstract, and we find incorporated business entities that belong to Third Parties,  engaged in commerce, an entire realm of PERSONS engaged in business activities and standing under commercial law (on the land) and maritime law (on the sea).  

Obviously, with such a system of jurisdictional constructs derived from the natural world, and different forms of law governing activities within each jurisdiction, there is a potential for considerable friction wherever the jurisdictions overlap and butt up against each other.  

Louis Abercrombie is a living man who naturally stands under the national law of the soil jurisdiction, but his unincorporated family business, Abercrombie and Sons, may engage in international trade and thereby become subject to international law.  It may also choose to form a board of directors, elect officers, seek a charter, and morph into Abercrombie and Sons, Inc., and thereby become subject to global commercial and maritime law.   

We have to determine whether a given activity is taking place on the soil and among the living people, subject to local law, or, is it an action taking place in international jurisdiction among “juridical Persons” and subject to international law, or, is it something taking place between incorporated franchises and commercial corporations, and therefore subject to global commercial and maritime law? 

The interface between Lawful Persons standing on the land and Legal Persons at sea has always been especially problematic, because they look and sound alike, yet operate in two different dominions.  Land Law, as in “The Law of the Land” is a different beastie from The Law of the Sea, yet the Lawful Person of Louis Abercrombie is indistinguishable from the Legal Person of Louis Abercrombie on paper.  

Is “Louis Abercrombie” a Lawful Person standing under Land Law, claiming his Constitutional Guarantees, or is “Louis Abercrombie” acting as a Legal Person and standing under the Law of the Sea?  

Louis Abercrombie on the Land can be “unlawfully converted” to Louis Abercrombie on the Sea, and nobody is the wiser until poor Louis comes to a court of law, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. realizes that he’s not in Kansas anymore.  He’s out on the High Seas and the Queen’s Officers (or Flying Monkeys, as the case may be) are treating him as a suspicious character at best, quite possibly an Enemy of the State, or even a lunatic. 

No wonder millions of Americans who have been deliberately misidentified as Legal Persons are disoriented and confused when they are hauled into a foreign Admiralty or Maritime Courts and told that their precious Constitutions — “the Law of the Land” — doesn’t apply.  

Well, it doesn’t, but only because without his knowing agreement, “Louis Abercrombie”, a Lawful Person,  has been illegally and immorally latched upon and unlawfully converted into “Louis Abercrombie” a sea-going Legal Person. 

Compare it to being shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion, or, more exactly, press-ganged into the British Navy. 

This “unlawful conversion” is precisely what Congressman Louis T. McFadden was complaining about back in 1934 when he protested it in public and brought charges against it to the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives — where those charges are still lodged, like a long-buried bomb set to blow Washington, DC, to smithereens. 

Congressman McFadden was poisoned and the Judicial Committee conveniently has never acted upon his charges.  

This is also what Frank L. Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz saw happening twenty-five years prior to McFadden’s objections, a time when all the Robber Barons were fleeing their misdeeds in international jurisdiction by converting their private corporations like Bethlehem Steel Company into commercial corporations like Bethlehem Steel, Incorporated.  

They were fleeing the international jurisdiction and vacating it for the jurisdiction of the air, which is comparatively lawless— and it is also where they could secure the protections of public bankruptcy as public corporations. 

When they incorporated during their mad rush to gain public bankruptcy protection for their private fortunes as shareholders in their own businesses, the Robber Barons gave away control of those businesses and subjected themselves and their operations to the so-called “public corporations” ostensibly owned by us, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. and the State of Delaware, Inc., etc., and never noticed that those corporations were owned in turn by the British Crown Corporation and controlled by unincorporated foreign holding companies like “the American Corporations Company” and “Cede and Company”.  

From then on, the Robber Barons had public-sponsored bankruptcy protection, that is, bankruptcy protection purportedly sponsored by us, but they didn’t really own their own businesses anymore.  Bureaucrats could appear on their doorsteps day or night and tell them what to do, and they had to do it as good little franchisees. 

The Federal Income Tax “law” of 1916 is a good example.  Conceived as a payroll tax on the earnings of Federal Employees for the privilege of their employment contract, it was implemented against the Employers — not directly against the Employees.  It’s the “public” corporations that employ these workers that are obligated to collect the tax and withhold it and forward it to the parent corporations — the US, INC. and USA, Inc. and their State-of-State subsidiaries. They, in turn, pass the loot on to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor, the owner-operators of the unincorporated holding companies. 

And they get away with it by pretending that all these storefront corporations belong to us, when we, the rank and file people of this country, had nothing to do with this scheme and never granted authority for any of it, and are left holding the bag every time these reprobates go bankrupt at our expense. 

Even though press-ganging has been illegal for over 200 years and slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926, these commercial corporations have gone merrily onward and done whatever they pleased without fear of retribution until now, when the nature of their crimes and the mechanisms of their fraud have been dissected and exposed. 

Now, all of this is very interesting and necessary to understand, but where was I going with this? Oh, yes, to that place I can’t get to from here — America.  

Our Forefathers (wisely) separated the National jurisdiction of the soil overseen by the living people running their own republican County Governments from the International Jurisdictions (Land and Sea) overseen by the Lawful Persons (“People”) overseeing their State Governments. 

Thus, we have two (2) layers of lawful government in this country, both unincorporated, yet separated from each other because they operate in separate jurisdictions and under separate forms of law.  The County Government in the American Government is not a junior franchise of a State-of-State Government, it is instead the fundamental building block and highest authority from which all else ultimately derives.  The County Sheriff is the highest-ranking peace officer in this country as a result, and the Common Law of the People, expressed by our Juries, is the highest form of law. 

The County is where the people live and breathe and make the decisions about what happens in their lives. The State is where the people act as Lawful Persons to determine their course in international affairs.  And their State-of-State should be where they act as Legal Person/PERSONS to determine their course in International Trade and in Commerce. 

Should be.  But since the 1860’s, our “State of State” entities haven’t been run by the American States.  They’ve been run as franchises of British Corporations and Papist Municipal CORPORATIONS instead, which means that we have had little or no control of our economy, our trade policies, our natural resources, or our country. 

The Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial service contracts with us.  

This entire house of cards has been built on high-level fraud and abuse of bankruptcy laws, commodity rigging, corporate monopolies, illegal enslavement and peonage, racketeering, extortion, misrepresentation, identity theft, credit hacking based on impersonation, legalised gambling, and war for profit.  It has been considerably worse than the Wild West, even though it has been carried out by men wearing tweed suits. 

Where does all this corruption leave us, Joe and Jane American? 

Legally, it leaves us misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens as if we were all born in Puerto Rico, and “lost on the High Seas” before we left grade school.  

And that is where we wake up to all this crime and corruption against us — the High Seas jurisdiction of Maritime Law, presumed to be voluntarily acting as Municipal citizens of the United States and as incorporated franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC., currently doing business as franchises of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Utility: JOHN Q. PUBLIC. 

We can overcome that presumption by changing our NAME back to a Proper Name like John Q. Public, however, this name and identity has also been stolen and is thought to represent a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and the copyright to his Proper Name as a Legal Person is owned by the British Crown Corporation.  

And we can’t escape that “legal presumption” by changing our name, unless we forsake our birthright and the name our parents gave us, because — remember — the name of our Lawful Person on the Land appears to be the same as the name of our Legal Person on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

Our parents never recorded our birth on the land, didn’t know they had to do that, unless by chance they published a Birth Announcement in the local newspaper.   So the Brits came along and copyrighted our Proper Names as franchisees of the British Crown Corp and they have used that “ownership interest” as their excuse for everything else they’ve done here. 

What to do? 

We correct this “mistake” on their parts and draw a line between our Lawful Person and the British Territorial Legal Person by establishing our “standing” on the land.. 

After all, we actually owned and used our Proper Name, which was a creation and gift to us bestowed by our parents, before the Brits claimed any ownership interest in it.  They didn’t buy it from us or provide us any equitable payment in consideration of the theft of our identity and political status and personal estate— so by international Law of the Sea, possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

All we need to do is record and publish our ownership interest via a Land Recording Office or other public venue, such as the local newspapers, and re-convey our Good Name back to the Land Jurisdiction of this country.

But now we get down to the final point of all this:  you can’t leap directly to the soil jurisdiction from the jurisdiction of the High Seas.  You can’t get there from here pertains to this situation. 

You have to retrace the pathway from the Municipal Maritime Jurisdiction to the British Territorial High Seas to the Land Jurisdiction of this country (State) to the soil jurisdiction of your County. 

And then, you are finally and totally home again, an American in America, ready to go chin to chin. 

Knowing all of this, knowing how it works, we chose to “repopulate” our States of the Union first, because we connected international sea to international land, and then connected international land to national soil.  Step by logical step, as is necessary.  

Once people declare, record, and publish their identity and political status and standing — on the Land of their State of the Union, they are automatically placed within the County where they live and come home to where they belong in sum total.  There is no need to fight to take back the over 3,000 counties and then take back the 50 States.  

Our States and Counties never went anywhere.  They aren’t lost.  There is nothing to fight over. Our national jurisdiction still stands as long as we do.  

Each one of us was commandeered and shanghaied, so that our institutions of government were left vacant and “presumed to be in interregnum” for over 160 years, and our credit and our country have both been abused by foreign employees subjecting us to their own foreign laws and evading their constitutional obligations.

There are those running around like chickens in a poultry yard, squawking and preaching “revolution” and setting up phony “republics” that have no standing in law and no historical provenance.  Many of these people are sincerely confused and some are agent provocateurs trying to give the Brits an excuse to come in here, claim “insurrection” and (openly) enforce martial law.  

It’s important to remember that they have been operating under martial law since 1789 and have been fraudulently occupying our entire country under martial law since 1860.  We, Americans, are owed The Law of Peace and protection as we come back home and take up the responsibilities of self-governance.  

Alone among all the various patriot groups and efforts, The American States Assembly has discerned the history and the law, and chosen the narrow and difficult path that is the only way home.  Now, we undertake the even more daunting responsibilities of Self-Governance. 

If you have felt that you were in a strange and foreign land where nothing makes sense any more — you are right.  Our British and Municipal Subcontractors have trafficked us into foreign jurisdictions and subjected us to their own foreign forms of law, evaded their duties under our Constitutional contracts with them, and engaged in illegal armed racketeering on our shores.  We have been in The Land of Oz. 

But now it is time to wake up, shake off the dust, and come home.  

Every asset that these Pikers have used as collateral for their debts belongs to us, and so does all the credit that they raised by “securitizing” and “monetizing” everything in sight.  

And Kansas, Dorothy, tornadoes and all, still belongs to us. 


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Comment: Anna says: “we can’t escape that “legal presumption” by changing our name, unless we forsake our birthright and the name our parents gave us”; that is why bt abandoned his legal personality and not claimed his legal name; it is a free path but a difficult one until we have an alternative banking system;

Regarding Emancipation “Fraud”

We received an email with the following concern:

“Is emancipation from human to man or woman legal?

My colleague has told me of a case of someone who completed the process only to be charged with fraud and handed a 10 year jail sentence?

What are your thoughts?

I have a nunber of people on my group followings giftoftruth emancipation process and was unaware that it could be fraudulent. 

I would appreciate your prompt response. “


Never lend your ears out to hearsay; don’t believe or trust what anyone out there says;

verify the facts for yourself;

it’s impossible to get into trouble for correcting your birthright status; it’s God-given;

if God gave you the right then they must file a charge against Him;

what a load of tripe; please ask whomever is spreading the hearsay to produce the case where this allegedly happened?

If, someone did indeed get arrested then it was most likely because he or she did in fact commit fraud and then perhaps tried to use the emancipation process to escape justice; but, fraud is fraud no matter which law you use; then it won’t work;

no, the legal beagles are terrified of emancipation; at worst they ignore you; they can never afford to open such a can of worms; they have a legal emancipation anyways – 21 is the coming of age and legally an emancipation from your parents; ours is the next level one from the state;

in fact, all government and court officials run when you start challenging their jurisdiction;

so, if there is such a case then someone must get the case number and uplift the files and get a copy of the court ruling to me; then we will take action; but, am very sure it is not true;

in peace, brother-thomas

The Latest Big Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

I sometimes think that all these people know is how to lie.  And then, lie about lying. 

Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, famously observed that if you tell a really Big Lie and tell it often enough, no matter how preposterous, people believe it.  

So here’s today’s offering and I quote: 

“Back in 2019 during phase one of Sign-In America, Anna had the State Coordinators sign over your birth certificate because they monetized and liquidated them for themselves.” 

Aside from the fact that nobody can sign over your birth certificate bonds but you, let’s compare this with reality. 

I never asked anyone associated with Sign-In America to view anyone’s birth certificate, ever.  

Why would I?  

Sign-In America is about bringing claims forward — mortgages, utility bills, and other expenses that Americans shouldn’t be paying.  Why?  Because Americans are the landlords and owners of the public utilities.  Americans are also owed Offset Mutual Credit Exchange Exemptions for all federal and federal franchise taxes.  Sign-In America is about claiming and eventually getting reimbursed for all that. Nothing to do with birth certificates. 

Once you have declared and established your standing as an American and have published that political status choice on the public record, there is no reason for anyone to ever view or keep a copy of your birth certificate.  The only reason we ever look at birth certificates is to establish where you were born.  We have no use for them aside from that. 

Then there is the idea that birth certificate bonds have value for the victims, when instead, they have value for the British Monarch and the Pope.  Think, people.  What are bonds and what are bonds associated with?  Bondage.  Yours.  

The Pope puts down your birth weight in gold as a bond against the value of your lifetime labor.  You either have to pay him back that gold, plus interest, or you are considered permanently enslaved and obligated to serve as a Municipal CITIZEN.   

And how are you ever going to pay him off, if you don’t know that this bond has been placed against YOUR NAME? 

Now do you get what birth certificate bonds really are and how they work?  

The Pope can monetize and liquidate those bonds for himself, but you aren’t even supposed to know that they exist.  You are supposed to be a nice, meek, stupid, compliant slave to this system, born to live and die without a glimmer of what is going on behind your back. 

What actually happened is that the Municipal Government, dba, UNITED STATES, INC. was getting ready for one of its period bankruptcies, in which it relieves itself of debt at your expense.  All the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts “representing” your earthly estate were up for grabs, being surrendered to the Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC.  — and you, who are actually their Priority Creditors, didn’t even have a claim on the gameboard. 

How could you?  You had no idea that any of this was even going on, much less how you had been “salvaged” by the British Crown under False Pretenses and sold to the Pope. 

At the time, and because of the looming bankruptcy settlement, I suggested that if you really are a U.S. Citizen, you should return the Municipal Birth Certificate related to the  PERSON to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and appoint him or her as Fiduciary and direct him to deposit the PERSON in the U.S. Treasury Account.  This was done to force the U.S. Treasury to protect the assets of the actual Federal Employees among us.  Some of us who are not Federal Employees took this step, too, on our way back home to our State of the Union.  

Having put the U.S. Treasury on Notice and having made it responsible for the ESTATES bought everyone some precious time and a logical chain of possession allowing us to step-by-step remove our assets back to our home States, where they are protected from all and any corporate bankruptcies.  

So we claimed back all the property and assets belonging to Americans with “hands and feet” for those same Americans and we got your claim to your own earthly estate on the record for you and we stood behind the claims of both The United States and The United States of America, and we indemnified the whole she-bang with the UNITED STATES, INC., debt so that you could conduct lawful business again.   

We have spent the last twenty years trying to teach you knot heads how to reclaim your own assets out of the bankruptcy slush pile and get yourselves organized to operate your own government.  Those years have been unpaid years of public service.  

We have been doing our Public Duty as Americans.  We have been working for you, for free, for twenty-plus years.  And you do what?  Stand around and tell Big Fat Lies about us? 

As a result of the stink we’ve raised and the efforts of all the State Assemblies, the Perpetrators are being held responsible.  The gold underlying those birth certificate bonds has been returned to the Pope’s henchmen operating “the” British Territorial United States of America — not to us, the actual claimants.  

So, once again, this time against the Brits, we have to bring light to the issues, and rebut their claims that we are “lost” British Merchant Mariners or U.S. Citizens operating as Foreign Situs Trusts.  Left to themselves, they’d happily claim all that gold for the Queen and give it back to the Pope again.  

Here we are, fighting all these issues for you, in the determined effort to reclaim all American property assets and interests — and all the Dimwits among us can do is stand around telling lies about us and what we have done and what we are doing. 

The true purpose of any Government is to protect the people they serve and also protect the people’s assets.  This is what the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America has done for you.  For free. 

You had better believe it and support it with every ounce of courage you’ve got, because our lawful American Government is all that is standing between you and some very rapacious foreign creditors who are owed a lot of money by the Hired Help pretending to “represent” you. 

If I could, I would personally like to slap the people responsible for the quote at the beginning of this article.  I would like to haul off and wallop them flat in the chops, make their teeth rattle, make them stand there and look at me, the same way you slap someone who is hysterical.  

Wherever their small, dirty, criminally-inclined minds are, they aren’t here on Terra Firma and centered in reality.  


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SA Jural Assembly Comment: Note, in our emancipation process we have dispensed with surrendering birth certificates to the National Treasury for many reasons; firstly, our system is not working properly; it can take you a year to get a Vault BC IF you get it at all; you can get it via an “agent” for R4000 but that is a rip-off; ask yourself, if someone else can get it in 10 days via the back door then why can’t you via the front door? The system is corrupt through and through; can you imagine how much money they will make off of us? No, genoeg is genoeg;

Furthermore, that BC is now bankrupt; it is toxic tainted goods; one cannot touch it with a barge pole; notifying the minister of finance to clean up the mess is more than ample;

Public and International Notice — It’s Not “My” Process — to the Generals 5.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

From time to time I overhear some Wiseacre snarking that “my” process doesn’t work, or “my” process isn’t necessary, or “my” process is suspect because I have a foreign last name, or because I’m a woman (as opposed to being a transgender man?) or because, because, because.

I want to make it absolutely, explicitly, and forever clear that “my” process isn’t “my” process.

The process used to declare yourselves as Americans in possession of your birthright political status is the result of fifty years of study and work done by thousands of Americans over the time period from 1860 to today.

The process and paperwork used by our State Assemblies is dictated by International Law, including The Law of War and Occupation, The Geneva Conventions, and International Public Records Law. It is also “informed” by the answers our Founding Fathers developed when they were faced with similar problems in the early years of this country.

That this process is anti-intuitive for a great many people is understood, especially as most Americans don’t have the faintest idea what has been done to them or their country at the hands of their own military, but once you do know the history, it’s obvious enough. Our identity has been stolen, we’ve been doubly impersonated and human trafficked, and grossly defrauded in breach of trust and violation of commercial service contract.

We’ve been “occupied” by our own military since 1860, and they’ve made merry at our expense ever since. They’ve played all sorts of games to evade their Constitutional obligations and limitations, told all sorts of lies, engaged in all sorts of war for profit, messed up our monetary system beyond belief, illegally confiscated trillions of dollars worth of private property under color of law, enslaved, press-ganged, and subjected their Employers, failed their duty to defend this country and our people, and have generally taken on the character of an illegal and predatory foreign mercenary force that doesn’t pay beans.

They’ve lied to us, lied to the rest of the world, and lied to every new inductee since 1860.

It’s in response to this overall situation that our paperwork has been framed to protect individual Americans and make it increasingly difficult for these Perpetrators to continue to pretend that we don’t exist and/or that we “voluntarily” joined them in their insurrection against our lawful government.

As for the paperwork “not working” — and “being spotty” — sometimes working and sometimes not, remember who you are dealing with. These are mercenaries. They are not nice men. They aren’t operating courts of justice. They are operating private collection agencies “as courts” to collect war reparations owed by Municipal citizens of the United States.

And absolutely every American they can lay hands on is being mischaracterized and misidentified as both a British Person and as a Municipal citizen of the United States for obvious and self-interested reasons.

These are the facts and if our paperwork isn’t working 100% of the time, we can only observe that it should be working 100% of the time, and if it isn’t, it is the fault of the United Nations Organization, which is supposed to be enforcing the Geneva Conventions and preventing such gross crimes against individual Americans and their property interests.

Our American Government has not agreed to the “Great Reset” which amounts to amnesty for thieves and zeroing out the bank accounts of the victims. Please note that there are now many thousands of Americans all over this country who have awakened and reclaimed their birthright political status, and their intent is absolutely clear, even if their paperwork isn’t perfect.

We are in favor of gradual repayment of prepaid credit to the victims of this scheme, relieving them of all debts addressed to Municipal CITIZENS and all expenses related to these now bankrupt individual corporations.

It is well-past time for the Americans to be recognized as the “long-lost” owners and inheritors of the land and soil of this country and all assets derived from the land and soil. And it is also past time for our Employees to read their contracts, do their jobs, and obey the actual law of this country.

I know that there are many in the military who don’t like being criticized, but it is what it is. We are standing here with our Southern Border wide open and our economy and health under assault from a foreign enemy (with respect to us) and a domestic enemy (with respect to the U.S. military) and every branch of the U.S. Military is in Gross Dereliction of Duty for failing to protect this country and its people–which is actually their only job assignment and reason for being.

So, take that, full in the chops and realize what it means.

If our military isn’t going to support us and defend our people and our country, what obligation do we have to support them? And what do we need them for? Just more harassment and surveillance and trespass against our Constitutional Guarantees? More theft of our money and our credit and our assets in every respect? All under conditions of deceit and color of law?

As the lawful civilian government of this country, we are owed the return of all our property interests, all our land grants and patents, all our people safe and sound, the value of our labor that has been purloined, and our money (gold and silver) safely returned. And all without False Flags, criminal collusions, and failure to perform.

All this terror and predation and theft and destruction is not the fault or failure of the civilian government. It’s the fault of the Territorial Government. Shame on all of you who inherited this situation and did nothing about it, not even the common courtesy of telling your Employers what was happening, much less fulfilling the responsibility to assist us in restoring the civilian government and holding new Public Elections. For shame on all of you forever.

So much for protecting and upholding the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, for you have allowed yourselves to evade the Constitutions and to illegally conscript Americans, and do all sorts of criminal things against the people who have paid your wages and paid for all your expensive equipment and kept faith with you all these years.

If the U.S. Military doesn’t grow a backbone and damn straight quick, it will go down in infamy as the most notorious and deceitful and incompetent and disloyal military force in history. It will be found serving the interests of the Queen, the Pope, the Belgians and all the ugly old European Colonial Powers and all while betraying the American People.

The “decline” of the American Dollar and the hideous inflation and counterfeiting of “Federal Reserve Notes” is all down to British finagling, criminality, and self-interest that the U.S. Military has turned a blind eye to, sat on its rump, and allowed. The rising threat of China and the escape of the IRS, Goldman-Sachs, and Federal Reserve interests to China is all on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and those underlings who have trimmed their nails and watched it happen.

And none of you have any plausible deniability with respect to any of this, because you have had copies of your contracts all along and you have had reason to know who your employers are and you are being called on the carpet by the common people of this country who despite all their handicaps can nonetheless see what is going on.


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SA Jural Assembly Comment: the process set out by Anna Von Reitz has been adapted for South Africa; bear in mind that the U.S. Sellout was done in much the same way as South Africa and even on very similar timelines;

For our emancipation process go to: