AngloAmerican SA Drops Mandatory Policy

This is truly a story of David versus Goliath; Kath, First Secretary General for Yes Movement put the lawyers of the SA AngloAmerican Vaccination Committee on Notice of Liability should they continue to pursue the Plandemic De-population Agenda on mineworkers and staff;

The lawyers were supposed to consult widely with all stakeholders and then by 11th of February to make a final assessment and present it to RSA Inc. Officials.

We notified them that their contracts lacked the necessary information required for there to be a lawful and binding contract and thus informed consent; and, that the agents are therefore taking private liability in the matter, if they persist;

All it takes is for one brave soul to stop a giant corporation in it’s tracks!!!

Use this to stop any other corporations still fomenting this war on humanity!

The people now govern.

14 thoughts on “AngloAmerican SA Drops Mandatory Policy

  1. When I got employed on my contract there is no clause which says that if I am not vaccinated I will loose my job. Now I am being forced to vaccinate or loose the job, and I am in no circumstances going to vaccinate.

  2. None of the vaccines have been tested on animals as per all other vaccines. Nonevof the Pharmaceutical companies accept Liability and they demanded that they cannot and will notbe prosecuted in any form. They also refuse to Detail the exact contents of their product. How many people have passed and how many have contracted serious health problems after the crap was administered ? Why don’t the owners and their families sit in a row and take the real vaccines that they are marketing in camera proof.. and Not be injected with Bioplus or energy booster for the bluff. We cannot allow these criminals to force us to take the so called vaccines that is supposed to prevent viruses but in turn change /destroy the DNA that our Almighty Loving God created for us. I will Never be vaccinated with what WHO is forcing on us.. let them be vaxed first and see what happens.

  3. No to vaccines nobody wants to take responsibility if something happens to them will my company reimburse my family if i should have any severe illness because of the vaccines

  4. God will sort this out soon. Your
    pres a DENT went to the toilet and came back and declared….im now your president

  5. We pay his salary .he must do as we wish . his JOB..protecting us …

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