SA People’s Referendum Committee Volunteers required

The South African People’s National Referendum is underway and online for only a few days, but there are already 15 000 people who made the Declaration and claim as a beneficiary and shareholder of the South African Republic Trust (c); gratitude to the Yes Movement for driving the Referendum along with the other UPF coalitions;

All coalitions, communities and states are uniting as United People’s Front – UPF SA – to achieve our vision of an alternative society; out with the old, in with the new;

Direct self-governance; no-one gets left out; everyone gets to their way;

SA Jural Assembly is monitoring the Referendum to ensure it is free and fair; no sell-outs;

Volunteers for the Referendum Committee with basic admin skills are invited to contact;

Read more about the United People’s Front at:

Some of the United People’s Front Coalitions are:

Pro choice supporters:

Feel free to invite your coalition to join the United People’s Front;

The people shall (soon) govern! The faster you take action, the faster it will happen;

In peace, bt

UPF Bitchute Channel:

6 thoughts on “SA People’s Referendum Committee Volunteers required

  1. I signed up for the referendum. I have sent an email. Today I have not received a response at all. What’s the purpose of signing up?

    1. Hi Vanessa, kindly be patient; your name gives us the authority to bring about the changes; everything is done on a voluntary basis and we are way under-staffed; feel free to volunteer;

  2. I declare and as a beneficiary and shareholder of South Afrika Republic Trust(c) : gratitude to the Yes movementfor driving the Referendum along with the the other UPF coloration.

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