Clif High speaking on Money


Clif_High discusses money and confirms that GESARA/NESARA, QFS – Quantum Financial System and St. Germaine Trust are illegal scams; and, that Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes are false prophets; buyer beware; and, that we do not need free money to have a healthy economy; if you are not educated you will suffer through this time; very educational and well worth watching; a must watch;

2 thoughts on “Clif High speaking on Money

  1. Clif High – your comment that ‘we don’t need Nesara Gesara is a rubbish statement. You may not need any financial support, but what about all the decent people that have lost their incomes due to the supposed ‘pandemic’ ? People who need to feed their families. Stop talking BS.

    1. You obviously do not know how money is created; what third parties are attempting to do to again stand between you and your value, you can do directly yourself; wake up;

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