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Mother of all Famines on the Horizon as World Food Production Falters From the Green New Fraud

 By Sidney Secular|July 16th, 2022

By Sidney Secular

July 16, 2022

World food production is projected to decline precipitously in 2022. The wheat harvest alone is expected to drop by 10 million metric tons from last year while other grains and food staples are in similar dire straits. A record 45 million people are on the brink of starvation and a further 800 million lack a reliable source of daily food. Farmers in the world’s leading farm belts outside of Russia and the Ukraine as well as the US, Canada, Europe and India are being forced to protest simply for the right to produce this much needed food. Earlier in 2022 there were reports that American farmers would be offered subsidies if they destroyed their crops and farmers in the Netherlands are now blocking streets in protest over the situation as have farmers in Germany for the past 3 years.

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“The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

by Michael

In all my years of writing, I have never seen more economic pessimism than I am seeing right now.  Over the past couple of months there has been a monumental shift in public sentiment, and now just about everyone realizes that we are heading into very troubled economic times.  Of course there were still a few economic optimists that were searching for a ray of hope, but the Federal Reserve left no room for optimism when it announced the largest interest rate hike in 28 years on Wednesday.  When the Fed aggressively raised rates in the early 1980s, it resulted in one of the most painful recessions in American history.  Unfortunately, many believe that what is ahead of us is going to be even worse.

For example, legendary Wall Street investor Michael Novogratz is openly warning that “the economy is going to collapse”

#1 Stock prices have been plummeting in recent weeks, and that has resulted in almost 3 trillion dollars being erased from retirement accounts in the United States…

#2 The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell beneath the psychologically important 30,000 barrier for the first time in more than a year on Thursday.  If it cannot return to that level within the next few trading sessions, a lot of investors are really going to start to panic.

#3 The Dow is now down 19 percent from the all-time high.

#4 The S&P 500 is now down 24 percent from the all-time high.

#5 The Nasdaq is now down 34 percent from the all-time high.  Just think about that for a moment.  A third of the value of the Nasdaq has already been wiped out.

#6 Two-thirds of the value of all cryptocurrencies has already been wiped out since the peak of the market.  Last November, the total value of all cryptocurrencies had soared past the three trillion dollar mark.  As I write this article, that number has fallen to less than a trillion.

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SA Jural Assembly Comment: some time in the future our descendants will shake their heads and say: “Our ancestors were loonies; their entire civilization collapsed only because of a fiction called money that existed only in their addled minds…”

The most epic and dangerous economic STORM in history is now upon us

Thursday, May 05, 2022 by: Mike Adams
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Image: The most epic and dangerous economic STORM in history is now upon us

(Natural News) The most epic and dangerous economic storm in history is now upon us… and there’s no way out. The central banks and government kleptocrats have set the trap for themselves, and now they’re caught with no escape.

Yesterday the Fed just raised interest rates by 50 basis points (0.5%) in an effort to stem the tide of exploding inflation. But with real inflation at anywhere from 15% – 25%, the tiny gesture of 0.5% will have little effect at halting inflation.


The US trade deficit has now soared to nearly a $110 billion deficit in one month (March), which means the US simply isn’t exporting much, compared to all the things it is importing. This is a frightening indicator for the state of the US economy in the long run.


With mad money printing continuing at a panic pace, it’s only a matter of time before the entire debt-based fiat currency deception machine implodes, leading to what financial analyst Gregory Mannarino predicts could be up to 80% losses in stocks, bonds and other dollar-denominated assets. See the Mannarino interview here:

That same channel on Brighteon, “Liberty and Finance,” also interviewed Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin, a large retailer of precious metals. In that interview, Schectman unveils his stunning analysis (which I agree is accurate) about how BRICS nations are poised to unleash their own gold-backed digital currency that will instantly unseat the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Importantly, Schectman explains this will happen in one day, without warning, with no exits for those left holding dollars. This is a very important interview to pay attention to (I’m going to be interviewing Schectman in a few weeks to get even more details about his analysis):


Governments of Switzerland and Germany suddenly urge their citizens to stockpile supplies and prepare for power grid collapse


n essence, Germany and Switzerland are warning their citizens to prepare for an energy and economic crisis that was artificially created by their own governments. That’s the sheer stupidity of progressive socialist Europe, which will almost certainly see the complete destruction of the Euro currency in the next year or so, only adding to the economic suicide of the West.


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Fed Insider warns of Hyperinflation, Currency Debasement & Collapse

February 22, 2022

from SGT Report:

Alastair Still, the CEO of Gold Mining Inc., joins me to discuss the trap the Federal Reserve now finds itself in, and the warning from a FED insider of the very real threat of hyperinflation and collapse.

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‘No fear, no favour’: City of Tshwane disconnects SARS and SAPS HQ

The City of Tshwane continued its aggressive debt collection campaign on Tuesday, 15 February. The City previously said it was owed R17 billion by businesses, government departments and residents.

 The biggest scalps of the day included the South African Revenue Service (SARS), the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the local Gautrain station.

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SAJurA Comment: This is all visible signs of the bankrupt RSA Inc. crumbling… building an alternative is a matter of urgency:


Inflation will tank us…

Crypto is already being regulated which will kill it…

Self-sufficient economies are going to be the winners of the 21st century…

Best you join UPF Committees and build an alternative economy asap!!!

We Are Being Warned That A Horrifying STOCK MARKET CRASH Which Could Wipe Out Trillions Has Now Begun

by Michael Snyder

What would our country look like if an epic market crash suddenly wiped out 35 trillion dollars in financial wealth?  You may not want to think about something so horrible, but we are being warned that it could soon happen.  Stock prices have been falling for three weeks in a row, and last week was the worst week for U.S. stocks in a really, really long time.  The S&P 500 is now down more than 8 percent from the peak of the market, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq is already in correction territory.  At this point, the Nasdaq is off to its worst beginning to a year in decades, and many are extremely concerned about what is coming next.  In fact, Bank of America is warning that all hell breaks loose if the Nasdaq closes below 14,000.

Hopefully that won’t happen this week.

But it might.

Last week, one of the most respected names in the financial world made headlines all over the globe when he warned that the stock market crash which has now begun will end the “superbubble” that Wall Street has been enjoying for so many years…

Jeremy Grantham, the famed investor who for decades has been calling market bubbles, said the historic collapse in stocks he predicted a year ago is underway and even intervention by the Federal Reserve can’t prevent an eventual plunge of almost 50%.

In a note posted Thursday, Grantham, the co-founder of Boston asset manager GMO, describes U.S. stocks as being in a “super bubble,” only the fourth of the past century. And just as they did in the crash of 1929, the dot-com bust of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008, he’s certain this bubble will burst, sending indexes back to statistical norms and possibly further.

According to Grantham, there have been five other “superbubbles” and they have all ended badly

He noted that US stocks have experienced two such “superbubbles” before: 1929, a market fall that led to the Great Depression, and again in 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst. He also said the US housing market was a “superbubble” in 2006 and that the 1989 Japanese stock and housing markets were both “superbubbles.”

“All five of these superbubbles corrected all the way back to trend with much greater and longer pain than average,” Grantham wrote.

We should give some credit to the “geniuses” at the Federal Reserve for keeping the party going for as long as they have, but by inflating this bubble to such an absurd size they have set the stage for a meltdown that will be unparalleled in our entire history.

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Even Gerald Celente and other whistleblower economists are saying the same thing;


Celente reckons this will be way worse than the 1929 crash so take note; turn your fiat currency into something tangible: seeds, gardening tools, shade-cloth, irrigation equipment, hand tools etc.

Added to this is our failing SA energy grid; we are doing our best to trimtab this ship but are still at the mercy of the banksters until we are in control; all hands on deck is required from you the people;

The Plandemic is Phase 1; the Financial Collapse is Phase 2 – a controlled demolition towards totalitarianism; Phase 3 is an Environmental Disaster; the aim is: martial law to override all law; to get rid of the middle class; privately-owned land grabs;

However, they underestimate we the people…

The remedy is the United People’s Front: building an alternative society; the people shall govern;

China stockpiling food at historically high levels

Posted by Teo Blašković on January 14, 2022 at 10:40 UTC (6 days ago)
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China stockpiling food at historically high levels

China is stockpiling food at historically high levels and now has more than half of the world’s maize and other grains. By mid-2022, the country is estimated to hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of rice, and 51% of wheat.

At the end of 2021, NIKKEI Asia reported that China, with less than 20% of the world’s population, has managed to stockpile more than half of the world’s maize and other grains, leading to steep price increases across the planet and dropping more countries into famine.1

On January 5, 2022, Bloomberg reported that food prices have hit 10-year highs, causing worldwide concern.2

“Supply-chain bottlenecks, labor shortages, bad weather and a surge in consumer demand are among the factors responsible for the spike. So, too, is a lesser-known phenomenon: China is hoarding key commodities,” Bloomberg’s Adam Minter said. 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, China will hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice, and 51% of its wheat by mid-2022.

China is maintaining its food stockpiles at a ‘historically high level,’ said Qin Yuyun, head of grain reserves at the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration.

“Our wheat stockpiles can meet the demand for one and a half years. There is no problem whatsoever about the supply of food.”

The projections represent increases of around 20 percentage points over the past 10 years, and the data clearly shows that China continues to hoard grain.1

In 2005, China was importing food (not including beverages) for less than $10 billion USD.

In 2010, the number rose to more than $20 billion USD and continued rising year-over-year until $80 billion USD in 2019 and nearly 100 billion in 2020, up to 4.6 times from a decade before.


1 China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up global prices – NIKKEI Asia

2 One Reason for Rising Food Prices? Chinese Hoarding – Bloomberg

Featured image: Food silos at Dailan, China on January 11, 2022. Credit: Copernicus EU/Sentinel-2, TW


SA Jural Assembly Comment: Artificial sun’s, stockpiling food… What does China know that we don’t? Best we do the same; begin prepping for the (nuclear?) winter…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Hyperinflation Warning

October 27, 2021  by SchiffGold 

The “transitory inflation” narrative has completely broken down. And now Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has warned us.

“Hyperinflation is coming. It will change everything.”

Responding to comments, Jack tweeted “It will happen in the US soon, and so the world.”

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Our comment: People of South Africa, we are already seeing massive price hikes on basic foodstuffs, import shortages and basic tools and equipment shortages, resource shortages, power outages, cellular network failures in the outlying areas. This is the clay feet of the golden idol busy crumbling… Nothing is going to save it; nothing.

And, the all out war on humanity is merely an attempt to divert our attention and also to circulate more fiat commercial paper to feed the beast some more and, failing in which, to kill off the creditors and make massive insurance claims to feed the beast; and, then what will it eat? Nothing will satisfy it’s insatiable appetite. It is already busy eating itself by the tail.

So, if you have any loot stashed anywhere then take it out bit by bit in regular sums and rather buy basic items that will be very valuable trade items after the last and final fall of Mystery Babylon: seeds, seeds, seeds; did we say seeds? Soon, there won’t be herb and veg seeds for sale; there have been shortages for a while now;

Needles, thread, carpet knife blades, saw blades, gardening tools, shade cloth, irrigation piping, solar water pumps, files, rasps, leather-making tools, spinning and weaving looms; stick to hand operated tools; even solar will break after a few years; we are all going to be Amish one of these years; go learn how they live…

GERALD CELENTE – The Collapse Has Already Begun

There is a straightforward narrative of the economy in 2021: The world shut down in the spring because of the coronavirus pandemic, causing an economic collapse without modern precedent. A sharp recovery began in May as businesses reopened.

That is accurate as far as it goes. But the snapback effect over the summer has masked something more worrying: We’ve entered a longer, slower grind that puts the economy at risk for the indefinite future.

In the details of government employment data — covering hundreds of industries — can be seen a jobs crisis that penetrates deeply into the economy. Sectors that in theory shouldn’t be much affected by the pandemic at all are showing patterns akin to a severe recession.

More and more economic indicators are pointing in the wrong direction and fears are growing that we are heading into a global recession. One economist calls this the “summer of fear.”

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