The SA Defiance Campaign is BACK – Boycott the Unions

Here is a list of Trade Unions working with Ramaphosa and Thulas Nxesi to pass mandatory vaccines, all Union members are requested to deactivate their memberships in solidarity against the New World Order in our Anti-Globalist Defiance Campaign; the Unions have become NWO sock puppets:

Agricultural Food and Allied Democratic Workers UnionChemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers’ UnionCommunication Workers UnionCreative Workers Union of South AfricaDemocratic Nursing Organisation of South AfricaLiberated Metalworkers’ Union of South AfricaNational Education, Health and Allied Workers’ UnionNational Union of MineworkersPolice and Prisons Civil Rights UnionPublic and Allied Workers Union of South AfricaSouth African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers UnionSouthern African Clothing and Textile Workers UnionSouth African Democratic Nurses’ UnionSouth African Democratic Teachers UnionSouth African Emergency Personnel’s UnionSouth African Medical AssociationSouth African Municipal Workers’ UnionSASBO – The Finance UnionSouth African Security Forces UnionSouth African Transport and Allied Workers Union

Courtesy of the Yes Movement:

4 thoughts on “The SA Defiance Campaign is BACK – Boycott the Unions

  1. Hi ther I am currently on a Unpayd extended leave since 11january the company said that we can’t enter the premises until we are vaxed

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