SA People’s Referendum Update

Greetings people, the SA People’s Referendum is back on track; see

To clarify, the Yesmovement is merely the referendum campaign now; Adv Thekiso has launched SASPM – South African Sovereign People’s Movement at

Since the Month End Report, SASPM and the SA Jural Committee have had a meeting and a referendum committee is now in place to administrate the referendum properly; there are 4 trustees who have the access codes and agreements will shortly be in place so as to avoid any and all disputes around the referendum; hat tip for their prompt action to make things right;

Now, we serve you the people; so as volunteers we give up some of our rights so as to be accountable to you; the time of unaccountable representatives and politics as we have seen with RSA Inc. agents is coming to an end soon;

In the New New South African Republic – SAR – the people are sovereign; we are all kings in our own right; and your private property cannot be violated; not even for the good of the whole community; only if you harm your neighbours or others then you give up that right;

Also, you have no accountability to the “STATE” or COURTS OF SA other than before a customary law council of elders or common law jury of your peers or by arbitration; RSA Inc. is NOT a lawful state; we the people are the living state and authority for whom servantment not government exists and acts;

Further, every community and tribe have the natural right to self-determination; and the original law of nations will be upheld; no-one gets left out; customary law and common law will be restored to their superior jurisdiction.

So, there will be many free and independent SAR States all cooperating in treaties and trade agreements; and the RSA Inc. cabal and UN/NWO stooges will find themselves out in the cold;

Of course, those tribes choosing to discriminate and be un-cooperative will have a hard time getting recognition and trade with others; and as Siener foretold, it will be a form of government that most did not have in mind;

For now, we need you to take action; to take part in the referendum which will give us the authority to act: to restrict RSA Inc., UN, WHO, NWO Agencies and their “COURTS”; to foreclose these bankrupt dummy corporations; to hold a Constitutional Convention; to restore people sovereignty

In closing, SA Jural Assembly is checking that everything is above board and serving your best interests; but we are not on social media at all; so, please report any and all bad behaviour by volunteers directly to us at so we can sort it out;

However, with that being said, also do not lend your ears out to hearsay either; verify the facts first; and treat others as you want them to treat you – with respect; my sincere apologies for behaving badly towards some of the volunteers;

The people shall govern;

in peace, bt

7 thoughts on “SA People’s Referendum Update

  1. So happy to hear this news, and very pleased to hear a resolution has been reached with SASPM!!! Sincere congratulations to you all, it gives me hope for a gathering momentum. Looking forward to more updates on this, well done to all concerned, and thank you for your efforts.

  2. Well done to all involved in sorting out and addressing this impasse!

    Now we can advance towards our objective of Freedom and Sovereignty, whilst knowing that we as the individual and our un-alienable rights remain supreme.

    1. Hi DM, we probably have about 50 active volunteers at the moment; and about 1% of the population signed up; on the other end of the scale over the last 11 years we have reached thousands representing millions but most are adopting a wait and see attitude which is detrimental to our actions; and donations are few to re-visit them all; hope this helps;

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