Persons and Personage:

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a wonderful little excerpt about “persons” and “personage” — a crime of impersonating living people that was forwarded by a Reader and originally published here: as (Reader Post) Thinker2: Decoding the
Deception of the Capitalized Name.

Here is a succinct and complete list of all the common categories of “persons” there are.
This is handy when you are reading “chapter and verse” to a Court in rebuttal of their
presumptions—- “Let the record show that I am not a…..”
1. Corpse (a dead body / Grave Markers are capitalized—involuntary condition, servitude to
Death) aka “Natural Person”.
2. Convicted Criminal (involuntary servitude under force, peonage)
3. Prisoner of War (POW) (political involuntary servitude under force)
4. Slave (involuntary servitude under force) includes Wards of States, Paupers, Mental Incompetents and Minors not of age; please note that in the Territorial United States, Convicted Criminals are Slaves.
5. Armed Forces (Military / LEO Police)
6. Public Servant (Government Employees other than Military or Police.)
7. Corporation (a fictional Person in colorable law—Legal Persons as opposed to Lawful Persons, doing-business-as “John’s Autobody and Repair”, for example, —-could also be a Lawful Person standing under the Common Law mistaken for a Legal Person; this is how they got the Great Fraud started, by “mistaking” one for the other.)
8. Colorable Person (A person in legal fiction / colorable law, for example, “Aunt Jemima” or “Colonel Saunders” or “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, a “character” like “Atticus Finch” or nom de guerre like “Ishmael” or “Sneaky Pete” or a titled entity such as “Mister” or “Lord” or “Missus” or “President” or a Sign/Trademark like “JOHN DOE” or a Patented Invention Person like “Gumby” or “Bumblebee” or “The Terminator” or a Design Patent Person like “Diana von Furstenburg” or “Gloria Vanderbilt” or “Coco Chanel”.)
9. Commercial Licensee (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for License)
10. Corporate Employee or Dependent (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for Corporate Paycheck) for example, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Editorial Consultant, Welfare Benefits Recipient, etc.
I will add:
11. Incorporated Persons — Franchises, Franchisees, Voters, Members and Officials of Religious and Fraternal Organizations and Political Parties, etc.When living men and women are “masked” as “Persons”, they are acting in “unnatural capacities” — except when they are acting as Lawful Persons engaged in trade.

If you look at the list you will see that several of these capacities as “Persons” are involuntary and therefore, “Legal” because the “Subject” is not able to choose otherwise: Corpses/Natural Persons (dead bodies), Convicted Criminals, Prisoners of War, and the various kinds of Slaves are not responsible for their actions.

Now that you see how these monsters have colluded to reduce all of us to the status of incompetent “Legal Persons” for their own enrichment and to exercise oppressive power over us, let’s examine a few examples:

Our young men subjected to the Draft during Vietnam are all innocent of any crimes they may have committed because their actions were “involuntary” by definition—but the members of the Draft Boards conscripting them were voluntary, so the Draft Boards are fully liable.
So are the corporations and the corporate officials behind the Draft Boards—fully liable for press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement, murder, and a host of other loathsome crimes. LBJ should have been taken out and hung without a trial, just like any common cattle rustler in the Old West.

That’s a hard fact for most Americans to swallow, but it is nonetheless true.
Let’s look at another example:
All the military and police involved in the siege of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, are innocent because they were all “legally incompetent” and their actions were involuntary as a result; however, Janet Reno was fully liable every step of the way. So was the President. So was the Congress.

There are obviously terrible things hidden under the rug in Washington, DC, horrible pervasive
criminality, hypocrisy, and lawlessness cloaked under “color of law”. And 90% of it hinges on one white collar crime: personage taking place in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
Who is responsible? The Queen is fundamentally responsible as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters. This crime occurs in her jurisdiction first and foremost and represents a fundamental crime of Breach of Trust resulting in crimes of State.

The Pope is also responsible as the Global Trustee and as the Roman Pontiff; these crimes have
occurred secondarily in the global jurisdiction of the air and in the Municipal Jurisdiction of Rome.

That is, the crimes of personage didn’t stop with the crimes occurring in the international jurisdiction of the sea; the Municipality of Washington, DC, and its government joined right in and nobody in the Catholic Hierarchy did jack-diddly to stop it until Benedict XVI.

So here we are, ten years later, and the Circle J Ranchero routine continues with everyone trying to avoid liability and gloss things over and keep attention focused on ridiculous inanities like Robert Mueller.
Who gives a fine flying one? Can I see a show of hands?
Personage is the Name of the Game.

Seating a new Emperor in Japan won’t stop it. Another US Election Boondoggle won’t change it. Boorish Sedwill won’t alter it and neither will Ms. May. Nothing political will change this
circumstance, because this is not a matter of politics.
This is crime. And all the lawyers reading this know it, too.

The only thing that will change this is millions of people waking up and taking action to save
themselves and their countries; a wholesale and mammoth push by the military and law
enforcement would help, some politicians with spines would help, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you and me, Jaimie.

It’s either get out and push, or the stockyards and ear tags. Your choice.
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