2022 – the year of we the people

United People’s Front is the banner for all South African coalitions to unite in order to achieve our Vision – Behold a New Earth – The people shall govern! – United in our diversity – The Rainbow Nations;

Vision – An alternative society – The people shall govern!

Building a new alternative model for society that is truly the vision of we the people; simply put, no-one wants to be controlled or governed by anybody else; the people shall self-govern to the fullest extent; de-colonization and an end to centralized government.

Fulfilling the 1955 Freedom Charter and adopting a new 2022 SA People’s Freedom Declaration;

Every coalition reviewing and adding to a new 2022 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework and the implementation thereof;  

A non-political publican form of direct-self-governance by for and of the people wherein sovereignty is vested in the people (singular) and every nation state is free and independent and self-governing while sharing in the national wealth via the South African Republic Trustã; united in our diversity; by mutual trade agreements and treaties;

National and (later on) local committees in every aspect of society for alternative: agriculture & food security, arts & culture, banking & BETS, communications, communities, education, environmental, health, housing, information & marketing, legal, municipal, news & media, peacekeeping and self-defence, people’s courts, projects, transport and other committees; volunteers with expertise are welcome to contact sajuralassembly@gmail.com to begin or join the relevant committee; we need all hands on deck;

Restore the power of banking back to the people where it lawfully belongs; an alternative independent people’s banking, BETS – barter, exchange, trade and savings co-op system with an asset-backed lawful money.  

Restore the power of lawmaking back to the people with superior jurisdiction jural assemblies and people’s courts with the power to nullify any unlawful bill, order or legislation; developing the common law, customary law and natural law;

Foreclose and liquidate the bankrupt SA Inc. and RSA Inc. and re-claim all assets and credit for the lawful claimants and shareholders – namely, we the people; end corporations and commerce; instead, operate as trustees in trade using express trusts as the vehicles for trade; holding those who profited as sureties for the debts;

Apply principles of restorative justice in all cases – the victims must be identified, the harm & loss must end, full restoral be made, remorse shown and checks & balances be put in place so it can never happen again; transgressors to be blacklisted from taking part in any and all UPF and future governance;

A Truth & Restoral Commission by, for and of the people to do a full forensic investigation and audit on all illicit capital flows and all fraudulent, unlawful confiscation, piracy & theft of all gold, minerals and resources going back to 1898 and beyond so as to establish South Africa’s credit with the major nations, western empires, their corporations, agencies and agents; and, in order to balance the books and discharge all South Africa’s international debts; and, enter into new trade agreements.

Nationalizing all mines into the SAR Trustã for the benefit of the people and future generations; every nation state will elect a trustee to sit on the SART board; an end to harmful mining practices; research & development in sustainable alternatives;

The eviction of all UN and foreign troops from Southern Africa which are in fact interfering with our independence while engaging in corporate piracy, theft and trafficking contrary to the original law of nations.

An end to all corporate and mining plunder; full liability rests with multi-nationals past and present for environmental rehabilitation; anti-trust laws; capture of all illicit capital flows into offshore havens for development;

An end to the destruction of the environment; re-purposing of all harmful companies into beneficial ones; to make subsidies available for the transition;

Most important – an end to poverty and un-employment once and for all; more equity, better wages and pensions, fair sharing, no more poor or homeless, no more super-rich, only a strong middle class; land for all;

A more natural way of life; an end to harmful technology; and end to hopelessness – rehabilitation of society and the environment as a whole;

A 2022 SA People’s National Referendum to fulfill this vision;

The UPF – United People’s Front needs a logo; feel free to design a logo and email your proposal to sajuralassembly@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “2022 – the year of we the people

  1. Show me one country in the world where communism has worked. Russia and China have given up communism, Cuba and Venezuela are bankrupt with very poor populations and North Korea is a dictatorship with poverty and no freedom for most citizens. And then there is Zimbabwe which is a total mess.

    1. Thanks Douglas, there is actually no difference between communism, imperialism, capitalism, dictatorships, democracy and the like; it’s only a republican form of government that recognises the pre-existing, inherent, inalienable, natural sovereign rights of the people, singular; all we need to do is re-establish the natural order of things; in peace.

    1. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to bring about change; spread the word; regularly drop links such as those from the United People’s Front page; blessings

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