3 thoughts on “UPF SA – SAJurA Edu-talk on Natural Law as a restraint against tyranny

    1. Hi Craig, was hoping you would rather ask how to emancipate yourself from the fraud he he; kindly email sajuralassembly@gmail.com for details; note that soon we will be engaging with the National Treasury and we prefer not to have undue activity beforehand; people must rather focus on the building of an alternative society;

    2. http://www.treasurydirect.gov, (www.treasurydirect.gov/BC/SBCPrice) click on “Individuals”, go to “tools”, go to “Savings Bonds Calculator” (paper bonds only)”, “Get Started”, go to calculator and in “Series” click Savings Notes’, denomination $50, in “Bond Serial Number” type birth certificate number amd then your “Issue date” of birth cert. – month & year of birth ( eg. 01/1969). If you can’t find it in savings bond, go to “EE Bonds” and follow same process.

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