Dr. David Martin & Jovan Hutton Pulitzer | COVID-19 Shots Are Bio-Weapons | Election Fraud Exposed


Rumble — Dr. Dave Martin, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Ian Smith, Podcaster Jeff Dornick, Firefighter John Knox, the co-founder of The Gents Place (Men’s Grooming) Lauren Davis, the Iowa Mama Bears & Doctor Paul Thomas join to discuss:

The COVID-19 shots are actually bio-weapon injections.
What is actually inside the COVID-19 vaccines?
Why people marvel at evil because of it’s scale.
The COVID-19 shots are a forced introduction of a new religion.
Election Fraud 101
Medical Fraud 101
The fight against the mask mandates

Connect the Dots, Follow the Interactive Timeline & Discover the Truth About The Great Reset / Fourth Industrial Revolution / Rockefeller Plan
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