Notice of Liability to AngloAmerican


Time Sensitive Document 

Estoppel Conditions Apply Upon Default 


Applicable to All Successors and Assigns 

Good Faith Private and Public Communication for all Jurisdictions

Kindly Take Notice That truth as a valid statement is sovereign in commerce and the “that without which not” (sine qua non) of any matter is to establish the truth.

Fraud vitiates a contract.

The line in the sand is being drawn.

Primum non nocere – First do no Harm First do no harm. It is your lawful and legal duty, moral and ethical duty to uphold the law and to cause no harm, loss or injury and to prevent harm, loss and injury. As a Maxim in Law, ‘He who does not prevent what he is able to prevent, is considered as committing the thing’ Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Edition.

We, the people, hold you the people acting on behalf of KOMATSU AFRICA HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD privately liable, for any harm, loss, damages and death of all people related to the current vaccine mandate policy

Take Final Notice That at common law a Notice sent by email and done in the presence of 2 or more witnesses via email is deemed as sufficient proof of service.

See attached documents and notice of liability.



Secretary General

Yes Movement

All rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Notice of Liability to AngloAmerican

  1. Thank you so much bt, I’ve got Kolomela mine and de beers and sub contractors to do aswell today.

    On Thu, 10 Feb 2022, 10:14 Giftoftruth Southern Africa, wrote:

    > Giftoftruth posted: ” SILENCE-IS-ACQUIESCENCE-AGREEMENT-AND-DISHONOUR Time > Sensitive Document Estoppel Conditions Apply Upon Default > NOTICE-TO-PRINCIPAL-IS-NOTICE-TO-AGENT;-NOTICE-TO-AGENT-IS-NOTICE-TO-PRINCIPAL > Applicable to All Successors and Assigns” >

  2. Beautiful and brilliant!! Thanks. I spent hours trying to do something like this for my clients and yours is excellent. THANKS and may God bless you!

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