SA Jural Assembly Month End Report

Hopefully this will be the last negative month end report and the last housecleaning issues will finally be sorted out this month. But, if you are looking for hopium then you are certainly in the wrong place because half the time the truth hurts.

Regarding the UPF – Right now, there is literally no United People’s Front left. All the original coalitions have either left because they have a different agenda or discredited themselves in some or other way. The egos are running rampant, dear people. This is the kind of behaviour one can expect when governments have abandoned all good ethics, morals and values; what follows generally is that the people do the same. All that is left standing is the SA Jural Committee (surprisingly) and SA Jural Assembly. We ain’t going anywhere until the job is done.

Regarding the Referendum – Adv Thekiso, who is running the yesmovement referendum, is refusing us access to the referendum details after many requests. So, we are putting that referendum on hold until he meets our demands. He launched the SA Sovereign People’s Movement at recently.

We strongly advise you to not support SASPM either until the referendum issue is resolved. After all, their code of conduct declares transparency and we demand nothing less. When we have volunteers for a referendum committee we will re-launch the referendum on a secure website that we control. However, there are just too few volunteers right now so please enlist so we can get it going asap.

Regarding the ZAR boervolk – Last month ZAR Volkshof issued a cease and desist order against SA Jural Assembly claiming that our referendum is a NWO cabal action so we resigned from assisting them as of immediate effect. The boervolk are divided into literally thousands of factions and the “bitterenders” among them are very unreasonable at the best of times.  They have much housecleaning and homework to do before we can help them again. However, we will keep them a place at the negotiating table with the SAR kingdoms and states but leave them till last because right now they will most likely sink the peaceful negotiations.

Then there have also been the trolls who “infiltrated” our groups to sow dissent and try to discredit us because they are just plain mean and bitter and bored with their lives. A few volunteers left because of this behaviour and it was almost the end of the jural committee too.

Also, key members had to deal with computer and phone hacking issues. Coincidently, the same trolls are affiliated to hacker groups too… And one troll, in particular, also recently spread the false rumor that someone had received a 10 year sentence for emancipating. At times it reads like a spy movie, yes.

We have been on this road for over a decade and have seen this kind of behaviour since the beginning – yawn. We warned the SA Jural Committee members on numerous occasions that they must screen people and groups because many have their own agendas; and they thought me paranoid. But, of course, they must also make their own experiences so they can learn and grow from it or fall apart because the path to freedom is a tough road. And, there is also no other way to do it; nothing, nada, niks. We strongly advise all volunteers to stay off all social media groups.

However, not all is gloom and doom. There are also good things on the horizon but we do not have permission to publish that until those involved agree. When the time comes SA Jural Assembly will be at the finishing line no matter who initiates it; we seem to be the only ones with a plan for the people, other than the NWO plan…

In closing, the system will collapse to a point where it will drive us all together and we will put our egos and differences aside. But, it is still going too good for too many. So, make sure you keep a healthy balance between prepping and taking action because we do not know to what extent it will collapse.

Nevertheless, we look forward to a new earth wherein righteousness dwells.

In peace, bt

8 thoughts on “SA Jural Assembly Month End Report

  1. So sorry to hear the sad news, that ego and self-importance have once again dropped a turd in the drinking water. It’s plain that some groups, or people, have it inculcated into their nature to be political animals, rather than having in their nature the desire to work good for all, without the need for recognition or status. I’ve noticed some catty remarks in groups, focusing more on the need to be proven right, rather than a gentle correction and meeting of the minds, and these things do nothing to further our cause, rather, if anything, destroy trust in either a particular organisation, or the movement as a whole.
    Love your brother, as you love yourself.
    Speak to your brother, in the way that you would like to be spoken to.
    And never be too proud to be open to correction, either way.

    I quite honestly think that things like the referendum, or emancipation, are a tool, or a means to an end, rather than a lifestyle choice, for some people or groups. I think all these voices of dissent need to step back and re-evaluate exactly what their motivations are, and look very critically and carefully whether the choices are made based on ego, the need for recognition, status, and authority, or whether they genuinely are seeking a remedy that applies to, and affects us all, and are willing to negotiate or correct any errors.

    Working together, we present a strong impetus for change to the status quo. Working as splinter factions, we are nothing but an irritation to them.

  2. Thanks for the Update bt.
    No doubt the PTB will continue to sow dissention amongst the ranks of the awakened and the awakening.
    They fear the Light and they have but few tools left!

    1. Hi Dean, the powers that were are not doing anything; it’s in the palm of ours hands; we just need to wake up and be more honourable than them and re-claim what is already in our hands; in peace.

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