6 thoughts on “SAJurA Common law Talk – the role of people’s courts

  1. SA Jural Assembly, pushing a communist philosophy? From Draft SA People’s Freedom Declaration 2022 – Southern Africa, this is supposed to about South Africa or are you promoting a regional control.? Then launches into ” The land is allodial; feudal tenure is abolished and all Title Deeds are null & void for semantic deceit under colour of law, fraud and for lack of subject matter jurisdiction; What you talking is about redistribution. I paid for my property out of my labor now you want to take it away? NO NO I SAY

    1. Calm down Sunface, educate and inform yourself; first read the emancipation page and the express trusts page; you don’t own anything unless you correct those errors; what we stand for is crystal clear; briefly scanning documents is not going to help; education is the most potent weapon we can use to change the world; in peace.

      1. I read the absolute Drivel that was sprouted in the declaration. Who is the nutter that wrote it? I left the group because of the absolute BS.

      2. Sunface, the input has been from the few people who have made the effort to declare their freedom; and it’s co-ordinated by the SA Jural Assembly; there is no point in pointing out a problem without also providing a remedy;

        This is open to everyone; there are more proposals and changes and input; so, kindly email us at sajuralassembly@gmail.comand point out exactly what the “drivel” is and what it ought to say in your opinion;

        Be a part of the change you wish to see in the world or be a spectator in life and join the naysayers; the free will choice is yours; in peace, brother-thomas

      3. I won’t be part of any organization who promotes or supports any other that promotes land theft. Because that is exactly what redistribution is about.
        So brother-thomas, I won’t partake. I will find another way. I have already declared my freedom elsewhere.

      4. Sunface, the defective title deeds must be replaced with land patents in your name; this is not a land grab; this is putting you in control of your assets and property; so best you read the Express Trusts page and inform yourself; you are making false assumptions here because you have not read the emancipation documents properly; there is no other place where you will find freedom; nowhere; so good luck to you; in peace.

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