What would a Reform Agenda for SA look like?

By Jonathan Katzenellenbogen – Jan 19, 2022

…Required are three big reforms, and multiple ones in other areas.  The big three are:  first, scrapping the labour laws to allow greater job creation, second, measures to ensure a reliable power supply, and third, liquidating and privatising state-owned enterprises.  

The three big reforms would help in dealing with the fourth, that of reducing the budget deficit and pushing up growth.   Fifth is an end to cadre deployment and black economic empowerment.  Sixth is turning around the police…

Read further at: https://dailyfriend.co.za/2022/01/19/what-would-a-reform-agenda-for-south-africa-look-like/

SA Jural Assembly Comment: While we take note of what the mainstream says, we the people have our own Reform Agenda – the people shall govern! Read:

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