Learn to practice discernment

Remember what life was like before the internet? When we could still discern fact from fiction? We must learn to practice some discernment, dear people, if we intend saving ourselves; it is disconcerting to see how many supposedly “awake” folk have bought into false narratives from dis-info agents and false prophets hook, line and sinker; when most of what is online is dis-info smoke-and-mirrors, deceit and lies to prevent you from discovering real truth and finding real remedies to free yourself from slavery in all its forms, once and for all;

Ten years ago it was easier to find truth because we posed no real threat and so there was much less “noise”; now we know which info we can rely on but, for the new people it has become almost impossible;  

Now, 90% of South Africans are not on the internet and spend most of their time still living in and experiencing normality; and, it is very easy to educate and inform them when we do talks on what law is, what rights are and what action we need to take to restore our Republic and save ourselves;

However, on the other hand, most of the 10% who are online are continually being exposed to military-grade, total mind control technology and many are showing clear signs that their grey matter is being gently simmered and cooked and addled when we have to read some of the emails and videos they send us; if, it’s not a supposed command or order from some “Intergalactic Council” we are having to deal with, then it’s a reprimand from the “Ascended Masters”, or request for a court case from the Flat Earth Society, instruction from the 5D Council, and sometimes even a message from “God” himself when God is within us all and we have a direct line thanks; all we need to do is listen; and to do; and no woo-woo is required;

Otherwise, it’s the feel-good-hopium addicts with a hopium crack pipe from some fake king who wants to lavish the world with gold and money, or some fake president supposedly draining the swamp, or the white hats supposedly clearing out the bunkers for us;   

This is exactly what the globalists want you to buy into – Keep calm and do nothing! It’s all A-okay people; someone’s “doing it for you”; just stay in your lazyboy and enjoy the show; have some more popcorn; this is all merely part and parcel of the diversion to get you to do nothing; to not stand up; to not take action; capiche? So, triple check your facts before blindly forwarding anything; otherwise you are part of the problem and not the solution.

Then, we also have the “newly awakends” who endlessly fill up social media with what “they” are doing instead of what “we” are doing about it; those who spend hours a day just mindlessly forwarding endless links and video clips do not realize how hard they are making it for those seeking remedy; it also shows us that they are neither conscious nor willing to take responsibility nor to take action; it’s easy to play the spectator, victim or blame game; are we not then wasting our time online And, on a lost cause, to boot?

Now, “as above – so below”: the corruption you see in this world is merely a mirror of the corruption on every other plane of existence; so, sort this one out and you automatically sort all the other ones out too; but, first we must evolve from being herd animals to sentient beings; the reason we are being treated as herd animals is because we live like mindless herd animals and do what herd animals do; when we begin behaving and living consciously as sentient beings only then will we be and see change…  while we are waiting for heaven, heaven is waiting for us;

So, stop looking for a guru, master or saviour outside of you; listen to your inner voice; you do not need an intermediary – you are directly plugged in to Source; you have all the answers and inner technology; and, without all the woo-woo attached; trust your instinct – obey your thirst; just put that ego on a leash and listen to your all-knowing soul seated within your heart; it’s all you can trust anyway, every good thing here has been corrupted, perverted, turned upside down and inside out; therefore, be a lamp of truth to yourself; and, you will reach the highest heights but you must be willing to learn and to seek wisdom;  

Keep the 4 agreements: always do your best; be impeccable with your word; make no assumptions; take nothing personally;

A good name is better than precious ointment; so, avoid controversies;

Stay humble; Keep the peace; be ethical, moral and have good values;

Do to others as you would want them to do to you;

Where your rights end, mine begins;

Love is the only law to obey;

Seek understanding and wisdom with all your heart and mind;

It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than the song of fools;

Finally, those taking part in United People’s Front Committees during 2022 must bear in mind that we are public servants; we gave up some rights to serve the people and are accountable to the people before an assembly of peers; let’s stick to facts and reality and leave fictions aside; the people shall govern; in peace.

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