‘Recession shock’: Bank of America is the latest major institution to deliver a grim warning for the future

Tristan Bove

Fri, April 8, 2022, 9:18 PM·2 min read

Pablo Monsalve—VIEWPress/Getty Images

Talk of a looming recession is rampant around the globe, and now a major U.S. bank has issued its own dire forecast for the global economy.

It’s been over a month since Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to an unforeseen and prolonged fallout for the global economy. Combined with an inflation problem that was already spiking the prices of virtually every commodity, global institutions have begun ringing the alarm bells that we are on the brink of a long-anticipated recession.

In an investment strategy report sent to clients on Thursday, Bank of America analysts warned that “inflation always precedes recessions” and that tighter monetary policies being put in place to control surging prices make a “recession shock” very likely.

Read more at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/recession-shock-bank-america-latest-191853835.html

SA Jural Assembly Comment: This is more lamestream media propaganda to roll out the controlled demolition of the financial system for “The Great Reset” folks; firstly, Russia did not invade Ukraine; secondly, the Federal Reserve System is one big fat giant fiat ponzi scheme; and it is artificially manipulated by the banksters; and their 99 year lease has expired in 2012;

The good news is the United People’s Front banking committee is working hard to get the SA people’s bank online within the next week or so; details will be forthcoming soon;

And, our gold, silver and platinum trading platform should also be online in the next month; we have our own alternative great reset by, for and of the people planned; the cabal need slaves but we don’t need the cabal; the people shall govern soon…

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