United People’s Front Noticeboard

Hullo friends & fellow South Africans! 🕊
A very good dawning to you, and hullo from the SA Jural Assembly & Committee and the United People’s Front!  
There is never a dull moment on this planet; so many things going on, and especially worth noting is the massive ‘sea rescue mission’ that is taking place globally … where people are being rescued from the ‘sea’ and brought back firmly onto dry land!
On land, in the land jurisdiction, this is where we prosper, where we live as sovereign living men and women, and where we now, are busy organically co-creating the bright, abundant magnificent future, together!
This is a very large effort, being done by volunteers world-wide, and heralds a totally fresh new start for all of us! 
Here on this beautiful land of Southern Africa; we have our opportunity to rise & shine! We need ‘boots on the ground’ and as many as possible holding hands, standing together; that way we all WIN
Here is a list of upcoming events, as well as summary of our current wish-list and requests for assistance.
If you have found the work and guidance of the SA Jural Assembly and UPF to have been helpful in any way, to be adding value to your life and future; please consider a donation and assistance.  The team of volunteers is doing common law documents, assisting people with foreclosures, opening trusts, co-creating our future, and we have so much more collectively, to do.

Upcoming Events & Donations Requests:
Money Tree!Unfortunately we have not yet found the fiat system Money Tree – it would have been helpful to have had a few growing already, an orchard would have been very helpful! So in the meantime, we are asking please for some donations. 
All donations can be made to Global Reboot, one of the team, and a recorded NPO, so you can benefit from the tax deduction too. Thank you so much! 
Bank account details:
Global Reboot

Merchantile bank

Current Account 1051095603

Branch code 450105

Swift Address CABLZAJJ

Reference: Freedom 

Freedom Declaration Day – Kliptown: 25th & 26th June!

This is a 2-day event in Johannesburg, where the signing of our interim new Freedom Declaration is being done. An historic event, as it was this weekend and exact dates in 1955, that the original Freedom Charter was ratified.This is your Freedom Declaration for our new South African Republic!Everyone is invited! 
We are requesting donations to assist with covering costs of printing flyers, t-shirts, transport, musicians and some catering.
We are also in need of a bus (or 2), for transporting people to and from the venue, Kliptown Park. Does anyone here work for, or know of someone that works for any car companies? Can you work some magic please? 
Any contributions would be most gratefully appreciated; thank you! 

We need wheels – spare car!

We have not yet perfected tele-transportation, so are in urgent need of a car to get one of the volunteer team members around a few of the provinces, to complete the face-to-face work that is needed in the processes with the various Kingdoms and First Nations people. This super-hero is currently based in Johannesburg, and would need the wheels for a duration of about 2 to 3 months.
Do you possibly have a spare car, one that is sitting around not being used, or maybe a company vehicle that can be shared?
I know it’s a ’tall ask’, but nothing ventured nothing gained … and when we stand together; that’s when we all WIN!

Leadership Roles & Active Committee Members!

This is all about self-governance, and it needs people to do that! It is incredibly exciting that we the people, really do have this opportunity to create the utopian future we wish for our children and generations that follow. Let’s get involved! 

More Committees are needing to be set up, and require active members, also needing people keen to take on leadership roles, and provincial coordinators. 

Please email back if you are interested to actively be part of co-creating our new country, and also whether you are willing to take on a leadership role.
Note about Committees:As a rough guideline, each committee works through what their magnificent vision is for the South African Republic, relating to the specific committee focus, (such as education, common law, health, technology, agriculture, transport, energy, trade etc). They work towards creating a handbook, a manual, a how-to-guide and standards of excellence.
So that, for example, when a village or suburb or community gets together and wants to make a difference, (such as setting up a new boutique school, they can reach out to the UPF website, go to the relevant eduction committee, draw down the appropriate handbook and see how to set up the new school, based on common law principles, together with suggested new curriculum and guidelines, including budget.) 
There is a lot of work to do in these committees as we look at the ‘old’ systems that did not work, across all aspects of the country, and co-create the ’new’ and abundant ways of living, doing and being! It’s incredibly exciting to participate in this, and an honour , responsibility and opportunity of note! Language Skills please – translators!  We are needing assistance in translating marketing and advertising materials and other documents. Does anyone here have skills with Zulu, Xhosa, Setswana and Afrikaans, and able to help with some translations please? Please email about this if you can. Thank you!Upcoming Zoom Sessions!Sunday 12th June: Emancipation Action Session – email if you wish to emancipate Monday 13th June: The Monday Committee (wealth generation & sovereign life)

Tuesday 14th June: Free Enterprise – guest speaker

Wednesday 15th June: Common Law Education

Sunday 19th June: Emancipation Action Session – email if you wish to emancipate
Apologies as well if, every now and then, a zoom does not happen! Technology challenges and sometimes ‘life-happens’; the volunteer team is small but growing, and things will get smoother and easier as we come together; that’s when we all WIN

We must Stand Together; that’s when we ALL WIN!
There is a catchy Nickelback song ‘When We Stand Together’ (that’s when we all WIN!), here is the link! 
You, me, we, all together MAKE A DIFFERENCE to this world and to the people of the planet, making a conscious decision to be kind, be generous, be loving, have integrity, be caring …  to reach out and make a difference in someone’s life, which ripples out and makes a difference to more! It is our collective positive high-vibe energy and the energy of LOVE that is creating this SPARK of ABUNDANCE, LIFE & JOY! 
What are YOU going to do today to be the creator of abundance! 🌱
Let’s Do This! 
Looking forward to hearing back from as many of you as possible; this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we all find ourselves in …. many of us did not know that our lives would include ’this time of great awakening and transition’!
Step forward, be brave, be courageous … with our hearts, together, we ALL WIN!
With peace & gratitude!


Email sajuralassembly@gmail.com if you wish to get involved;

We must be the change we wish to see in the world – Gandhi

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