Notice and Order to the SANDF Generals

To: SANDF Generals

From: SA Jural Assembly

Kindly Take Notice That sovereignty is vested in we the people for whom the government exists and acts. “Sovereignty itself is… not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law… while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.” Justice Thomas Stanley Matthews in Yick Wo v. Hopkins [p. 370]:

That the blood of our martyrs have paved a highway of freedom for we the people since the 1950s Defiance Campaign and the actions of the United Democratic Front and the will of the people was established in the 1955 Freedom Charter and RDP Policy Framework; and both declared: The people shall govern!!!

However, in 1994 instead of a lawful South African Real Public Trust, of which we the people are the shareholders and beneficiaries, our people were sold down the river in favour of a foreign corporation registered as REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC., hereinafter RSA INC. for the benefit of a few elite shareholders to exploit and pirate and profit off of the people and South Africa.

And, instead of a lawful governor or statesman elected by the people a C.E.O of RSA INC. called a “President” was elected by a foreign private board of trustees.

Maxim – Capture by pirates and robbers does not change title.

Now, you are caught between a rock and a hard place because SANDF members are in fact employees and the hired help of we the people. We pay your salaries and you swore an oath to protect we the people and the Republic and NOT the elite shareholders of RSA INC. Instead, you are being used at our expense as mercenaries for a private foreign corporation.

And, to make things worse these pirates have now bankrupted RSA INC. without our prior and informed consent and for which we the people are not responsible. And now the UN Nations want to fraudulently claim South African assets and land and resources under the guise of a Plandemic.

Furthermore, it is common opinion amongst the millions of informed people that the Covid Plandemic is a UN New World Order de-population and One World Government Agenda. This is an all-out war on mankind – and the jab is the bullet!!! There are already millions of casualties in this war!!! And, the NWO wants we the people to get angry and to then burn and loot so that they can foment Martial Law and a permanent indefinite lockdown planned for the 1st of February 2022.

Common opinion is good authority in law.

And, it is only a few global elites controlling a few people in every government to foment the end of a natural society  for greed and a fiction called money.

There is already a case underway against world leaders for crimes against humanity:

Reiner Fuellmich: Nuremberg trials 2.0 has begun – For English go to minute 2.10

And: Nuremberg 2 Trial against World Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity finally Kicks Off in Poland

Even the NDF General has stood up against the New World Order de-population agenda and has declared to protect the Namibian people and soldiers against the “government”. Listen to his voice note at:

Now, we are doing our best to avoid this holocaust by ordering RSA INC. agents to come to the table to end this madness but, all are sticking to the NWO narrative.

Our question is where do you stand? Are you standing with we the people or with RSA INC. and the NWO? This is the line in the sand; enough is enough now.


Take Further Notice That on the 23rd of November 2021 the SA Jural Assembly, a people’s court, sent the UN a Cease & Desist Order giving them 90 days to enter into peaceful negotiations and resolution to discuss their withdrawal from South Africa. They are in fact private corporations fomenting mercenary activity on our land in the guise of “International Peace”; this is in fact an attempted hostile takeover; a coup and they are threatening the peace and security of Southern Africa and interfering with our independence and national sovereignty contrary to the original Law of Nations.

The Law of Peace is superior to the Law of War in any and ALL cases. HOWEVER IF, an acceptable resolution is not found then, as a last resort, we have the inherent right to lawful self-defence according to the law of necessity for self-preservation.

It is a well-established principle of law that: – Necessity overrules the law.

And: – Necessity makes that lawful which otherwise is not lawful.

Then, on the 22nd of February we will assemble a national people’s assembly  and table a People’s State Of Emergency Plan and Self-Defence Plan before as many informed people as possible so as to agree with one voice as a matter of urgency – to activate all commanders of all SA people’s Neighbourhood Watches, Civil Defence Units, Militias, ex-Liberation Armies, ex-SADF, Peace Officers, Peacekeepers, Patriots and UDF Internal Forces to defend our South African people and our Republic and to restore the peace.

We wish to deputize you and for you to affirm your loyalty to we the people and not to the corporate RSA INC. And, failing in which it will be simple proof that either your hands are tied or you regard us as the enemy.

Maxim – He who is silent appears to consent.

Maxim – Enemies are those with whom we declare war, or who declare it against us; all others are traitors or pirates.

Refer to the attached SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN, Mandamus to Courts of SA, Notice to the President of RSA Inc., Public Notice & Order to the IEC in support of this Notice & Order to the SANDF.

Kindly contact us to meet and discuss a way forward.

Govern yourselves accordingly;

By Order; without prejudice; all natural rights reserved naturally.

Commanded, Declared, Ordered, Proclaimed, Wished and Recorded this 7thth Day of December 2021, Land Southern Africa; South African Republic.

In peace, by brother-thomas – peacemaker

SA Jural Assembly

24 thoughts on “Notice and Order to the SANDF Generals

  1. Keep going .Do not relent. We will no longer be slaves. May almighty God give you much wisdom insight knowledge and strength

  2. If this is all true then i am full of hope, which sadly, has nearly vanished under all the pall of rising hopelessness that has taken over our country and indeed the whole world!!

    1. Nick, this will take a united action; so, gather your coalitions to unite; assemble your committees for self-governance; slot in where your interest lies; taking back our Republic is the easy part; getting the people ready to self-govern is the hard part; we are waiting for you to take action.

  3. It is time that this slavery comes to an end. We the people stand for a transparent, true democratic and honest government, for the people, by the people. We will not surrender.

  4. In total agreement with your strategies- we are behind you all the way. Thank God there are people out there who are awake!!

  5. Thanks to the Brave Men on earth the Patriots of God that worked on this Plan to release us the normal humans from enslavement for thousand of years. We humans was initialy given the oppertinity to live free and enjoyed the journey but this agents of satan came to destroy us and made live on earth hel. Iam most thankful to the One And Only GOD to set us free and most important to me is that iam alive to see the Power that chrush Satan.

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