United People’s Front SA Meeting Outcome – 2022.01.08

The UPF Meeting was held in Johannesburg and attended by co-ordinators of the Yes Movement, ZAR Boervolk, People’s Freedom Council SA and SA Jural Assembly; the National Peace Commission and Church Coalition could not attend; a big thanks to the Yes Movement for organizing the event;

The following was tabled and the plan of action for January 2022 is:

SA People’s National Referendum – Launch of the SA People’s Referendum to get the lawful authority from 500 000 people to begin foreclosure proceedings against RSA Inc. and the establishment of the South African Republic Trust(c); and for the UPF government to become the majority;

United Nations – Meeting with the United Nations to begin peaceful negotiations of their withdrawal along with all foreign troops and agencies from Southern Africa; Southern Africa is under siege by international pirates and robbers!!! Occupy the UN buildings if need be;

SANDF & SAPS – meeting with SANDF and SAPS Chiefs so as to deputize and enlist them to protect their employers – we the people; otherwise we enlist our own liberation armies, militias, peacekeepers, provost marshals and self-defence units; this is the line in the sand; we are under siege and invasion!!!

National Campaign & Education Drive – soon regular videos will be posted on social media to educate and inform the public and for all alliances and coalitions to unite under the UPF banner; to take part in the Referendum and with mass action be the majority within a year;

Feel free to share on social media and encourage your coalition, alliance or community to join the UPF; the people shall govern.

Read further at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/united-peoples-front/

4 thoughts on “United People’s Front SA Meeting Outcome – 2022.01.08

    1. Gratitude Omar, feel free to volunteer if you have any useful skills or share on social media; soon we will upgrade the websites to load video recordings; or feel free to donate to the cause; every bit helps; gratitude, bt

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