June is SA People’s Freedom Declaration Month

A big thanks to Wanda for transcribing the voice notes by bt; here it is un-edited:

This month is Freedom Declaration month. The people might ask why do we need a Freedom Declaration? What on earth for?  Firstly, it is said that history repeats itself, obviously there are differences. In the 1950’s the people rejected the state of oppression and apartheid and the apartheid struggle began with the defiance campaign and by 1955 a freedom charter was declared, which the people adopted on the 25 & 26th of June in Kliptown Jhb. Now those of us that are educated and informed, we know that it was the fake Jews from the synagogue of Satan that the Bible warns us about that were behind the Freedom Charter and of course the words in there, because the intention was to sell us down the river by 1995. It’s important for us to realise that the illuminati have been fully in control of South Africa already since the will of Cecil John Rhodes, Milner, the Rothschilds etc and we are still firmly in the grip of the New World Order which is now clear for everybody else to see.

Now the 1955 Freedom Charter and the Freedom Declaration both declare that no government can justly claim authority unless its based on the will of the people. Is the current Government based on the will of the people? No, it’s not, we all have our own reasons for that and so we need to remove our consent from this unlawful government and the first step is to remove your name from the voter’s roll, from the IEC voter’s roll. If you go to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com and go to the voter deregistration page, then you will see there is a form called REC6, download it, complete it and take it to your nearest IEC office and if they ask why, quote the electoral act, its all on the page and follow that process. The next step is to join the SA peoples national referendum, that is a declaration, you will see it is a declaration and it is calling for foreclosure and liquidation of this bankrupt RSA Inc and it is also establishing you as the priority claimants, owners and shareholders of the South African Republic as well as your private property and its calling for direct self-governance. The people shall govern.

The next step after you have removed consent is you need to make a declaration, it’s a principle of law that the decree of the sovereign makes law. Declarations make law. So you need to make a declaration of rights and this is where the Freedom Declaration comes in. The Freedom Declaration is an updated version of the original one with all the necessary changes so that we don’t get sold down the river again and then of course, we have been very limited but we have shared it with as many as we could and there are contributions which have been made, changes which are being done leading up to the 25 & 26th when we will be gathering in Kliptown and then of course for the next few years it will be reviewed and updated every year at around the same time until everyone is happy with the Freedom Declaration . This declaration is not only for us but for future generations and it’s there to ensure that we don’t get sold down the river again, this time we have got to do it right, we have got to keep the cabal out and we have got to build our vision of an alternative society.

The next steps after declaring the Freedom Charter is the reconstruction and development programme. Now just going back, in  the 80’s following on from the FC and the defiance campaign the non-political movement formed called the United Democratic Front and it was the UDF that brought the much needed change, however, there was a cabal inside the UDF and of course in the weeks leading up to all the major changes, the people were sold down the river, just read Ronnie Kasrells book called armed and dangerous and also a document called Sell-out, its on the Manuals page on https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com. However, the reconstruction and development programme of 1994 also declared the people shall govern, at least there were enough elements in there for us to be able to change it after 20 odd years of experience and knowing what needs to be done in order to free ourselves so the RDP is our vision of an alternative  society and the UPF is the new non political movement and the committee’s are busy are busy laying the foundations for our visions for an alternative society. So get involved in the committees, learn how to govern yourselves, bring your skills to the table, we are covering every aspect of society from banking, agriculture, food security, peace keeping and so forth. The people shall govern.

So in order to allow full participation by as many people as possible, the new 2022 onwards RDP will probably run for another four years, the same as the previous ones, however there will be key emergency actions we will need to take over the next year which we will do but for the general roll out plan, there will be full participation by everyone so get involved look on the channels on the social media where this is being posted for updates, follow https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com there are daily posts that are going out there so you can educate and inform yourself because education is the most potent weapon we can use to bring about change.

One of the key corrections that is being made in the new freedom declaration, first of all is the title, if you look at the 1955 freedom charter, or freedom manifesto as it was called, those are sea terms, those are shipping terms, the documents that you find on a ship, now we are moving from the law of the sea back to the law of the land so on the law of the land, it’s the people that make the declaration. We were supposed to be involved in writing the constitution, so the constitution is wrong in saying ‘we the people’ because its not, it should read: we the representatives because the constitution doesn’t allow for us to have our voice heard, not in the referendum, not in any decision making in the government, so the moment you vote you give up all of your rights, you give it to representatives to do with it whatever they will and because of that, this is why we are in the mess we are in because the constitution is a con and the bill of rights inside there is a bill of wrongs, if you understand law and jurisdiction and start reading it from our educated perspective then you will realise where all the traps are and this why we are in the mess that we are in today.

The more people that remove their names from the voters roll and the more people that take part in the referendum, the more authority we have until we are the majority and then we can change the system of government. In the meantime, we need to educate and inform ourselves so that we can and are able to start directly governing ourselves. In the new South Africa we are going to be engaging in local direct self governance. There will be oversight committees by for and of the people to ensure that our employees, our public servants, if there are any they do their jobs and we can check on them and that there are checks and balances so that we don’t end up with a corrupt and lawless government as we have, because this is our responsibility, we were asleep at the wheel and it is up to us now to make the changes and make sure that our freedoms stay and this never happens again.

Another big error in the freedom charter was the word democracy and democratic country and today they talk about a constitutional democracy, now that is just basically another word for New World Order, One World government, corporate government, corporations fronting as governments so we don’t have a lawful government. In 1995 a corporation was registered and if you look you will see that all government departments were corporatized since then and right now they are all corporations, even right down to the SAPS and this is now common knowledge amongst many of the people that we have educated. All of this information you will find on giftoftruth.wordpress.com. We are not a democracy, we are republic, we wish for a republican form of government. In actual fact it’s a publican form of government, we have been republiced from the land into the sea we have been turned from living people into fictions and corporations through false words that we call semantic deceit under colour of law and this was all done by the courts of South Africa and using a language called legalese, it sounds to you like it means one thing when in actual fact it means something else.

Now lastly we are going to be gathering on the 25th & 26th of June in Kliptown park, kindly take note that everything that the South African Sovereign Peoples movement, the UPF and the SA Jural Assembly is doing is voluntary so we rely on donations. We are not funded by the cabal and we will never be funded by the cabal so we will never get any funding from any organisations within the system, it will have to come from you the people and yes we are all poor and broke, but if you can donate to any of your coalitions of choice then please do so. Of course, I believe the park is very dirty so on the 25th June, please bring gloves, overalls, rakes, bin bags, blankets, picnic baskets, we are first going to have to spend half a day cleaning up the park and as Ghandi said: we must be the change we wish to see in the world so we may as well do a good deed for the day and do some cleaning up and also we will have a good clean environment in which to do the declaration in, in order for something to be established it must not only be done in writing, but also in the ceremony so that will be our ceremony for making fast the 2022 peoples freedom declaration -the people shall govern.

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