Please, Spare Me

By Anna Von Reitz

What a firestorm of criticism hit my desk.  Oooh, wee!  

Note that I am not a Roman Catholic.  Since I found my Evangelical Lutheran Church functioning as an incorporated franchise of foreign corporations and selling Baptismal Certificates, I haven’t belonged to any church, okay?  

Once we find evil, we have to oppose it.  

And not just by waving our hands and feeling helpless.  

When I find evil or crime at work, I don’t wait for help.  I stand against it.  Unequivocally.  Alone. I take action and don’t look back, because that is my responsibility.  I have to do what I have to do. And so do you — for yourselves, for your families, for your countries, and for your futures. 

So, I am not Catholic.  I have no voice in the inner workings of the Roman Church, much less the Roman Catholic Church — two separate things, one secular, one sacred, both severely messed up and in need of immediate corrective action from within.  

American Catholics are faced with a Double-Whammy, both their church and their country under assault from within at the same time.  How could it come to this? 

Think back.  Think of the Albigensian slaughter.  Think of what the Inquisition did. The Crusades.  Think of the Church slow-roasting Jacques de Molay alive in front of Notre Dame to force him to tell them where their money went.  Think of them doing the same thing to William Tynsdale and other Christian scholars for the “crime” of translating the Bible.  The wanton slaughter of  South American Indian nations.  Ignatius Loyola killing for Christ.  The grotesque Oath that Jesuit Priests were required to take during the Anti-Reformation.  

And this is far from the first time that there have been outrageous claims of pedophilia and torture and child sacrifice and money laundering and relationships with criminal syndicates and other profoundly nasty things associated with the Catholic clergy.  

There have always been things like this in Catholic History that make no sense if you are dealing with a Christian Church — horrible things that are absolutely and diametrically opposed to the teachings of Yeshuah.  

And the answer to this mystery  is?  

That the Roman theocracy crouched in back of the Church is pagan.  Is now.  Always has been.  And the species of paganism being practiced by this Roman theocracy changes over time, to the point by now, they are advocating cannibalism.  Literally.  As a doctrine. 

This pagan theocracy has come out of the closet as various iterations of the Holy Roman Empire.  Inevitably, it has acquired such a bad reputation that it has been driven back underground and been suppressed, but, the Roman theocracy still carries on the functions of government, maintains armies, gets involved in the coinage of money, banking, and issuance of credit, indulges in politics, collects taxes, issues patents and copyrights, creates corporations, and  preys upon its own citizenry, as other governments have done. 

So, the Good Church is flanked by the Bad Church, and the people who are members of The Roman Catholic Church — the vast rank and file of over 1.2 Billion members, are left in the dark.  They are unable to raise their voice and correct any part of the pagan theocratic Roman Church government, because, for the most part, they aren’t even truly aware that it exists— and unless they have been initiated by doing things like drinking baby blood, they aren’t considered members of this pagan cult.  

Rank and file Catholics don’t have a vote, though they suffer all the results of this unseen Roman theocracy running amok.  Just as they suffer the results of being classed as Municipal citizens of the United States, without knowing why.  

Now, at least, they know why, and have a chance of doing something about it.  


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