SA Jural Assembly Donation Drive

Greetings people,

am on the road again; most likely for the next year; it all depends on how quickly you can learn to self-govern 🙂 so try to be quick please; bt would like to have his life back he he;

On Sunday the 9th of January 2022 the United People’s Front national education drive and SA People’s Referendum campaign kicks off in Newtown, Joburg;

Once we have 500 000 names on the SA People’s Referendum we can begin foreclosure proceedings on RSA Inc. and activating the SAR Trust and file an Indemnity Bond with the National Treasury to make insurance claims against;; not to worry, you will learn as we go along;

It’s taken us 10 years of hard study and much labour to get this far and we did it on a shoe-string and always supported by the faith of a few people who carried us since then; what started as a ripple is now truly a wave;

70% are now awake and aware and they now need our education and guidance through this labyrinth of deceit and piracy and plunder and to set them on the right path towards freedom from slavery once and for all and fulfill “the people shall govern” to its fullest extent;

From the 8th we will be doing regular recordings on the ground as we go; we would like to post them on Giftoftruth; in order to do this we need to buy a domain title and business package which is a total of $39 per month (which is frankly a rip-off but what to do?)

Then of course, we need donations for accommodation, food and travel to do the town hall meetings nationally; “bietjie bietjie maak baie”

Gratitude to the Yes Movement – for committing to R1000 monthly donations and the ZAR Boervolk for their R2500 monthly donations as well as to our staunch donors, helpers and supporters; you know who you are; bless you tenfold;  

Donations for SA Jural Assembly can be made to:

Global Reboot NPO

Nedbank – Business Account Number 1205636978

Branch code – 10911400

The International SWIFT code for Nedbank is NEDSZAJJ.

Reference – SA Jural Assembly

The people shall (soon) govern!!!

Feel free to share this on your social media networks;

In peace, brother-thomas

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