SA People’s National Referendum 2022

Is Government based on the will of we the people?

If no, then make your declaration;

if, yes then just carry on as you are and lose everything;

Note that RSA Inc. is bankrupt and the UN are attempting to lay claim to all private and public assets and property … and we are saying hang on a minute…

Everyone completing this Referendum must say the declaration and understand it and then fill in the form and sign it before two witnesses.

Referendum Coordinators will answer any questions.

Referendum Inquiries:

South African Republic Trust Declaration

I, the undersigned hereby declare by my own free will that I am a living wo/man aged 21 years or older and of sound mind and a South African and therefore one of we the people and say that I am a sovereign creditor, first claimant, equal shareholder and beneficiary of the South African Republic Trust and will elect my own trustees;

I am not a corporate citizen of REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INCORPORATED;

My legal Name and Estate is my private property and not an asset of RSA Inc.;

My private property cannot be claimed in any RSA Inc. bankruptcy;

I am not a surety for any RSA Inc. debts, those who profited are;

I wish for my share of all assets of RSA Inc. and all public assets to be claimed and held in the South African Republic Trust for my benefit and for my heirs.

I wish for my name to be removed from the IEC Voter’s Roll; politics only divides us;

I give the coordinators power of attorney to remove my name from the IEC Voter’s Roll and to add me as a beneficiary of the South African Republic Trust instead;

I support the new SA People’s Freedom Declaration 2022 on 22 June at Kliptown and to remember the 1955 Freedom Charter and honour the struggle activists.

I support the 2022 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework and people’s courts, people’s banks, direct self-governance, free and independent communities.

I wish to directly self-govern and not be governed by someone else.

The people shall govern.

Declared this day before two witnesses.

SAJurA - the declaration of people makes law - 2022

Take Action

Either, complete the SA People’s Referendum at:

Or, download the SA People’s Referendum Document: SA REFERENDUM UPF – 2022.01

Feel free to put your coalition’s logo on the document; just make sure it stays 6 pages;

Carry it with you wherever you go; once you have 100 people who made their claims then email the Referendum Committee for the address to post it to at:

The people shall soon govern!!!

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