UPF Month End Report

Future Governance for Southern Africa

The land jurisdiction is vacant; we are literally all lost at sea through a process of conversion by the BAR legal system known as semantic deceit under colour of law by common law jurists;

In the sea jurisdiction only corporate legal fictions are recognised; our legal names are corporations and property of the Crown, Vatican, Banksters, alphabet soup agencies and Illuminati. This is known as the New World Order, one world government and Mystery Babylon.

As fictions in the sea we do not own our children, our homes, our cars, our businesses, our property not even our money of account held by the commercial banks. 

Since 1994, RSA Inc. has in fact been re-organised under revolving bankruptcy first into the corporate USA then into the United Nations. The Plandemic Treaty is merely a consolidation of that; read more at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/rsa-inc/

So, we have to re-venue everything back to the land and make our claims as creditors, priority, claimants and owners of our private property and shareholders of the Republic.

Emancipation – since 2011 thousands of South Africans have done the emancipation process as set out at https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/emancipation/ 

People’s National Referendum – Yes Movement and UPF is driving the Referendum which gives us the authority to take action; https://yesmovement.org.za/referendum/   

Governor Thekiso is also driving awareness, education and boots on the ground with, students, labour, Ngo’s and so forth;

SAR Declaration of Intent – this weekend the first Southern African kingdoms signed a Declaration of Intent to declare their independence, do the State expatriation process, take part in the SAR People’s National Referendum, recognise the UPF and Alliances and the plan to restore the organic Republic  

State Expatriation – the new un-incorporated South African Republic will be made up of free and independent States; giving recognition to each other and co-operating by peace treaty, trade agreements and fair sharing; every Indigenous Nation will declare themselves a SAR State and so will other previous and new Republics such as the boervolk for the Zuid-Afrikaanse Republic: https://zarboervolk.net/

By the end of the year we can be the majority and thereby the new lawful government;

The SAR State Founding Document templates are at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/emancipation/

Every coalition is encouraged to read through them; 

SATNJ – the Southern Africa Tribunal for Natural Justice will be the Supreme Court on the land; each SAR State will elect a wise elder to sit as Justice for the SATNJ; the interim SAR Settlement Covenant will be the “Constitution” and develop with the input from the various states as they join;

SADCTNJ – the SATNJ will also be part of the SADC Tribunal for Natural Justice on issues relating to Southern Africa as a whole; these countries will likely also expatriate;

National Peace Commission and People’s Freedom Council SA are driving this process;

Constitutional Convention – the SATNJ will hold a Constitutional Convention on Constitutional Hill with Constitutional Court Justices and compel all SATNJ Orders such as deputizing police, defence force, sheriffs; oversight committees, moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, repossessions; a people’s debt jubilee; voiding all harmful acts and statutes such as the Plandemic Treaty; rolling out and fulfilling the 2022 Reconstruction & Development Programme;   

Truth & Restoral Commission – a TRC to investigate amongst others: all corporate fraud and theft back to the 1800s; banking fraud; who is behind the plandemic and so forth;

Reconstruction & Development Programme – the UPF Committees and Alliances will each contribute the people’s vision of an alternative society in every aspect of society; the RDP will be the roll out plan and it will be an ongoing project; each Committee ought to have a handbook for other communities to use as guidelines and to learn from; experience can be drawn from those pioneering the process;

Freedom Declaration – the Freedom Declaration is the new updated version of the 1955 Freedom Charter; the first draft is being reviewed and changes proposed; 

UPF and Alliance Committees – committees that are underway is banking, education, health & wellness, people’s courts, and peacekeeping;

SAR African People’s Bank – soon the alternative banking system and trade platform will be up and running; (add your comments here)

Financial Oversight Committee – to begin effecting the transition we need a financial oversight committee of experts with experience in SARB, Treasury, SARS, JSE and the Law Merchant to effect commercial transactions; and to foreclose the bankrupt RSA Inc. and to migrate to and roll out the new value-backed financial system;

Peacekeeping Committee – of course our Peacekeeping Committee is also important during the transition; uniting the Peacekeeping Generals and the boere peacefully is key to our success; 

The people now govern!

4 thoughts on “UPF Month End Report

  1. I agree with everything you say… I’ve been following for a while now. I just have one request.. Why are you still using zoom to communicate? It’s Chinese Spyware. Can’t we find another meeting platform that’s not Google or zoom… Like discord ( software that can network people with video).. Or else I have to build a whole new computer with linux.

    1. Hi Niki, we have nothing to hide; we want them to listen to our every word so the cabal lackeys and stooges can get educated too and take positive action and join us;

      Jokes aside, the UPF IT team is working on an alternative operating system; right now, focus is getting the people’s bank online asap; keep following for updates thanks.

      1. Well I agree with you … on them listening to our every word in a zoom meeting… that’s not my concern. My concern is that zoom opens up your entire PC to being spied on. 😉

      2. Yes, my pc belongs to the people and all info is on giftoftruth so they don’y need to spy on my pc; yjat’s why they leave me alone; act secretly and they will hack everything…

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