Message to African Nations

The divisions of the past have not yet been healed; in 1455, Romanus Pontifex authorized the Portuguese, Dutch and British monarchies to carry on the slave trade in Africa, Americas and beyond.

In 1493, the papal bull Inter Caetera declared indigenous peoples “homo animales”, a lesser form of being, so the pirates could declare the land “uncultivated”, “uninhabited” and “unoccupied” and thus divide up Africa, the Americas and beyond, allowing Catholic monarchs to take possession of lands, displace peoples and cause untold suffering to first nations throughout the “Age of Discovery”, an age of tyranny; and one cannot discover what was already there; it is all based on lies.

The legacy of these false orders continues to drive policies worldwide and is a monument to wrongful inequality. It is for these reasons that customary law has been subverted for so long in Africa and elsewhere, and remains so even to this day.

Now, in the 1800s after numerous conflicts, the Crown made Treaties with Southern African tribes recognizing their sovereignty later dishonoured their agreements again by means of more falsities and lies;

Today, COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA are still Admiralty Crown Courts; these sea courts are still here under false assumptions and presumptions and false legalese and fictions of law; the BAR legal system and the Banking System and Law Merchant lie at the very root of ALL the evils that have befallen us all until today.

It is time for the African Nations to restore their sovereign pre-treaty status; to declare their independence; to restore their allodial lands and cancel feudal tenancy;

To fire their BAR Attorners and gather their councils of wise elders (with clean hands); to restore their tribal authorities; to restore the supremacy of customary law on their lands;

To restrict Crown Courts, corporate services providers fronting as “government” and international corporations from plundering your lands; to charge them rent and not them charge you;

To rent allodial land and not sell it because you merely borrow it from your grandchildren; and the land and people are one; sell the land and you sell your people down the river;

To serve their people and not foreign corporate governments or themselves;

To restore barter, trade, exchange, stokvels and develop an alternative banking system with asset-backed lawful money;

Only when the power of banking and lawmaking is again in your hands will you truly be free.

Listen to what Sharon Venne has to say on jurisdiction:

In peace.

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