World Council for Health expert declares Covid-19 vaccines ’dangerous and ineffective’

By Thobani Dlamini Time of article published Feb 7, 2022

DURBAN – Defending the cause of justice was centre of attention at the World Council for Health’s (WCH’s) virtual conference on understanding vaccine causation, on Saturday.

Experts from around the world in the field of medicine, law and science explored the advocacy routes in cases where there are adverse effects on the human body due to the administration of vaccines.

They attempted to draw causal conclusions on the link between vaccines given to the general public and a variety of negative health effects.

In introducing the conference, the WCH’s Dr. Mark Trozzi said it was important in terms of de-monopolising the information bubble around Covid-19 vaccines.

“For those of us who have done extensive research over the last two years, it is difficult to imagine that there is still a dispute regarding forced vaccine injections. It is my submission that they are both dangerous and ineffective,” said Trozzi.


“Big pharma and its allies, on the other hand, appear to have inexhaustible resources, especially given the record profits they have garnered from their Covid-19 vaccines. They have gained control over governments and institutions. The aim of the conference is to ensure there is not a monopoly on information, and that the law is equal to all, protect human rights and ensure institutional integrity.”

Advocate Sabelo Sibanda said there was an “unholy alliance” between governments and private corporations shutting down justice voices in the vaccine debate.

He cited the example of the South African vaccine injury fund, where manufacturers required that the government protect them, at least in part, from liability and future lawsuits if the shots caused serious adverse effects.

“The unholy alliance between the government and the private sector is shutting the people down through the law of which in itself is designed to perpetuate unlawfulness,” Sibanda said.

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