SA Peace Delegation Update  

On Sunday the 12th of December delegates from Sa Jural Assembly, Yes Movement, People’s Freedom Council, African Diaspora, ZAR Boervolk and others gathered to discuss a people’s plan of Action for 2022 and peacefully taking South Africa back. Other coalitions not present also made commitments to support and drive this campaign.

This is now officially the biggest South African People’s Coalition and before the end of 2022 we will be the South African majority. For the first time in 10 years we can tell you that the future looks bright; the Rainbow Nation will lead the way – united in our diversity. Expect strange alliances but, never, ever fear that we will allow any form of sellout or “soft serve”. Soon, you the people will be fully in control.

 Key committees were identified to drive the process and agreements were made and volunteers identified and commitments were made. In January a nationwide roadshow, education and referendum campaign kicks off.

Yesterday, the 13th of December Ambassador Henry McCarter of the People’s Freedom Council and me brother-thomas for SA Jural Assembly served the SA Cease and Desist Order to the UN so as to enter into peaceful negotiations for their withdrawal; the UN Head was not there but the Order was accepted and delivered. The clock is ticking. We are lawfully setting them up in order to set them down…

SAPS officials were not at work due to the Covid Plandemic but informed us they will be there today.

The SANDF Brigadier General was served. While the leaders don’t like us the people working for all the organizations we served are fully in support. Their hands are tied – it is up to us to help save them too.

Today we serve the South African Army, President and British High Commission.

The Yes Movement are marching on the Union Buildings and other Offices today. There should be many videos going out.

Notices are being served as a last resort for redress and remedies; and, failing in which, we the people will save ourselves and take the necessary steps to fulfill the Freedom Declaration and 2022 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework – the people shall govern!

The struggle continues (but not for much longer) – Victory is certain.

In peace.

SA Jural Assembly

A people’s court of right and wrong.

9 thoughts on “SA Peace Delegation Update  

  1. Thank you for your continued dedication BT! I would love to connect regarding the roadshow you have planned, I have a small group called “Living People” where we have been discussing this exact intention. Within the group, all are currently or have gone through the status correction process and feel the need for a massive drive to educate as many as possible, gather as many tribe as possible, and “reset” this country.

    I would love to offer to you my time on this project (and others) if you are open to chatting, I believe this is our greatest hope.

  2. Oh! All you fine Men of the Southern African Republic who have set your foreheads against the “ignorant hirelings” of THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA! For you have peacefully confronted the “hirelings” in the Country, the courts, SAPS and the President of the Hirelings who would if they could, Forever depress the mental and prolong Corporeal War.
    Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!
    Great Love to all of you Brave Men

  3. We live in the Free State and are not aware of any like minded people where we can join. Can you assist please.

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